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This story is a sequel to Unfriendly Competition

This story also contains references to Fey Breeze and Blue Sunny Days and Pink Lemonade, though reading them isn't strictly necessary.

The first summer vacation after the world changed was eventful for most of the top Shadowbolts. Some came to understand one another. Some got lost outside of reality. Sugarcoat and Moondancer just fumbled their way through a relationship as best they could given their combined social acumen was comparable to a sheet of sandpaper.

The school year has begun, and they're still not entirely sure how to make this whole "them" thing work. At this point, Sugarcoat is getting fed up with the passive approach.

She just never considered that Moondancer might be as well.

Part of the Oversaturated World. Rated Teen for fairly explicit discussion of things that capture teenagers' interest.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 21 )

I knew you were up to something :rainbowlaugh:

Can't wait to see what you've got up your sleeve :3

MoonSugar is more accurate than expected because drugs?

Or Therapy Crystals.

Or Moon Phase Mental Stuff.


Whooo! New Story!

......... I think Moondancer might have been either replaced by a member of the Commune (i think that's what the Changeling group was called) or slipped some mind/mood altering effect.

And now I'm curious whats up with Moondancer. Definitely tracking this

What are the therapy crystals again?

I've probably said before but I'm a big fan of your Sugarcoat.

I'm wondering just what she invited into her mind to help with contact and confidence. Numerous possibilities, and none of them particularly good.



Mind-helping crystals made by Crystal Aspects.


And now betting deliberate Crystal Split.


That's "The Wholesome", by the way.

Ah, been a while since I read the full story.:ajsleepy:

the difficulty is she is unhappy with the state she is in normally, but doesn't know the degree of change the attempts to fix it will cause

And the drama thickens. So what exactly is this pill Diamond create? Will that be addressed in the Oversaturation Sequel Shorts One Shots Group Precipitation

Awkward-marine. That is a magnificent pun. OTOH, I'm now feeling sad for Sugar and Moon, and I hope they figure things out soon.

Sour grabbed Second Person and held him to her like she was afraid Lemon would reach across the table and take him for herself. "Second and I are saving ourselves for marriage."

Oh, just f:yay:k already, you two.

Second Person is tofu. Never thought I would read something like that :rainbowderp:

From all we've seen, emotion containment / alteration devices suddenly breaking does not lead to a gentle letdown.

But, Sugarcoat doesn't seem to be feeling any effects, so maybe only Moondancer got a massive dose of Awkward?


Blue Crystals from Yellow Diamond. Reminds me of Blue Diamond...

Does Blue exist and is manufacturing these crystals, while Yellow does talk therapy and stuff?

She didn't name it.

So, who did? My guess is stated above.


Sugarcoat's mother, named!

Her dad, still unnamed?


More info on Honesty! Nice!


That warning label was not followed. Which is bad.


Awesome speech from Sugarcoat at the end!

Ouch. Definitely hitting the nail on the head with the motivations, and the antidepressant metaphor, and... yeah, ouch.

Antidepressants from a physcatrist= great!
Antidepressants from untrained people= What the hell are you doing idiot!?

Is Yellow Diamond qualified to hand out therapy crystals?

Did someone pray to Sunset for her, or was Sunset watching??


After all, she didn't need to.

Aww! Such good friends!


"I've had some bad experiences with these things breaking myself."

Ooh! International ambiguity of "breaking myself"? That she broke, and "breaking, myself", that she's experienced the crystals breaking?


Wooo! They worked things out!


And someone doing Threrapy Crystals right! Cool!


Lol, the last line! :rainbowlaugh:

Lemon held up a finger. "Note: Do not say things about Winter Lights. Nothing definitive, anyway. She'll view it as a challenge."

"Isn't that a definitive statement?" said Second.

"It is!" Lemon said, beaming. "I am fully prepared to get annoyed by Indigo's elf girlfriend at some point in the coming weeks."

Winter Lights does nothing for five months, which should be longish enough for her to get together with Sunny Flare. Then one afternoon, she dresses up as a pizza delivery person and rings the doorbell whilst Sunny and Lemon are 'busy'.

She says nothing, only smiling and handing the pizza over before leaving.

The pizza toppings are well-known aphrodisiacs.

Lemon reminds me of Aragon.

Ah, another unfinished one. And a skooma fic, at that. This was one of the more unexpected pairings to come out of this universe, but I like how you write their relationship. Also, I am consistently impressed by your ability to draw logical and intuitive connections between canon characters who have no apparent relation to each other. I'd have never thought to connect Zesty Gourmand and Lemon Zest, because they're so different in personality and have never even appeared in the same franchise together, yet because of the name theme, it works. Wallflower and Fuchsia Blush from the last one I read was another damn good one. I hope you know I plan to steal all of these ideas if I ever have the opportunity to.

Anyway, hope to see this update soon.

Hey, theft is the second-most sincere form of flattery. Expect an update to this in a more timely fashion than the Lyrabon story.

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