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reading is magic

Hey peeps! Come over to our page for more reading.

A bit about myself

For non-MLP fanfictions, click here!

Hello there! I'm reading is magic. In the cover are my staff; the blue guy is Book Worm who is my ponysona, the girl on the very right is Champagne Barrels, my very first OC, and Candy who is on the left. Love to have you here, and I'm sure my staff thinks so too. Now you can also read about them! Obviously, I love Equestria Girls!

I'm an aspiring author and I have done a few stories, though not much outside fanfictions. I do my own cover arts except for one story I did. Banners and arts I use on my page are created and owned by me.

Clop? Yeah.

Favorite Pony? Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash.

Favorite Episode? The one where Rainbow starts to read Daring Do books and Lesson Zero

Follow me on other sites!

Don't literally follow me because that is called stalking and you can be arrested for that.

“I don’t know, B.W., there are hot guys and hot girls. I’ll be damned if I don’t get all the options.”

-Champagne Barrels answering if she likes dudes.

Writer's Block? Try These Tips!

If you get a writer's block, try the following:

-Kill someone. If your fanfiction is dark, this can work

-Ask this question: "What can go wrong?" and write exactly how it goes wrong.

-Switch POV from your character to another—a minor, antagonist, anyone

-Stop writing whatever scene you are writing and skip to the next one you want to write

-Write the ending. This worked best for me.

-Read someone else's writing.

Also, never delete. Never read what you've already written. Keep going.

Found in a Facebook post that shared a Tumblr post.

And then, after all the running, all the danger, peace ensues. A happy ending to them comes and you can’t help but feel the same way. They became your friends, even if only in the mind. But as you read the last sentence, your mind looks for more. Even when the story ends in paradise, you can’t help but wonder what happened to your companions in adventure. As you read the last sentence, it was like your friend stops talking. He or she is done telling the tale, and left you, leaving you stunned, and unmovable. You feel betrayed, but you couldn’t hate them as they have taught you many things.

And just like that, reading a story can be a torture in the end. All you can do is love the story itself as you look back at the journey through your imagination. At least, that’s how I feel whenever I read a good book or story, be it fanfic or a published work.

A Checklist I stole from Level Dasher. Hehehe...

I better get it all! Also, Level Dasher, I stole your list. Don't hate me.

[X] 1 Follower
[X] 10 Followers
[X] 25 Followers
[X] 50 Followers
[X] 100 Followers
[X] 50 total views
[X] 100 total views
[X] 250 total views
[X] 500 total views
[X] 1,000 total views
[X] 2,500 total views
[X] 5,000 total views
[X] 10,000 total views
[ ] 25,000 total views
[ ] 50,000 total views
[ ] 100,000 total views
[X] 50 views on a single story
[X] 100 views on a single story
[X] 250 views on a single story
[X] 500 views on a single story
[X] 1,000 views on a single story
[X] 2,500 views on a single story
[ ] 5,000 views on a single story
[ ] Have a story make it into The Royal Guard
[X] Have a story make it into the Popular Box
[X] Have a story make it into the Featured Box
[ ] Have a story featured on Equestria Daily

The Equestria Girls Shots


Update: 2018 · 7:18am Mar 30th, 2018

Months have passed since I last posted an update. I'm sorry if anyone was expected any new content from me.

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