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King Sombra was not always a dark tyrant. Once he was a mortal pony. Once he was good and kind and noble.

He had reasons for all he did, and they seemed like valid ones to him. Perhaps he was wrong. Perhaps his fate was justified.

He only wanted to protect his people.

This is his story.

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I hadn't been able to review this before, but I will when I got time.

Uh-oh, I`m writing almost the same story about Sombra, but you left me fa-a-a-ar behind.
Thumb up to ya, you should feel good for what you have written.

This viewpoint is a interesting one. I like it.

Thanks for the compliment! I hope this doesn't stop you from writing your take on Sombra as well, though.


I hope that means the story was effective, not that you disliked it. It was meant to be sad, so . . . that's good . . . right? :fluttershysad:

1736764 indeed good sir. I loved it.:moustache:

Yay! I'm happy that I made you sad! :pinkiehappy:

Wait . . . that came out wrong. :rainbowderp:

1736841:facehoof:.........you know what? I'm just gonna :derpytongue2:

The magic of anger and hate are indeed powerful, but their only lasting legacy is the suffering they cause, and the fear from which they are born. Suffering from hate, hate from anger, anger from fear.

Fear, my little ponies, is the path to the Dark Side.

Even when used with the best intentions.

You know what they say about the road to Hell.

bucking epic:trixieshiftright:

hello i was wondering if i can add your story to my group "villains of Equestria" you see i am the only member so if i add  your story the group might get some notice so i would love to have this story in the group . o and feel free to join if you want to or tell people about it

1736198 write it anyway, your story-telling style or idea might differene from this one.

My dear author, I like/love this- it does hold good theory of why King Sombra was what he is in the show and dark magic is just another side of the water, another magic flow if you will but sadly those "light side" would always associate dark magic with evil, no matter what.

Have you ever considered submitting this story to Equestria Daily? You can find out how to do so here.

The problem with Dark magic is that it can easily corrupt one if not careful. Of course, the magic of light can also end up blinding one as well. The best place to walk is the middle road.

This was an excellent story. I would personally love to see some sort of sequel.

I wonder how Sombra feels now, after being defeated by a simple group of friends weilding the love&light of the crystal empire. Must be a pretty heavy blow to his world view to have the power of unity, friendship and love to defeat him... twice.

Wow. This is AMAZING!😄 Love it.

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