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This story is a sequel to A Sparkly Surprise Performance

Whether by fate or by chance, Sugarcoat happens upon Dean Cadance belly dancing at a public venue. Impressed by Cadance's performance, she signs up for a junior belly dance course - even at the risk of ridicule from her Crystal Prep classmates.

The third of my Equestria Girls belly dance stories.

Chapters (5)
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Well, if Sugercoat's friends are true friends, they'll accept her newfound hobby, just like Twilight's did.

Oh, Sugarcoat is in for such a surprise...

A wild sequel appeared and it's a shiny. Great first chapter, looking forward to seeing the interaction between Sugarcoat and Twilight. Following and faving.


Great story and I love how you executed it

Still, it was nice to have a little time to herself without having to deal with some of her classmates' idiosyncrasies.

This is such a perfectly Sugarcoat line that I almost forget she only had maybe six lines in the movie. :pinkiesmile:

Sugarcoat somehow felt that there was more to it than the popular image of females "shedding their dignity for male gratification" as Sunny Flare would put it.

And references! :pinkiegasp:

Hope you can forgive me, Eyeswirl! :twilightblush:

No worries. If this version of Sunny is going to be anything like the SoCHS one, I think we know who in particular will have some words about Sugar's new hobby. :trixieshiftleft:

"This is the most honest form of self-expression that I've ever witnessed!" cried Sugarcoat, conviction resonating in her voice. "I want to learn!"

Heehee! Also very Sugarcoat.

This promises to be an enriching experience all around. She could not wait to share this with Twilight Sparkle.

I can just picture the look on her face.
"Hi, dance-buddy!"

So when is the next chapter coming

Yes I would update the character tags. Otherwise this was a good chapter as the girls begin to experience this new world they are entering.

Thank you everybody! The next chapter is now up. :twilightsmile:

7694362 Indeed. Some might be receptive, others might need a little convincing. We'll see what happens...

7694418 No kidding! :pinkiegasp:

7696588 Glad I could hit the mark with Sugarcoat. I'm really having fun getting inside her head.

(Seeing Pinkie place the jewel.) :pinkiehappy: "Boop!"

That was awesome and I love the idea of Rarity belly dancing

Sugarcoat regained her composure and gave a dignified smile. "In the flesh."

For a fraction of a second, her glasses turned black and shiny. :coolphoto:

And the only person with whom she had considered sharing her new pursuit.
Sugarcoat found herself stealing glances at Twilight whenever she could.

Shipping fuel detected!! :raritystarry:

Sugarcoat could not help but wonder whether it was chance or fate that both she and Twilight had discovered their new hobby in the ways that they did. It all just seemed like more than mere coincidence.

Astute observation, Sugar, but Contrived Coincidence might just be a governing force in your world.

This is just getting more and more fun with each installment.

I could totally see lemon zest wanting to do this too. Love the stories so far. Keep up the good work.

7713424 I bet she'd love to! That way she wouldn't just shake all crazy-like, like I expect she would.

She'd be on one of the more frenzied styles though.

Thank you everybody! :twilightsmile:

I’d hoped to have the next chapter up before I went on vacation tomorrow. Depending on my schedule and ability to get online, I should have it up by Thanksgiving.

I see Pinkie Pie and Lemon Zest (if she were to take it up) as gravitating toward the Turkish style, which is very energetic and spontaneous.

Cinch finds out and tears into Sugarcoat for "Shamelessly exposing her body for money," I guess?

Somethings tells me they know already. Looking forward to sugarcoats recital

Well that went well, I wonder how this recital will go actually.

"Not too long ago, I told my sister. To my surprise, she was actually envious that she herself did not engage in some 'taboo extracurricular activity.'

No one's stopping you, Celestia. :pinkiesmile:

I did, however, have to tell her more than once that belly dancing did not involve me wrapping myself around a pole."

...Well, she has to work off all that cake somehow. :trixieshiftright:

In all seriousness, it's interesting that even Celestia thinks of belly-dancing that way, because it demonstrates that the misconceptions aren't just based in youthful naivete from girls like Indigo, Lemon, and possibly Sunny Flare.

Sugarcoat gathered her resolve. The opportunity was right in front of her and she was not going to waste it! "Like actual belly dancing classes." She paused for a moment before adding "Both of us."

