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It’s Christmas time, and the Shadowbolts had lost the Friendship Games and also Twilight Sparkle to the Canterlot High School. Before they could even learn and be actual friends with Twilight, she chose her new friends over them. While it didn’t affect most of them, Lemon Zest certainly was.

It’s up to the Shadowbolt’s finest four to cheer her up on her birthday that coincided with the special holiday. Sugarcoat knew what just to give her this special time of need. A gift she would surely love, but when the other three had the same gifts, conflict ensued; after all, friendship is magic.

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Comments ( 12 )

6839146 Not sure if sarcasm or amazement...

Well this was a sweet story.

6841488 I'm a sucker for sweet stories and feels. :derpytongue2:

Stop making me cry.



6842759 Tears make me powerful.

I really enjoyed this story. Good use of A Friend for Life too!

6896761 Glad you like it. :ajsmug: I really like that song, and that wasn't even my first choice for a song.

OK, gonna be blunt:

You need to have this story edited. There is at least one glaring grammatical error in almost every paragraph of this.

After how well-written the previous one was, I was sorely disappointed by what I found here. I had to skim most of the story and a lot of the emotional impact was lost because of the massive number of glaring errors.

Nice. I really enjoyed this really beautiful. As time passes the human 5(Aj, Pinkie, Rainbow, Rarity and Fluttershy) seem less interesting to me. On the other hand the shadow 5 need more love as do the dazzlings. Wich they were more sotires with them.

Legend of everfree could have been better if Twilight stayed at crystal prep and the trip to the camp should have been both schools.

Another sweet and heart-warming story!
Great job! :raritywink:

I assume that after the Author's Note scene, Adagio walked in, Sonata paused the game, and after a moment of silence she screamed "WHAT, ADAGIO?!"

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