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This story is a sequel to The Sun and the Shy

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Seeing how forlorn Fluttershy is watching her old friends at lunch, Sunset tried to fix things for the girl she cares about. Sadly it backfires as Sunset walks right into one of the signs of the end times, Fluttershy yelling at Rainbow Dash. To avoid anymore conflict, the two decide that maybe it would be best to get a new start and transfer to Crystal Prep. How ill they respond to Cinch's attitude, the atmosphere of the school and the Shadowbolts, and...the mirror version of the girl she hates more than anything. Can Sunset swallow her pride and work to make things better again or will it just end up being CHS all over again?

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every time I see one of these sorts of fics, EqG Rainbow Dash always comes out as the worst one of the bunch

here's an example, like

Pony Rainbow Dash if something shitty happens: "ooh I'm gonna fucking get that son of a - whoa wait sorry Twilight I guess I got a little carried away heh, damn, what happened to me there? alright let's do this legally guys, forgot I was loyalty there for a sec!"
EqG Rainbow Dash is something shitty happens:
"f u c k l o y a l t y , l e t ' s m u r d e r t h a t f u c k e r"

to be honest I wish less fics would do this but people like you manage to pull it off in a way where, yeah, I can understand why she's upset but please for the love of god Rainbow don't do something you'll regret even though I really enjoy seeing people who deserve it get hit with the karma missile

let me be clear: I'm not telling you to do anything to your fic, it's great the way it is, I'm just celebrating Festivus early

Don't worry, she won't do anything she will regret. She just found out what really happened and is very angry over it and her emotions are running high. Though I don't really intend to show much of the CHS crowd for now since I've been trying to keep to Sunset's POV for the most part. This was just kind of a prologue where a reason was given to push Sunset and Fluttershy to decide to transfer. The next chapter will probably be a time skip to their first day at Crystal Prep. The other version of arc 2 will be Sunset and Shy staying in CHS where they all will eventually become friends like in the movies with some differences.

Then first of all, I am very happy about the beginning of the new narrative arc of this story, in fact, right away among the favorite stories. A little less happy about the transfer of Sunset and Fluttershy to Crystal Prep for the reason I have already mentioned in the commentary of the previous story, or the hope of reconciliation between the Human 5. But we are only at the beginning of the story so I can still hope in the future . The curiosity grows because now with this transfer will come into action Sci-Twi and then I wonder what will happen. For the moment I can only give you a thumbs up for this chapter and wait for the rest of this story.

8113493 Happy you are enjoying it, and though Sunset and Fluttershy's time with SciTwi will soon begin there will be another path, an alternate timeline where Fluttershy and Sunset won't leave CHS but instead will go through the events from the first movie so don't worry, they wil be making up like the do on it. Thanks for the thumbs up and hope you enjoy SunShy's adventures with the Shadowbolts and SciTwi. :raritywink:

:yay:Yay! It begins!

She needed to be here for when the portal opened; if she left it would be much harder to justify being here for it. Looking over at Fluttershy she realized that she had something better than her desire for revenge against her mother. Something that made her happy instead of the empty feeling and rage that thinking of Princess Celestia brought on. Screw the portal.

Oh Sunset, I am so proud of you.:pinkiesad2:

Pinkie Pie gave a worried look toward Sunset and Fluttershy

I hope that at least Pinkie manage to mend her friendship with Shy. That sugar filled puff isn't a bad girl. Heck I am still impressed that in EQG 1 she had a grudge with the other Mane 6. Freaking Pinkie Pie! The cotton candy pony/girl/pony-girl that literally is friendly towards everyone!

Speaking on the first EQG. Shy is kinda right, if something small as misunderstanding could break the HuMane 5. And later even smaller things were pushing they to their edge during Rainbow Rocks... It makes me wonder how real their friendship really is or if they really are Sunset's friends after her reformation.

