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As you may have noticed, story quality for HiE and Ponyfall fanfictions have taken a turn for the worst. Whether it be the plot is generic, the writing is mediocre, or just plain lack of effort, there is no doubt that things are looking grim for this genre of fimfiction. However, there is still hope. There ARE quality HiE and Ponyfall fictions out there and maybe ones that are on the front page as we speak. So if you know any HiE or Ponyfall fictions that you feel deserve recognition, do not hesitate to post a link in the comment section below and our admins and contributors will be more than happy to look at it.
Welcome to HiE and Ponyfall Redemption!!!!

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check this one-shot of mine out, I'd like to think I did well with it.

Okay, is this how I submit things to this group?

Linking it like so?

Hey, just throwing this out there in the hopes it'll get noticed. I'm still working on my latest project, Equestrian Joe, and I got ambitions for this one. I intend for this to be a multi-chapter HiE fantasy epic, and I want to make this one a GOOD one. However, the project is still in it's infancy; out of the four books I have planned, I've only finished the first quarter of Book One :twilightsheepish:. Still, I'd appreciate it if you guys would give it a look!

Two fics, in order of greatness, that I think should be added to the group.

First: This City By the Bay by Ponyboy245

Second: Monster by me. Not as good as the first one, but I like to think it's above the average HiE on this site.

Mind if I resubmit? I had to change the beginning....:twilightsheepish:


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Not to brag or anything, but I totally wrote a Human story that got into the Pony Fiction Vault. As a bonus, it's short enough to read over a lunch break.

And here's a novel-length hit from way back.

Hey stargazer, welcome to the show.

298958 Post a link of the story you wish to be added in the comment section, and the admins and I will look over it.
Thank you. :twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

Hey, how in the heck do I make submissions?

And it seems someone has done the liberty of throwing my story in here.

294922 Ironically, I placed your story in one of our folders right before you joined this group.

I'm going to throw my fic in here.

I don't even know what fucking folder it should go in.

294858 You're jolly welcome good chap. I look forward to this being a marvelous collection. Glad I could throw in my two bits. Good day to you as well. :moustache:

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