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How would you feel if your life was suddenly twisted into one the worst predicaments possible? Christian Average, a simple teen living in Virginia, asks himself that same question as he is taken to Equestria, the magical land of ponies. For most, it's a paradise of peace and harmony. But for an anti-brony like Christian, it's his worst nightmare come true. Being put on trial for hate crimes, Christian will be forced to learn of the true values of friendship and harmony, if he can survive that is.

The cover art was made by -LightningStrike-. Link to his FIM page is here

And this is the link to his Deviantart page.

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This should be interesting....:pinkiehappy:

AAK!!! YOU STOLE MY TITLE!!! :twilightangry2:
(Joking) :twilightsheepish:

This does look interesting. I shall have to take a peek at it :twilightsmile:

This is an interesting story time for me to favorite it

Wow... that's what you think Anti-Bronies are? He's not an Anti Brony, he's just as obsessed as the most fierce Brony - but on the negative side. Anti-bronies don't want to even acknowledge MLPFIM exists...

2693345 Did you follow any other of the other stories? Christian learns something of value later on, as shown by PTR and TEoH (Acronyms for two of my other stories) As new chapters for this story come out, Christian will learn, you shall see... and FYI, He's a huge hater, which is why he blows up the figures and stuff. Most of the anti's from where i'm from are the same. Hell, I even witnessed Applejack getting blown up by my ex-best friend. :pinkiecrazy:

I beat I know what hapened to him.

"That's stupid. Just community service? I'll be outta her in no time!" Christian boasts. He was way smarter than any of these stupid ponies! And much more advanced! He came from a planet full of technology, while these idiots barely know what a light bulb is! "This will be easy! Plus, I can probably get work done more efficiently because I have the one thing you girls don't!"
"And what's that?" Celestia asks.
"Fingers!" Christian starts to flit his fingers in front of him, silently bragging about being more evolved.
"Oh? Well you didn't let me tell you the second part of your sentencing!" Celestia says excitingly.

That told me what it is.

2693532 Alright, PM me what you think. I love hearing people's thoughts and predictions! :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by y2kSugarBelle deleted Jun 9th, 2013

I'm going to be making comments about this story in a Mystery Science Theater 3000 style soon.
Nothing against your intelligence or anything.:twilightsmile:
In other news have a song that the title of the fanfic made me think of.

2695396 Thanks and it was a good song!

A very nice story indeed. this reminds me very much of another fimfic on here..... Not gonna say it but nevertheless A good story indeed:pinkiehappy:

As with all Human In Equestria stories, I ALWAYS root for the human/side with the human, no matter what. This story is no exception. But i would like to leave a few comments/thoughts/questions though....

1. Do the main 6 and Celestia even know that Christian comes from Earth, a planet known where humans have had wars since as long as time began, developed advanced weapons like the atomic bomb, made for the sole purpose of killing, and destruction?
2. Continuing my statement above shouldn't Celestia as a Ruler, and the main 6 be worried or scared if they harm Christian in any way, the humans may find out and get angry at Equestria and maybe idk, TRY TO ATTACK THEM?!? (coming from a rulers standpoint that is)
3. Do the main 6 and Celestia even KNOW what horrors Earth has, maybe i they knew they wouldn't have dragged Christian into Equestria in the first place....
4. Maybe if they saw the any of the above statements, they would fear humanity all together.....and wouldn't act so cocky to Christian in the first place....

2696526 Thank you for your feedback! Never have I gotten so many great questions!

For Question 1 Grim: No, they have no idea about the advanced weaponry or the past of Earth. All they know is Christian and his antics.

Question 2: Yes and no, once again, they don't know much about Earth or it's government. The reason they don't want to harm Christian is because they want him to learn their values without violence. And something happens later on in the story that changes things...

Question 3: Nope. No idea.

Question 4: Possibly, maybe as the story continues...

I hope this answered your questions. Sorry if they're a bit vague, I don't want to spoil the rest of the story!

Nicely done. Looks liek another interesting story has been made. Bravo.:moustache:

Isn't abduction by foreign government a bit more illegal than hate crime? :rainbowhuh:

Well i was right with my prediction. Can't wait for more well be waiting. Keep up the good writing.

I'm guessing Twilights idea if respect will backfire.

2762363 You're very observant. But you just wait and see. Next week, is the big revealing...

Does this mean that I'm not entitled to my own opinion? Is simply saying that Fluttershy Shy is the best pony gonna get me bucked in the face by Rainbow Dash?:rainbowhuh:

2837803 What? Hell no! I respect everyone's opinion.

"Christian, a simple anti-brony on Earth, is about to discover that Equestria isn't fake after all, much to his dismay."

Gasp! What an original premise!

i thought he would be turned into a mare:rainbowkiss: guess i was wrong then:twilightsheepish:

2871384 Was that sarcasm? I'm not good at reading comments. :twilightblush:

2885733 Yea, he values his necklace a lot!

Heyo, sorry it took so long for me to actually post anything here. After reading it, I can honestly say that you have a good idea, and the way you portray the characters come across as great too. I look forward to seeing future chapters~

Calling bullshit on plastic deflecting magic. I see magical energy as being well being an energy a simple hydrocarbon wouldn't have much effect on it.

2928037 Dude, it's a reference to Wizards of Waverly Place. Plastic is shown as the only thing that can't be affected by magic. I thought it would make things interesting.

I laughed out loud at the "fine, meet me in the dungeon" comment :rainbowlaugh:

I like the idea, but the writing is WAYYYY OFF. First of all, Chris would of quickly noticed that he could of easily argued about his kidnapping by Celestia for the smallest reasons. This doesn't even begin to show how blatantly stupid Celestia was. Kidnapping a member of a new race on "Hate Crimes" because he blows up dolls of them when he doesn't know they're real? Attacking him in his bedroom and forcibly turning him into a pony, altering his mind so he cannot swear? Giving him no real trial and instantly punishing him by giving him community service? I like it, but seriously, those parts were kinda akward. Celestia can easily be arrested 25 times over for multiple crimes, and atleast one could be a crime against humanity.

2991791 Did you read the later chapters? Because then you'll understand 'Celestia' better...

Christian better beat somebody down by the end of this story

Ok so now he's all buddy buddy thats not like every story ever

Ah silly boys, Don't you know if it has MLP and explosions in it EVERYONE will love it, and if they don't, Then they're not Human.

2993970 Well, he still kinda hates them. So I really wouldn't call it 'buddy buddy'

"I need you to get the rest of The Mane Six

Please change that. And seriously? They're abducting him just because he destroyed some toys for shits and giggles?:ajbemused:

Please stop with Celestia referring to Twilight and her friends as "Mane Six". She never did that

3000746 Are you sure that that's Celestia...

3000772 I shall fix it as soon as my vision stops being blurry. I just got back from an eye exam

2993941 You request has been fulfilled...

The uncle still has the necklace.

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