Anyways! Can wait to see what happens next. :pinkiehappy: and fingers crossed that Sun and Shy will befriend Sci-Twi. :twilightsmile:

Will Sunset in this arc still get soem form of revenge agaisnt her mother. Say contacting her thru her book, maybe telling her off and the life she has now is fat better then the one she left?
Love for Twilight to read that shock horrfied her and make her confront her mentor.

that felt to fast for everything also i cant see any of the girls calling some one a dyke even in anger its just not them

8113697 Yep and she is trying her best to do good for Fluttershy since she really cares for her. Unlike the CHS version, this one will have a much easier time admitting it. I can't say for sure when the CHS girls will make an appearance unless I veer from the Sunset POV some, but none of them hate Fluttershy, and would actually be willing to work things out with her while worrying about her being with Sunset. They might have come around if they had the chance which is why I wanted to seperate them as soon as possible for the Crystal Prep arc. I always wondered how good of friends they are too with the first two movies and the holiday special. They seem to eager to break friendships, but that's just me, I kind of see the EG world as being darker than it's shown and probably look for things that aren't there.

8113732 In this arc, I don't even think Sunset will have anything to do with Equestria since she is pretty much giving it up in favor of Fluttershy. There may end up being some contact in the future though, I'm not sure.

8114792 It was a little fast, but I can't leave Sunset and Fluttershy at CHS for long because then they would eventually work things out. As for Rainbow Dash calling someone a dyke, yeah I can easily see that. She is a jock and good at trash talking, the canon just don't show anything not kid friendly though in reality I can see it easy. That's just my point of view though, everyone has their own and I won't fault others for theirs. I think it's cool everyone has their opinions on the characters and how they would act in different situations.

8114845 its just i cant see rainbow as homophobic and that is ahomophobic slur

8114873 Just because someone calls someone a name, doesn't always mean that they mean it a hundred percent. A name can be called in the heat of the moment or when emotions or running high, but it doesn't mean the person puts much weight behind it. Just because Dash called Sunset a dyke doesn't mean she hates Fluttershy for being that way, only that she's pissed off at Sunset and is doing what she does best, trash talking the source of her anger.

A start with a bang, I like it. never underestimate the fury of the quiet ones :rainbowlaugh:

Now I'm curious how bad it will end with Sunset and Sci-Twi :twilightoops:

8114973 Thanks, and yep never underestimate the quiet ones. I have big plans for SciTwi so hope you enjoy.

I read now both versions of arc 2 and I don't know -and I liked both- but I liked this version much more than the other timeline for some reason. Most likely, because I love this idea of Shy and Sunset being badass together in solitude and not in CHS. :pinkiecrazy:

I know that this story will be about Crystal Prep instead of CHS, but I really would like to see at least the other girl's reaction to the news that Fluttershy -their former friend- transfered with Sunset to CPA and they lost the girl to their declared "archnemesis" (in his timeline). Would be hilarious, I imagine it like:

Rainbow: What?! Fluttershy chose her above us?! The one who destroyed our friendship and made everyones' life here at CHS a living hell?! And in the end she even escapes the school and can just switch to Crystal Prep completely unpunished after everything she did to us in all these years?! THIS *****!

Me: The salt is strong in this one. :trollestia:

On a side-note the others can cry a river, but I deem Pinkie Pie from her reaction as the only one who is more open to their friendship than the rest of the school it seems (and Luna maybe). That being said, I vote for Pinkie as becoming their newest friend in time (I hope) and leaving CHS one day next. (I know that will most likely not happen at all, but I can dream... :twilightsheepish:)

So all summed up, I found the chapter very interesting. :twilightsmile:

8115390 Truthfully, I do too lol. :rainbowlaugh: I had an Anon a miss story planned out with this wholesetup, being Anon a miss is what sparked Sunset's transfer alone. This will work better for it though as Fluttershy will be there to help Sunset along.

