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Not too sure what I'm doing. That feeling'll go away in the morning. Probably.

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Thank you for the faves and follow!

I don't normally thank people for faving my fics, but when I saw your name I just had to! :raritystarry: I'm a big fan of your art, and I'm psyched that my fic is providing some enjoyment to you after all the enjoyment your art has provided for me!

so Thanks! :twilightsheepish:

Very possible, but highly debatable.

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Your Fave Is Problematic Maybe · 6:22am May 19th, 2015

aka It’s Probably Really Bad That We Treat Our Favorite Villains Like Precious Babies Even Though They’ve Done Legitimately Evil Things But Whatever Here’s Some Queen Umbra

aka I Can Draw Whatever I Want and That Might Not Be a Good Thing

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