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(In the process of being rewritten)

After his defeat in the Crystal Empire, Sombra is sent to Hell to suffer for his sins until the end of time. However, it turns out that his eternal punishment is not a lake of fire, but rather a combination of annoying neighbors, trivial work, and disgusting beer. Will Discord and Chrysalis be able to get the angry newcomer to loosen up and enjoy his eternity?

*AU: This story assumes that all major FiM villains, save for Nightmare Moon, died at the end of their respective episodes.

Cover image by Madmax (text added by DJ Indie Cred)

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Comments ( 43 )

Dude can you at least give a indication or a hint that you plan to delete a fic before doing so

Why was this a re-hash of the first chapter?



I am in the process of rewriting the story. I posted a blog about starting over from the beginning. People who follow this story should have seen it. This is the new first chapter.

Yeah, I read the blog after I posted. It was kinda like saying something before you even think about it, except this was with typing. Sorry aboot that

Why the restart?


In short, after I came back from the hiatus I wanted to take the story in a slightly new direction, so I started to revise the original chapters, but in the end simple revisions would just not have worked, so I am starting anew.

It'll be a quick process. Probably less than a week before we're back to the point where we were before, and then a shiny new chapter to top it off.

The original was great, from my point of view. Can't imagine why you'd want to do a rewrite, but to each his own. Merp.

Alright, well, I'd be lying if I said I didn't panic, but I read your blog post, so everything's okay, now!

Don't worry, we're good. You're doing good.


It isn't that I thought the originals were bad, but more that they needed to be rewritten because I've made some changes to the story, and I need the early chapters to match what I've planned for later chapters.


Good call, then.

I suppose that means I just get to look forward to reading this again. :3


I hope that's how most people feel about it. :twilightsheepish:

Dare I ask, WHAT exactly, was rewritten? It seems almost the same.

~Skeeter The Lurker


The happenings within the chapter are largely the same, yes, but there are differences which matter based on what I want to do with this story now. It isn't like I was going to write a 100% different story with the same title.

whai did u doo dis :raritydespair:
I was prepared for cryssy having the night of her life (if you could call it like that) in hell, BUT NOT THIS!:flutterrage:RAGEMODE: ENGAGE!::twilightangry2::twilightangry2:


Well, however you plan to do it, as long as I get something read, go for it.

~Skeeter The Lurker


Worry not! The night of her (after)life is still to come! Same story! Written differently!

Well, okay. :fluttershysad:

I'm a bit curious what new direction could merit this thorough a rewrite, and while it makes me keep reading, it also makes me sad.:unsuresweetie: Hopefully the new direction works out better for you.:twilightsmile:

2899874 Well I didn't get the message, for one. Can't speak for anyone else, but I never got the notification for the blog.

Actually, I think this is against Fimfiction.net rules that you can't do rewrites and submit them as new chapters. I have to say I'm disappointed. I waited a long time to see this story come back, and I totally get you wanting to rewrite some things, but usually you put it in a tag to go back and re-read what you wrote. You don't write three more chapters then just POOF, gone. I was really excited to read the next installment, but now I'm just sad. Very Bad form. :flutterrage:

Since you're rewriting - hilarious as it is, I don't think it would be possible for a pony to get a tattoo (or it wouldn't be visible under the fur.)


I don't think I've done anything which is expressly forbidden by the rules (which forbid posting rewrites as new stories, but don't say anything about new chapters). If they're worried about me "bumping" then it should be obvious that that's not what I am doing, but in order to avoid that I will be posting the rest of the rewrites, as well as the brand-new, not based on any old content, chapter, all at once, so I don't keep flooding y'all with just old content (which isn't what's going to be happening anyways).

And is it poor form? Maybe, but it isn't as though I was planning on it happening this way. I didn't exactly come back with the intention of posting new chapters, getting everyone excited, and then throwing them all away. I came back with the intention of continuing my story, only to realize that I couldn't continue the story I had written, and that it needed to be redone. And I do not really believe in leaving up content knowing that it is essentially obsolete. I wanted to make it clear what was happening.

dude sooooo when are you gonna run out of ac/dc references?

For the record, I didn't get a notification of the blog post, either.

Interesting changes, though, especially the change from Discord dropping a boulder to dropping a bucket of water...


I'm sorry you guys didn't get the notification. I marked the blog so that anybody who follows this story should have gotten it, and that was as much as I could do about it.

2901999 It's alright. Sometimes, blogs are just messed up like that...

Blast you, I thought it was going to be the date chapter!
(I thought you would rewrite then replace while keeping all of them up)


I do apologize for the confusion, but know that I will be posting all of the replacement chapters after this one, as well as the date chapter, at once when they are finished, so the next time there is an update that WILL be it.

Wow you did an amazing job with the rewrite :eeyup:

hmph, I can't tell the difference. :\

Thanks to Discord's comment, I have a good idea why Charmer is stuck being a police officer in Hell. There are only so many things that you can use for evil that would be brought with you into Hell, after all...

Going to post every chapter - including the new ones that aren't even drafted yet - all at once? Good luck with that. When your readers start asking why you haven't updated in four months, you'll understand why that doesn't work.

oh there aint rest for the wicked

So you're rewriting it so instead of being neighbors in a crappy apartment building, Sombra and Discord are essentially roommates in a crappy house? :rainbowlaugh:

I'm kind of sad that you felt you have to scrap and rewrite the fic, but at least you're trying again instead of letting it die like so many authors who have great ideas but feel they can't follow through on them and end their potentially wonderful story before it's finished. I've seen that happen too many times :fluttercry:. Also, I said neighbors. Huh huh huh, and roommates Heh Heh Heh:rainbowlaugh:. :facehoof:

They may not be able to get a tat but they can be branded. Which is much more painful by the way... Unless you are using modern technics that uses liquid nitrogen which causes fur to grow back a stark white. Still quite painful though.
This reboot doesn't have anything to do with my whole 'Discord was chaos and now has to be the prez of hell and maintain order' comment does it? Because my predictions have made writers rage quit before. But usually that only happens when it's a mystery novel/fic.

Alright, I have to say that I am blissfully enjoying how you portayed Sombra. His reaction to the goddess was absolutely perfect.

This is also one of the few fanfics I've read where there weren't any grammar or spelling errors jumping out at me (grammar nazi that I am).

Looking forward to next chapter(s).

okay do continue.

Comment posted by Ponifex deleted Aug 30th, 2013

Good introduction. I'm curious to see how Sombra adjusts!:pinkiehappy:

2899874 figured as much when i saw missing chapters. i'll wait till more is back up to reread it :pinkiehappy:

2899894 "Only a week" Author says.

Authoring ain't that simple, kuppo. :pinkiesmile:

Get this thing ready for take off, mate! I'm mucho impaciente, mi amigo!

It's been years...but hope dies hard

I know this story (and author) will probably never be active again, but I have hope that maybe one day. So I'm tracking it just in case.

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