I might deviate some from Sunset's POV since I'm already bouncing back in forth from Sunset and Fluttershy's thoughts in the next chapter of Shadows Rising which is 85% of the way done. My wrist is a little sore so I had to keep taking breaks from doing all of that typing yesterday which let me find a good story if you enjoy Anon a miss stories called Empty Skies if you are looking for a really good story to read in the meantime.

Yeah, that is pretty much how I would imagine Rainbow reacting. I think AJ and Rainbow would be the two hardest to forgive Sunset. Rarity, while doesn't exactly like Sunset would have been more open since she's neutral to the idea, but a little excited seeing Fluttershy care for someone like this though scared and worried that it is Sunset. If they stuck around for long, Rarity would have easily come around after not very long. Pinkie Pie is hard to say, sure she would be the first to accept them though it's Pinkie Pie so impossible to exactly predict her actions. Happy you enjoyed it so far. :twilightsmile:

8119233 Already read the first chapter of this story. I found it was a very refreshing idea. I don't think I ever saw any Anon-A-Miss stories where the soccer team of the Wondercolts (except Rainbow, duh) decided to have Sunset's back and support her.

8119271 I'm sure I haven't, but it looks like it is going to be really good. I'm excited to see where it goes.

Logged in to brighten this so far stupid day, just 2 minutes after this chapter was published. Now I'm happy :rainbowkiss:

Chrysalis’s daughter is the vice-principal there

Wait, what? Ok, didn't see that one coming, and think I never saw in any other fic I ever read before :applejackconfused:

“It’s a big school, I seriously doubt we will even run into her except in passing,”

And then they share every class with each other :rainbowlaugh: ...

“My name is Twilight Sparkle,”

...or meet her on her very first day before her first day and become friends, another surprise :twilightoops:

“Please be careful, I’ve heard that Adagio was almost expelled just for standing up for one of her sisters,”

:rainbowderp: and now the Dazzlings. While we are at it, where are Tirek and Starlight? :trollestia:

Really like your story, looking forward to the next one :pinkiehappy:

8121969 Hopefully it gets better besides the update. :pinkiehappy:

Yeah, Cadence is Chrysalis's daughter in pretty much all my head canons and I have, hopefully, good reasons for the whole pony wedding thing when it comes to that in stories dealing with that. Never, ever challenge the universe by saying such statements such as Sunset's about Twilight since it likes to prove you wrong lol. Not sure how much I'm going to use the Dazzlings, for now it may or may not stay a cameo for Shadows. Sombra killed Tirek, Tirek was the head of the whole Syndicate thing before Sombra took over. As for Starlight, I'm not too sure yet. Happy you like the story so far! :twilightsmile:

Chrysalis’s daughter is the vice-principal there, though everyone calls her Dean for some reason

Wait!? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!? How is that even possible!?

*Reads AU Tag*
Oh yeah... There is that. But still... Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!?

“Are you really okay with Twilight going there though?” Fluttershy asked with worry.
“It’s a big school, I seriously doubt we will even run into her except in passing,” Sunset said brushing off the idea

Sunset you just jinxed it.

“My name is Twilight Sparkle,” Twilight said making Sunset go stiff as she swallowed her anger, though with great difficulty.

Told ya.

“Not to me, there are a lot of couples that are girl-girl on campus. Just don’t let Principal Cinch know or see any PDA,” Twilight said, blushing a little as she sipped on her drink. “She’s very strict and personal relationships like that are banned. Any romantic relationships are highly frowned upon since it takes time that you could use to be studying.”

Okay, that is a little better from what I expected from Cinch. Just a little.

“Please be careful, I’ve heard that Adagio was almost expelled just for standing up for one of her sisters,” Twilight said now getting a little worried.

So the Sirens are at CPA too? Or it is their human counterparts?

Final thoughts on the chapter: I really loved this chapter. Sun and Shy made friends with Sci-Twi. That alone is worth at least 7 "yays".:yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay:
It seems Fluttershyhy gave Sunset a school uniform fetish, 9/10!
And the last paragraph was simply pure gold! Favoriting this fanfic right now!

