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New Danganronpa V3 · 4:30pm Jan 25th, 2017

Yeah. This game had come out, and now i'm pretty much re-fired to working on this story.

Ah. I should thank Pigeonsmall though too for trying to keep my spirits up, and trying to snap me out of this limbo i've been in for the past year.

2016 sucked.

Let's begin 2017 with new energy dedicated to Equestrian Danganronpa ya?

Bio (The thing people can't even see anymore)

I began writing fanfiction several years ago, namely in 2007, which was just a simple hobby for me. Sure, my very first fanfic sucked real bad, but thanks to plenty of constructive criticism, I've been able to slowly improve my writing and style as I've written more fics.

Down the road, I've began to try my hand at original fiction, and slowly drifting away from fanfiction, and eventually try my hand at writing scripts for a visual novel. Eventually, I've even gotten to the point where I didn't even feel like writing anymore.

But then it happened. I discovered My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic. And this happened after several (emphasis on SEVERAL) attempts from bronies i knew to get me to watch this freaking show. So i finally caved when I tuned into the HUB and watched.

I saw the world of Equestria for what it is: vast and full of inspiration. It forced my creative juices to come back like a flood. Alas, I still don't consider myself a brony. Baka.

So that's why I turned to FIM fiction... to try my hand at pony fanfiction for the first time, exploring my writing roots and hopefully regain that writing spark I once had. Marathoning FiM on the Hub and Youtube, I want to use what I know to write a story that I've envisioned the instant I had enough information about the Friendship is Magic world to get started.

I just hope i still got it... >_>

By the way, I'm a huge fan of Sket Dance. Hence, the icon of Bossun of the Sket Dan. He's awesome.

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Last time I saw him I think it was on Skype. Roughly a year or so ago. Shame since I really liked his Dangan Ronpa fic.

Well I guess he is dead.


No problem. Truth be told, I'm kinda a hopeless romantic, and in this case, this ship is fresh. So I'm stickin' around for the ride.

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