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I enjoy writing an array of topics ranging from lewd to horror. Enjoy your stay for whatever the reason!


New Stories Next Week! · 3:04am September 25th

Starting Monday, October 1st, the first of six stories will be uploaded into the Pony Horror Anthology. Figured I'd let you all know how the updates will be rolling out so you won't be kept guessing. Each story will be uploaded every Monday when I got some time to. The final story will be uploaded right on Halloween, just a couple days after the fifth. I hope you all enjoy them as well as the wonderful and spooky month ahead!

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No, no, thank you for the follow! :twilightsmile:

you're welcome :derpytongue2:

Here, 'cause I forgot to at the timesnerk!
A watch, for you: ยข===โŠ™===>

I'm pretty open to most things. He can be a pretty cool little dude at times.

Are you an fan of spike the dragon and any spike shipping?!?!?

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