8121995 now that you mention it I remember Tireks fate :twilightblush:
Well, by the amount of stories I read it may be forgiven that I forget some details from time to time :scootangel:

First I was like: "Thursday... Saturday... :trixieshiftright: my bullshit detector is tingling." :pinkiecrazy:

But on a more serious note now, I very much liked the chapter. :pinkiehappy:

Interesting, so that Sunset is Sombra's daughter is common knowledge at Crystal Prep? :pinkiegasp:

And nice :twistnerd: with making Cadence the daughter of Chryssi in this story. When the Friendship Games come around (And maybe, or not maybe the Dazzlings? Because in this timeline the beacon for them aka the friendship cannon of doom from movie 1 is not around to lure them. :rainbowhuh:) I'm curious how that all goes down and especially how the shadow 5 are fitting in.

It would be hilarious if Sunset would still visit Equestria -and not letting the portal phase go to waste with these three days- after all and steal the Element of Magic just because she wants to screw with Twilight and Celestia and the freshly crowned princess would has no clue where Sunset is, because the girl is in another Cast-I mean school. So she would have to return without the Element or risking being trapped in the human world for the next 2 1/2 years. I know Fluttershy wouldn't approve and it will not happen in this timeline, but still. I just got that idea and would find it extremely funny. :trollestia::trollestia::trollestia:

8122005 Yep, she is. :pinkiehappy: Cinch will be a bit better in this world and may even be redeemed kind of. As for the Sirens, I kind of put them in as a cameo for now, and do have several ideas but not sure how big of a part they will actually play, such as if I should use my ideas or not. Happy you loved the chapter though and thanks for the "yays" I loved them. And yep, I actually had a scene in mind where Sunset would get a nosebleed, but I'm having troulbe deciding what scenes to use, what scenes to put in that D or K suggests, what scenes would be too much such as rehashing older scenes, and all of that. I want to keep it at a decent pace, but if I put every scene in the story I'm worried it might take too long to finish or make it too long or drag on too much. I'm not really sure about the Sirens yet though as this may just be a cameo unless I decide to pull them deeper into the story.

8122024 It's ok, I have trouble remembering stuff as it mixes together in my head with other stories and head canons so I know the feeling lol.

8122121 lol I was debating putting in a chapter for Friday, but it would have been pretty short and while they had a date, nothing really big happened. The knowledge is a lot more common that in CHS as families there actually has dealings with him and may have either met Sunset or found out by other means such as rumors or actually being told for those who are actually close enough to him.

Thanks, I love the idea a lot. As for the dazzlings, I'm not too sure yet what exactly I will do with them. If Sunset had more access to magic I'd probably would have had her see about helping them. As is, I'm not sure what she can do to purify them or redeem them. It could also be the human ones though if I decide to go that route. I might just pretty much leave them as a cameo though for this arc pointing out where they were up until this point before Rainbow Rocks.

I have to agree it would be kind of funny in some ways for her to mess with them a little, but yeah Fluttershy likely wouldn't be happy about it so would put her foot down over the idea.

I love this chapter and Glad Sunset is getting along with Sci Twi.
I do wish Sci Twi could become Sunset second girlfriend sicne Sci Twi and Fluttershy get along so well........yeah yeah i know.
My fav pairings is SciTwi/Sunset, Sunset/Fluttershy and Sunset with one of the Dazzlings.

I still want Sunset to confront her mother somehow or send a mesaage thru her book telling off her mother and saying how much better her life is with out her and not having to deal with her ingoring her.
In the end leaving seemed to rpove to be the best thing ever for her.

Bet that destroy Princess Celestia and make her a sobbing mess.

