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Whoa. · 3:59pm Jan 11th, 2014

So yeah. I've been gone for, like, a LONG time.

Are any of you guys still interested in a rewrite of A Comedy of Terrors or are you all as dead as I am?

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Checklist and Checklist Accesories

My stupid checklist.

Get 25 followers [X]
Get 50 followers [ ]
Get 100 Followers [ ]
Finish "A Comedy of Terrors" [ ]
Get 50 likes on "A Comedy of Terrors" [X]
Get featured [X]
Make 'that one chapter I'm not looking forward to' of "A Comedy of Terrors" [ ]
Voice my disdain for something [X]
Exist [X]

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You like Phazon, one of my bestest friends here. Now I like you too. Plus your user icon is FUCKING ADORABLE!

Just... let it happen. Shhh, it'll be all over in a few minutes.


422433 :applecry: fine then.
I'll see what i can do about it in the meantime, i already told Stavicodone so yeah....see ya

422394 I dunno. Maybe postpone it? It's not like anyone's waiting on this.

Hey slippy, they lengthen my ban, what should we do?

413302 It's just a place I go when I'm bored. :trixieshiftright:

What, did you watch Pony Thread Simulator?

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