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I enjoy writing an array of topics ranging from lewd to horror. Enjoy your stay for whatever the reason!


Deep in Equestria resides plenty of the unknown. Things and beings ponies could barely fathom to think of. Journey with them to discover hidden horrors and mind-breaking madness. Will a pony be able to handle the fear? The crushing anxiety? There's only one way to find out. Curiosity begs to be sated with this collection of tales.

Cover image by: Duop-qoub

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Dude. That was great :pinkiehappy: Very creepy, well paced, just great work. Onto chapter 2!

Glad you enjoyed the first story! The others all have their own tale to tell.

Quite a good set, though I'm a tad confused about what happened to Lily.

I didn't want to leave that one as for sure answer. I wanted to make it more left up to reader's interpretation as to the answer on it. Gives a bit more to let the reader come up with what they speculate on it.

Your a rather good horror writer, you should consider writing more. Sadly there aren't many horror writers here, which is odd because the MLP world is perfect for generating great horror premises.

The Monk

I got some more horror stories ideas lined up to write eventually. If I do them, they'll be included into this for sure.

Your story makes my top ten horror stories. (and its an anthology, Im on old fart, I grew up watching Hammer Horror Anthologies with Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. So Im a bit biassed.

But your story is up there with

Forever Faithful by Konseiga

A Puppet To Her Fame by Kaiden

Ghost Stories
The House Remembered C by Waxworks

Fallout Equestria/ Pink Eyes by mimezinga

There is a story, horror, a good one but I can't find it again. Flutter shy. (I think its flutters) At an abandoned train station, and Cthulhu mythos.

(IF ANYONE KNOWS the story I'm referring to send me the link please. )

The Monk

I appreciate the kind words greatly! Thank you so much!

This is really good work! Love the general unknown aspect in several of the stories. My personal favorite was Unnatural Embrace. I featured this on episode 240 of my podcast, Pony 411.

Oh wow! That's awesome! Thank you so much! I'll be adding another story to this Anthology today, so keep an eye out. In fact, a story will be added every Monday this month and an extra one on Halloween. Hope you keep enjoying them!

This sounds promising? Are you Edgar Allan Poe?

Heh, if only~ Thank you though!

Great updates!

So are you still adding to this or is it truly completed? The reason I ask is that many people clean up their tracking folder when a story is completed. We don't get the heads up if anythings added to it afterwards.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying stop adding, I'm just saying remove the completed tag. (Or you could start a Volume II I guess.) It just prevents confusion.

The Monk
"Knowledge is power and power corrupts, so study and be evil." - Reykan

I've got 2 more stories to add. One later today (since it's 1am for me) and the other on Halloween. The reason I don't want to remove the completed tag is because it's complete no matter how many I add. But I will say that after these other two I might choose to make a Volume II or something later on. So yes, after these last two stories this Anthology will be done. Though, I guess I could change the tag until Halloween~ Wouldn't hurt!

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