8122305 I say just keep the Sirens as cameos for now. Focus on Sunset, Fluttershy and the CPA crew.

8122305 Sunset could always blackmail her girlfriend with "Pony Cuteness". :ajsmug:
Like following:

Sunset; Come on, Fluttershy! Why won't you let me do it? It's just to show and proof these self-centered and arrogant princesses that I'm not someone they can just replace, outcast and forget like I'm some unimportant runt, especially my mother. And that all only because my Cutie Mark didn't represent the Element of Magic like it was the case with the Pony version of Twilight or because this filly was suddenly so much more important than me!

Fluttershy: NO, Sunset! We left Canterlot High behind us so that you would be able to forget about your hatred for them! Besides, you said to me that this 'Element' is very important for this... I still don't believe it without actual proof... Equestria. Stealing this artifact would just strengthen them in their believes that their false and unexcuseable behaviour was somehow the right way! You are better than them!

Sunset: What is... if I could convince you with something a girl like you CAN'T resist? *grins smugly*

Fluttershy: W-What do you mean?

*one explanation about the magical portal at the statue and Ponies later*

Fluttershy's mind: C-Calm down Fluttershy! You can't fall for this adorable trap. She knows that you would love to see ponies who would really look like she said they would. It's still wrong, you have to stay strong!

Sunset: Oh, I nearly forgot. Then there are the... Pony-Foals..."

Flutershy: F-F-Foals?!

Sunset: Oh yes...

Announcement: Finish it!

*One explanation of equestrian Pony Foals later*

Fluttershy: ALL OF MY YES! :fluttershbad:

Announcement: FATALITY!

Still, I think that Sunset should somehow get her point across and don't give Princess Celestia the newly acquired satisfaction (because to the point of EQ1, Twilight was fairly new in her role as a princess) for having bestowed her "Beloved Star Student" with an ascension to an Alicorn. :pinkiecrazy: (I mean, that is practically canon anyway that Celestia always wanted from Twilight to become an Alicorn from the very beginning and planned out the Unicorn's life accordingly for her already -without even asking, just doing so, because she can- in form of "tests" every now and then. She even already wrote her own song and made a picture montage for this moment to sell Twilight how much she earned it...:ajbemused:)

I don't know, writing Celestia a message to tell her that Sunset has a loving girlfriend now, a real family and how Celestia can think as much as she want from herself that what she did was right. And bath in her "little Ponies' " adoration, but that she will never be able to forget how much she truly failed, abandoned and ignored her own daughter, her own flesh and blood and replaced her with some random filly. No matter the reason why she did it. Just to not give the princess the satisfaction for giving Equestria a "new princess" (*cough* You abandoned your own daughter, you ***** *cough* *cough*)

It would be even greater when Princess Luna would learn from Sunset's existence and her connection to her sister. (No matter which story, this or the other version)


good chapter i knew they would bump into scitwi right off the bat

also adagio uh oh that wont end well

good chapter thoe cant wait for more

So, I noticed you mentioned Adagio and her sisters in the last chapter. How will Sunset react to the sirens and their magic?

Sunset can't hold back forever. The day shall come when Fluttershy's curves break her -until now- iron will. :trollestia:

Good work , realy enjoying this story

Small error on the last line

“Always,” Fluttershy said with conviction, ready to do anything she could for her her love and her new friend

Double "her"

Alright guys, how do you think Equestria will ruin Sunset's plans for Crystal Prep?

This is getting good

Okay. Is this after Canterlot Blues? Or is this first, and that other fic second?

Neither it' a alternate sequel to the sun and the shy

“Please be careful, I’ve heard that Adagio was almost expelled just for standing up for one of her sisters,” Twilight said now getting a little worried.

gotta love murphy.

When's the next update?

I was wondering the same thing.

What are plans for updates? Because this story is my favorite, and I want to read more. Can you update plz , plox, and por favor.

Any chance this will continue?

“Please be careful, I’ve heard that Adagio was almost expelled just for standing up for one of her sisters,” Twilight said now getting a little worried.

Wait so the Can't-Sing-Sisters are here too? This is not gonna end well.

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