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I like writing ponies. And violent explosions. For some reason, that's not a problem here.


The Earth is still reeling from the effects of the Collision Wars against Xenolestia and her hordes of Newfoals, humanity having emerged victorious but a few million citizens fewer. Then yet another Equestria appears, but this time the humans are quick to cut off the head of the snake, capturing the evil Princess Celestia and imprisoning her. But something seems different about this Celestia...something almost friendly.

Can the Harmony and Friendship that Celestia has treasured all her life heal some of the scars left by her wicked counterpart, or do some wounds just run too deep?

Cover modified with permission from: KP-Shadowsquirrel

Also, because people have been asking for it, the original WW2 poster can be found here

Pre reading done by DJK. So go give him some wuv.

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Someone finally did it. Someone actually made a story where Xelly arrives first, gets her ass kicked, and then the canon Ponies show up. You sir/ma'am got yourself a reader.

Now this is story. hey are we going to see any of the ponies left behind? like that one mare who wrote on the blog all the time?

4044639 Which mare is that? I haven't read much of the original TCB stuff.

I like where this is going!

Smooth prose, no grammatical errors and a literally explosive intro.

Can't wait to see more.

I'll drop in just to say how much I adore that poster.

4044644 no idea hoping you would. Also does this take place in starmans "Not Alone" universe because now im not sure.

Hmm... interesting:trixieshiftright:.

I think due to the similarity between the two fics (cover image, general depiction of Earth/humanity, ending of first conflict, etc.), 4044639 assumed that your fic is a sequel to Starman's "Not Alone" (I admit that I did, too), which is regarded as one of the best ACB fics out there. In that fic, there is a bit of division amongst the ponies once they realize what the potion does and what Celestia seems intent on doing. One of the ponies that spoke out against it all was a blogger. She got left behind when Equestria retreated.

Unfortunately, he deleted it from the site because he no longer wanted to be associated with TCB in any way.

I believe there is still a copy of it floating around the internet somewwhere...


Ok, now that I have actually read this I can review properly. I love it! You make it clear that Humanity is taking no chances with Equestria and the action was short but oh so sweet. This will probably be the biggest military success since bin Laden's death. After all, the capture of a xenocidal leader who was responsible for killing millions, is definitely going to be huge.

Also I applaud your choice of sending in Her Majesty's Marines, you don't them around much for some reason. Lastly, I also can't help but be a little scared for Celly and Twily. There is going to be a lot of crazies who either want them dead and paraded around like a trophy or those insane Quislings the PER who want to break them out so they can pick up where they left off.

4044658 Thanks. MSPaint, a WW2 poster, and the piece linked in the description.

4044651 Well, thank you! I was worried some might find the narrative slow or dry.

4044826 Thanks, and i just didn't want to use Americans. We're kind of overdone, and the Brits are close enough to us culturally where I felt comfortable using their soldiers.

Hm this may be the first ever CB story I'll ever read as this looks very interesting and sounds like it deals with just the scars of what the tyrant tia counterpart did in the original *which I never read as it reeked of misanthropy*

But this seems much better with this tia trying to set things right.



Love the cover art as it seems so appropriate! =D

I have it already, it's just one of my favs. Thanks though.

Interesting. Will definitely follow to see where this goes.

Also, perhaps I'm missing something, but what was the 'racist' issue with the Indian man in the first chapter? If his turban is tall enough such that he can be seen entering, and nobody else in the office wears a turban, then why would greeting him personally be racist?

4045149 White people, man. Everything we do that brings attention to cultural differences is racist.

4044741 Working on it! But after that next chapter...it's a crapshoot.

the cover art its very accurate

4045170 Thanks. MSPaint, WW2 poster, and the link above.

4045093 Just patience and MSPaint.

4045074 Yeah, I wonder why there isn't more like that?

I wonder what the presence of Reformed-Discord will have on this.

Wow. It's been FOREVER since I saw a CB story.

Ehhh. Kind of awkwardly written, I can definitely feel you trying to get your groove while writing.

I want to see where this goes.

4045032 I don't know this is going to go well for the Princesses

This is shaping up to be epic! I can't wait to see this update, I love it when two worlds collide! I wish there was some way that I could help/make you update this faster but oh well. I also can't remember anything like this. Multiple universes interacting, humans acting on past results without a second thought? Although the humans just busting through the breach was realy unexpected, it really all makes sense. Keep up the good work!


It's been forever since I saw a CB story that actually had a concept not done to death and not written like crap. And by crap I mean written like it was jerking off humanity's/ponydom's dick.

I always have a dude in CB in which year the events are happening?

An ACB fic that isn't comedy. Defo tracking.

This may be the only Conversion Bureau story I have ever liked. Please continue.

4045326 Near future, 2020 at the most.

4045222 :twilightsmile: I aim to please.

4045221 I figured it was about time the genre got a bit of new life.

4045286 I was shooting for realism in reactions.

4045313 Glad to see I'm not jerking off anyone.

“All of it, dahling," Rarity said, trotting up to the violet mare and immediately running a hoof through her royal mane.

“All of it, dahling," Rarity said

“All of it, dahling,"


No. :ajbemused:

Just, no. :facehoof:


*interpreted from reading*

"Two different Equestrias appear on Conversion Bureau Earth*

*My reaction*

SON OF A BITCH MAN!!!:flutterrage: I was working on something like this dude and you had to go and do it first.:fluttercry:

Oh well:applejackunsure:. It was going slowly anyways:ajbemused:. Maybe your story can give that little bit of inspiration that I need to get it going.:rainbowdetermined2:

4045380 And then I realized that I'm reading redskin's "Spectrum".:facehoof:

Still, I'll be reading this later.:twilightsmile:

4045380 Well, that's unfortunate. Here's hoping I can be your muse.

4045377 Another week or two?

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