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Just a brony who likes living. Please, don't leave thanks for me favoriting stuff. If anything, I should thank you, the author(s) for writing these amazing stories I find fav-worthy.

PSA to anyone looking to me for proofreading ponywords.

If I haven't responded to anything, be it requests, comments during proofreading, any type of question, etc... I most likely forgot about, sorry. Please send a PM to remind this idiot, 'kay?

Also, I am pretty terrible at keeping up with gmail/social media stuff, but do check fimfic weekly. If you want to send a link or something else through those (most likely gdocs), also send me a pm through Fimfic, thanks.

I helped with these.

Helpful tvtropes links for anyone wanting to write.

The general stuff, like the basics and genres: Really long list here (if anything, it can be a good read... eh, no pun intended.)

Mary Sue stuff: The long list.
Of particular interest is a How-not-to here, and common traits here.


Notice: I'm quitting proofreading. · 11:18am Oct 4th, 2022

Title, basically, for whatever lost soul that finds this is interested.

My interests (and time) have currently moved on to other activities, so I'm hereby not accepting any more requests to help out with stories. I'll maybe be active here and there, try to finish my own stories if (and that's a very uncertain if) I want to again, so this is a goodby for now.

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Comment posted by 23 KM To Nerdiness deleted Feb 28th, 2022

New chapter of Velvet. I think you'll find some much sought answers in it.

It's back. :)

Check my page

Thanks for the watch!

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