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Welcome! The internet can be a cold, hard place. Yes, even the parts of it for stories about ponies. I suppose some people can handle that; I've been known to be kind of cranky and bitter myself, some days. I can't help feeling there should be a warm fire someplace around here, where people can gather and share stories, celebrate magic, and give each other some hope for humanity.

That's what this group is for. There are two parts to it:

The Folders
You're welcome, encouraged, to add stories to the group. What kind of stories? Any story that's magic, in your opinion. If it makes you feel that spark, like there's magic in the world and a writer has somehow caught a piece, typed it up, and put it on the internet for everyone to enjoy, that story belongs here.

I ask that you not add your own stories. If you've shown someone else the magic, have faith that they'll add it someday.

The stories belong in a folder. Which one? Whichever of these you think fits best:
Dreams of Hope is for stories that take us to a dark place, but show us the light at the end.
Dreams of Laughter is for stories that capture magic through silly ponies being silly.
Dreams of Romance is for those romance stories that make love seem real and true, the ones that truly touch your heart.
Dreams of Friendship is for stories that remind us that friendship is really magic.
Dreams of Wisdom is for stories that show us some important truth which makes the world a better place.
Dreams of Family is for stories that celebrate the bonds of family, however that family was created.
Dreams of Adventure is for stories that make us want to run out and swash buckles, or make us feel like we could face down Discord himself.

The Message Boards

I love an active message board, and I'd love for you to join me in this one. Here are the threads I'm starting out with:

Welcome!- The introduction thread. Tell us hello, tell us who you are, tell us anything you want us to know!
Dreams Untold - If you have story ideas you're never going to use, post them here. Talk about what you'd do if you were going to use them, talk about other peoples ideas. If someone posts an idea you like, ask if they mind if you use it.
Dreams in Progress - If you're working on a story, or a drawing, or a project of any sort, feel free to talk about it here! If you're reading a story that's in progress, you can talk about that!
Dreams Remembered - This is where you can share your all time favorite stories or art, talk about them, talk about stories you've written or celebrate completed projects.
Real World Dreams - A place for links to things that don't have to do with ponies, but give you that spark of magic. Recommend books, movies, websites, music, TV shows, or games. Talk about projects you work on that aren't pony related, places you've been, experiences you've had.

Please help to make this a place for dreamers of all types. Share your magic, respect others, and leave this group more magical than you found it.

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Does anyone know where the story acceptance pic is?

I really, really, really hope I don't sound like I'm fishing for bits (see what I did there?), but I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me get coverart for my story. See, I just recently learned about it being put up here, but I think it kind of puts a bit of a blemish on the area it was posted in, what with it being a "blank flank" of sorts.:twilightblush:

Forgive me if I sound presumptuous. I'm still incredibly new to the whole "story writing" thing, even though I've been a member of this site for quite some time already. I'm probably going about this all wrong, and I apologize for that.:applejackunsure:

For anyone interested, it's Music of a Fallen Star. Again, please forgive me if I'm overstepping a line or fifty in asking this. Not trying to promote my own story or toot my own horn, as t'were. Once again, so sorry if I sound like a prude.:twilightblush::facehoof:

Hello everybody,
I just added Spike the Knight.
It is an action adventure story with Spike as the main character.
Hope you enjoy.
I added the Story in Dream of Adventure, since it is an adventure story, and also in Dream of Hope since the story takes the protagonists into darker places but...

A brilliant concept for a group, tis a shame so few stories are upon its walls.

I don't understand. What kind of stories belong in this group?

My issue: my Story is a nightmare...I do not belong :c

This is brilliant

Hi. I saw the quote by Shel Silverstein and was totally sold on joining this group.

I hope you guys don't mind, but I'd like to post a story I've been working on here sometime in the future. If anyone would care to check it out and let me know what they think, it'd be a huge ego boost and I'd gladly make it up to you with that sweet Internet Karma (That's all I can offer :-p)

Yay for friendliness :heart:

Well, well, well. What do we have here? A group in which you're not supposed to add your own fics? ...I like it.

I shall go through the introductory motions tomorrow when I'm back on my desktop.

... This place certainly seems wonderful. At least, the idea. I'm certainly going to look forward to being here.

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