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I enjoy writing an array of topics ranging from lewd to horror. Enjoy your stay for whatever the reason!


Happy Nightmare Night! · 9:28pm October 31st

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday tonight~ The last story for the Pony Horror Anthology has been published and available for you all to enjoy on the dark eve. There is also a nice treat for those that go back to the Looking Glass chapter. A good friend drew a piece specifically for it! As for what's to come next? Well, I have a few stories already thought up to maybe make a volume 2 on PHA. Of course, lewd ideas are still bouncing around as well. I hope you enjoy the stories and I'll try to

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No, no, thank you for the follow! :twilightsmile:

you're welcome :derpytongue2:

Here, 'cause I forgot to at the timesnerk!
A watch, for you: ยข===โŠ™===>

I'm pretty open to most things. He can be a pretty cool little dude at times.

Are you an fan of spike the dragon and any spike shipping?!?!?

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