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Full time technician, small time/one-story fic writer. That's over 200,000 words in length. Fear my long windedness!


Just Keep Typing... · 3:40am Feb 22nd, 2016

Hey Peeps.

Things are still slogging along, in spite of what it may seem.
Unfortunately things may come to a temporary halt for another fair stint.

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How have you been?

1792975 With the end of May being just days away I was hoping for some sort of status update.

1792975 Ah, well stay safe, mate.

Super Busy. Deployed. Get back to people around end of May.

Hey man, haven't heard back from you at all. It'd be one thing to have you tell me you're busy and it might take some time, but it's odd to just not get a reply. Know life's been busy but, well, I tend to worry when I don't hear back from you that something bad happened :derpytongue2:

  • Viewing 23 - 27 of 27
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