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A place for anybrony and everybrony to discuss trending fics and lesser known ones to give suggestions for other bronies to read. You can post your own here to get it noticed, but mainly try and recommend other's fics that you deem worthy to be read. All types of fics are allowed. Just have them be good.

For a fic to be to be considered Lesser Known, I think it should have less than 3000 chapter views (Not views overall) Anything over 10000 chapters views can be considered popular. Anything in between 3k and 10k chapter views can be in either. If you'd like to suggest improvements just post in this group.

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Well, hello. I didn't see you standing there. Because I don't have my glasses on.:pinkiehappy:
Well, I just plunked down my two stories, "Equus Mortis" and "What My dark half is telling me".

They both can use an exposure-boost and I hope to get feedback on them.:pinkiesmile:

:pinkiehappy: Good evening everypony, I just notice everyone here promoting their fanfic's so I'm here to throw my hat in the ring. My very first and only MLP fic, "Game Night", is up and going strong. So check it out, leaves some comments and let me know how I'm doing.

hey guys i just started illustrating my story "shadow of the heart" which you can read the full 4 chapter story on this site.


Im only finished illustrating chapter one but it is worth a see to see what i have done so far

Hello, everypony. I am here for self-promotion to get some attention to my fic about Sombra. It's a gigantic piece of work, and most of people who read it, liked it so far. It's my biggest work, so I want some more people to give their opinion on it. Thank you!

Excuse me, but I think I may have added Maternal Instinct to Popular fics and I think it may not qualify. If it does not could it please be removed. I do not wish to cause a fuss.

Hello everybody,
I just added my story Spike the Knight.
It is an action adventure story with Spike as the main character.
I have received positive feedback from the readers, and even if it still young, I think it is worth a read.
Hope you enjoy.

I want to make a love triangle fan fic and i want to make it as soon as possible. But im so full of ideas i feel like im going to burst before i can fully get the ideas out.

I guess I joined up for the sake of further exposure and whatnot, and more feedback so I can improve.

The story, "Her Candidates", is a story that I got inspired to write when I watched LOST.

It's in the Lesser Known folder. :p Please give it a go and hopefully, tell me what needs to be done to get better! :D I love to aim higher, and since I love the story i'm writing so much, I want people to know how much I enjoy it!

What's up, guys. Now, disregarding the fact that I'm simply seeking further self-exposure, could you all kindly take the time to read my fic-in-progress, Omega? I've heard lots of good things about the people who read it, but am having trouble getting people to actually see it, if you know what I mean?
It's in the Lesser Known Recommended, if you're interested.
Thanks! :pinkiehappy:

Hey everyone! I just added my fic, Dominion of the Night, to lesser known and would love any feedback you can give.

And um... sorry about the blatant self promoting. :twilightblush:

Hello. I added my fic for discussion as I'd love to hear any feedback on how it is. First one I wrote too!

I also recommend reading "The Broken Mare" if you haven't allready. Very good fic that one is, although I think most have read it as it was featured twice.

Seems like a cool group and a cool group of people. I hope its days are glorious for as long as it exists!

Comment posted by N8C8XX deleted Jan 10th, 2013

I'd feel bad if I wasn't the only one...I'll get to reading the fics posted, but for now I'm going to add my own. It's my first, and I'd like to continue writing--but I'd really like more feedback before proceeding.

hey everybody, so put the only fan fic ive ever wrotten that has mor likes then dislikes, its called 'The Mist'

I would like it if somepony would read mine and tell me what they think If not, i'd understand its just my first and nopony is commenting on it so I don't know what y'all think :pinkiesad2: it's called Death's Dealer and it's rated M

I have two lesser-known fics (relatively brand-new too) but I'm not sure if they are the kind of fic fimfiction peeps seem to want to read. So I'm not sure if even my stuff can be recommended =/

In any case, should I post them? If not, I'll understand.

Hey, I just joined the group today, and I wanted to post a couple of fics. The first one is a story that I believe qualifies as lesser-known called "The Last Battle." It's a really well-written account of the battle between Nightmare Moon and Celestia by Connor the Brony.

The second one is one my own that I'm presently working on—it's still incomplete, but if anypony has any thoughts on it that they'd like to share, it'd sure be appreciated. :twilightsheepish: It's called "Valley Mares: Like, Totally BFFs Forever" (certainly, a distinguished title for a serious and cultured piece), and it's about the two teenage Valspeaking ponies from "Putting Your Hoof Down."

Hey guys, I wanted to put up my first fanfic ever up on this.

It's not really brand new as it's been sitting around being revised by me alone for over a year now, but I could really use any feedback at all. I want to try a lot of neat things, and let's just say that alternate reality, ambiguousness and uncertainty in what's real, and the unreliable narrator are some of my favorite things in the world

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