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I enjoy writing an array of topics such as horror and more. Enjoy your stay for whatever the reason!

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This story is a sequel to Pony Horror Anthology

With the mounting tension of the unknown lurking behind every corner, ponies are thrust into the horror of things they should not see. Getting lost in a familiar place? Odd lights? A house never seen before? These strange oddities plus many more await them within. Will their sanity last?

Cover image by the amazing TenTinyThimbles! Check him out!
The Mare in Dark Mauve is owned by Lockheart.

Chapters (10)

Deep in Equestria resides plenty of the unknown. Things and beings ponies could barely fathom to think of. Journey with them to discover hidden horrors and mind-breaking madness. Will a pony be able to handle the fear? The crushing anxiety? There's only one way to find out. Curiosity begs to be sated with this collection of tales.

Cover image by: Duop-qoub

Chapters (10)

A quick reaction, a seemingly normal response, yet things aren't as they seem. In a panicked decision, Twilight manages to find herself in a setting that's quite familiar but all the more strange. Where are the ponies? Her friends? Now, she only wishes to find some answers and get things back to normal. But, where to start?

Cover image by: TenTinyThimbles

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It's been a long while, but the adorably tall unicorn has finally done it! Limit State has made it to on-site safety inspector. If the foremare does well, she can probably end up find herself that stallion of her dreams. Then again, life has an odd way of working things out. How tough is the unicorn engineer?

Cover art by: Jargon Scott

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