Indigo and Lemon stared at them incredulously for a moment. Two moments. Three. Suddenly, they both began to snicker before bursting into laughter. They laughed so hard that they began to tear up.

"You two?" chortled Lemon. "Belly dancing?"

"The Klutzy Egghead and Little Miss Serious Face?" chuckled Indigo.

Their laugh attack continued until both of them nearly doubled over. This was exactly the reaction Sugarcoat had expected from both of them.

"So," chirped Lemon as she leaned up against Sugarcoat. "What are their names?"

"What do you mean?" asked Sugarcoat.

"C'mon," Lemon pulled her shirt up to expose her midsection as she swayed her hips. "You're obviously both learning to shake your tails for somebody special!"

"What?" Twilight protested. "No, it's nothing like that!"

Indigo looked sideways at them as she got on her knees and flicked her tongue inches from Lemon's navel. Sugarcoat flushed red. Accustomed as she was to Indigo and Lemon's shenanigans, she was utterly appalled that they would even think that she and Twilight would take up anything just to impress anyone for any reason.

"This is not pole dancing or stripping!" Sugarcoat barked.

Indigo and Lemon were both taken aback by her sudden outburst. That definitely got their attention! Regaining her composure, Sugarcoat continued, pouring sincerity into every word. "I used to think that too. But ever since I...we took up belly dancing, it has opened our eyes to a lot. We dance for ourselves - for our own betterment."

Ah, so finally the long awaited confrontation. Now, it just leaves me up to wondering how the one with Sour Sweet and Sunny Flare will go. Probably with Sunny running off to tell her dear old mum, Principal Cinch I reckon.

I wonder how many new students will be joining after the recital?

Comment posted by Raistlin deleted Dec 6th, 2016

I like this one await the next chapter

They took it pretty well!

Also, Sour didn't seem to be doing that Sour/Sweet routine, did she get some anger management and/or therapy or something?

"This is not pole dancing or stripping!" Sugarcoat barked.


7774362 Hmm, considering Fleur Dis Lee was mentioned as a possibility, I can possibly see her. Mayyyybbbe Lemon Zest as well.

And there they all are. Now it's time to get real!

7774603 I did try to write this chapter with Sour slipping into her darker tone, but her original lines (I felt) were so ham-fisted, that I ultimately decided not to highlight that trait of hers.

On that note, I think Sour manages her moods better when she is in familiar company and not under stress. In the book Twilight's Sparkly Sleepover Surprise, she did not display the same mood swings that she did in The Friendship Games (when the stakes were high). Still, I would love to write that part of her personality in earnest one day.

Goodness me, who is THAT in the stinger?

I can't place her!

7833944 Humanized version of Starlight Glimmer perhaps?

Actually, it's Principal Celestia. :twilightsmile:

7833974 That was actually going to be my third guess after Sonata Dusk.

And thus the trilogy comes to a sweet end. Well done, I loved it.

7834008 Who says it has to? Mayor may decide to make another sequel.

7834025 Oooh. Good point.

7833974 I wonder if she knows of Luna's involvement? Oh this will be interesting.

7833974 HYYYYYYPE!

Do it. NO seriously, do it.

long flowing pastel hair of blue, lavender and green

Could it be Celestia :rainbowhuh:

First off love the chapter as always
Second I personally think silver was sugarcoat's costume color choice
And third if you want to do something different for the others why not something like traditional Chinese Dancing with Sunset Shimmer

The visitor - a tall woman with long flowing pastel hair of blue, lavender and green, wearing a honey-colored blazer - removed her sunglasses.

Oh... My... Celestia! How did she find out?:pinkiegasp:

In Chapter 3, Luna mentions that she finally told her sister about her hobby.

Thanks. I went with yellow for Sugarcoat since one of her outfits in the merchandise is primarily yellow. In Twilight's Sparkly Sleepover Surprise she mentions that orange is her favorite color. Although silver might be a good choice for her.

7835122 huh, forgot about that. Well then, I wonder if the principals will make a club at CHS and performance for it?

Sugar solidifies her new hobby and hip/stomach-wiggling grows just a little more acceptable in CP, one imagines! Or, after/outside of school, at least. :pinkiehappy:

7835122 ok but what about the Chinese Dancing idea

7835280 Probably best that I stick with what I know, lest I make a mess of it.

7836256 ok I'm just glad you took the idea into account

Where did you get the cover art for this written piece?

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