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When a thief starts breaking into Crystal Prep's girls dormitory to steal underwear, Sugarcoat may be the only one who can unravel the mystery.

A quick, silly read in the vein of classic animated shorts.

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Ever heard of a talking dog doing a podcast?

"A monkey that steals underwear?" asked Sunny incredulously.

My thoughts exactly.

And thus was born Sugarcoat: Monkey Wrangler! :yay:

Even then, she would still not be at ease until she got a clean bill of health from her physician the following week.

Heh. Big drama queen. :rainbowkiss:

Also; I'm currently following you and fimfic didn't give me any kind of update for this story, I just saw it in the New Stories column.
Fimfic. Update me on things. Get it together, man. :flutterrage:

That was fun. The things people can train a primate to do.


Because Everything's Better with Monkeys! :rainbowlaugh:

With all the time Sugarcoat spends with Fluttershy at the animal shelter, I wouldn't be surprised if she developed her own version of The Stare! It's tough not to use a character like Sunny as a - no pun intended - butt monkey.

7947124 Since EQ Spike can talk now a podcast would be awesome.

Honestly I was expecting one of the girls to emerge from their room screaming about missing some underwear after the monkey was taken away.

Wait, I thought Cinch is Sunny Flare’s mom?

In my head canon, Cinch is Sunny’s aunt. Cinch just doesn’t strike me as mother material.

7944215 Apparently it's previous owner was a perv

The part with the monkey climbing on Sunny cracker me up! XD

That was my favorite part to write! :rainbowlaugh:

Sorry for my delayed response - I must've somehow marked your comment as 'Read'/'Replied.'

I've always had a soft spot for this fic. Stories with the Shadowbolts are always something I'm happy to see, and this almost feels a lot like it could be a hypothetical episode for some kind of Equestria Girls show! (Well... except for the fact that the monkey steals underwear. :rainbowlaugh: Kinda think that wouldn't fly with the rating of the actual EG! Oh well...)

The Shadowbolts definitely deserve more love. Such a scenario in official EqG media would probably replace the undergarments with something innocuous like jewelry or accessories, but then it would lose much of its comedic punch.

Lovely one shot! The drawings added some spice to the story, love it!:twilightsmile:

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed this story and its sequel.

Not too long ago, I sketched two more moments from the laundry room scene:

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