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Lord Despair

I am hate, I am fear, I am sorrow, I am DESPAIR!!!!!!!!


Discord the mysterious former mad king of Equestria has an history that nopony knows about, an history written in no book, no magic tome nor scroll. throughout history there is not one mention of his race the Draconequus no race or creed knew of his existence till after he claimed the throne of Equestria. Not even the princesses themselves know much about the ancient Draconequus all they know is what their mother Faust had told them yet what little she could tell them didn't made sense ''One day he simply appeared lost in the snow''

Join us as we travel back in time to ancient Equestria and discover the very origins of Discord himself. Come listen to the tales of past for Legends are born of the truth that once was and shall be once again.

This fic was inspired by these songs

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 19 )

first...happy birthday :D
and now to your story^^...really interresting up till now..especially since you did write from fausts view and not discords...
I will keep an ey3 on you ;P

The idea so far is good. But you should get an editor.

And happy birthday!

You put the same song twice in the description... Also nice story, I liek iet

6187984 thanks guys and I'm glad ya'll like the story

I like it so far. The idea itself is interesting and I'm curious to see how it plays out. But please, for all that is good and holy do some editing of your story. If not you than see if you can get someone else.

I'd be more than happy to look over a few chapters for you if you want. I've done editing in the past before.

if were speaking canonicly sombra is a shadowpony created by a crystal to get the crystal heart to take it for the other shadow ponies below the crystal kingdom.

6361368 yes in B canon, the comics are not actually canon persay but they are enjoyable

Well, Galaxia done fuck up now. Maybe?

7470125 Well shit. Nice one Galaxia, you bitch.

please keep this going this is a really interesting concept I haven't found any other story like this except the one where discord is Naruto!

7470142 I'll try Discord is very difficult to write for

I'm liking the story so far but just one problem, you need to improve your punctuation, your story needs a few more periods and dobble the amount of commas

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