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Sometimes you just want to read light-hearted fan fiction, other times you want to compare the relative complexities of the main character's emotional state vis a vis the ongoing theme of emasculation through the inherent conflict of gender identity in Equestria.

This group is for stories that are rich in content, in a literary sense, with room for those stories that maybe aren't but that we like to analyze the hell out of, anyway. With, of course, the discussion thereof.

Please nominate candidates for induction in the forums.

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So themes like politics, culture, duality, etc?

I've put fics in there that are heavy on them. The Stranger and Her Friend, for example, deals heavily in religious themes and the, obvious, theme of friendship. Fics for that folder have themes that permeate the entire narrative, that are present in most aspects of the story and are plot-relevant or character relevant. The theme isn't just present, it is an integral part of the story.

For the folder "Themes" what would be a good example?

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300604 Just saying, but a thread establishing what you mean for each folder would probably be a good idea.

Previously, it was more a matter of organization. That is, what heading does a story's depth most apply to? "Duality," for example, features stories that play of ambivalence, paradox, parallel, or otherwise.

Starting today, though I think we're going to try a nomination system so we can clarify these types of things beforehand.

What are the guidelines for the folders?

To whomever added Being Special, good show! A fun little read that provides a stepping stone into the various blemishes of a utopia. I suggest anyone who wishes to read it spend some time in the comments section, where a rather interesting debate about technological and societal progress has unfolded.

Oh hell yes. This group is amazing. When I come anywhere NEAR close enough on my current over-ambitious project to contribute something, I shall. (well, I can contribute SOMETHING, but it's not top-notch)
IX,'s resident outspoken scientific-literacy advocate infuriating promotional staff-person-thing {insert witty, cutting, yet concise statement here}

And then there was Minty!


Now lurking in the zebra's lair.

All submissions are welcome, I suppose I should specify that. If you can, start a discussion thread on the story you add that way there's a repository.

Hi... didn't feel right to just join and be quiet... so there. I'm also unsure if I'm even allowed to post a story here... I guess my main character is suffering from being both a man and woman, as well as an adult and a child, so 'duality' might work... but I don't think I give such a subject matter enough justice to warrant it fitting into this group :twilightblush:

My Little Heartbreak added to "Duality" for themes of gender identity crisis and metric tons of angst.

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