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Just a brony who likes living. Please, don't leave thanks for me favoriting stuff. If anything, I should thank you, the author(s) for writing these amazing stories I find fav-worthy.

PSA to anyone looking to me for proofreading ponywords.

If I haven't responded to anything, be it requests, comments during proofreading, any type of question, etc... I most likely forgot about, sorry. Please send a PM to remind this idiot, 'kay?

Also, I am pretty terrible at keeping up with gmail/social media stuff, but do check fimfic weekly. If you want to send a link or something else through those (most likely gdocs), also send me a pm through Fimfic, thanks.

I helped with these.

Helpful tvtropes links for anyone wanting to write.

The general stuff, like the basics and genres: Really long list here (if anything, it can be a good read... eh, no pun intended.)

Mary Sue stuff: The long list.
Of particular interest is a How-not-to here, and common traits here.


Back from the not-quite-yet-dead. · 6:59pm May 5th, 2020

Title, pretty much. Been a while, huh.

I should be able to get back to writing some stuff, even interested in a new contest that popped up. And hopefully get back to continuing some of my neglected stuff.

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Comment posted by TheKMExperience deleted February 28th

New chapter of Velvet. I think you'll find some much sought answers in it.

It's back. :)

Check my page

Thanks for the watch!

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