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*Taking place during and after the events of Legend of Everfree*

A month has passed since the Friendship Games. Old stigmas are finally breaking down at Crystal Prep but Sunny Flare isn't convinced that these current events are natural. Naturally, she decides to investigate herself.
But upon certain discoveries that she and eventually the rest of her friends uproot, they realize they may have bit off more than they could chew. However, they do happen to know two people who they consider "magical experts".

Edit: I know this is late but I can't believe this story actually got featured. Thank you very much!

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Nice. The Shadowbolts should've had more character in Friendship Games.


Im liking it so far! Keep it up! Do they crash the Camp, or what?

Well, this could be a fun one.

Oh, this is getting even more promising. But that poor manticore...


Poor manticore nothing! The real ones are terrifying! :raritydespair:

7862415 Still, it's a shame it got stabbed. The pepper spray alone might've been enough to discourage it.

Well, pepper spray alone is enough to discourage a bear, anyway.

Still looking good.

Well, we know a certain pair will get involved at some point.

Girls... it is better you call the Rainbooms, because like it or not, you will need them! :rainbowlaugh:

Excellent work.

Lemon, honey, can we please step away from the subject of sex and try to focus on the fact that there is magic and aliens running around?


"Indigo, I think that you've been hanging out with those three walking disaster generators from Canterlot Middle School too often."

Sour Sweet is really going to have to get over it Having a grudge against an alpha-level telekinetic with poor control is likely to make any attempts at revenge short-lived and intensely painful for the perpetrator.

I think that we've found members eight through eleven of the Guardians of Harmony.

What's the bet that Sunny's power is an 'anomaly detector' sense? It sounds useless (much like Sunset's telepathy) until you think just how useful it is in real terms when trying to solve mysteries.


Twilight Sparkle - Telekinesis
Applejack - Super Strength
Rarity - Energy constructs
Pinkie Pie - Crystalline Carbohydrate Explosive Ignition
Fluttershy - Zooempathy
Rainbow Dash - Super Speed
Sunset Shimmer - Telepathy and Magical Field Detection
Lemon Zest - Super Strength
Indigo Zap - Super Speed
Sour Sweet - Telekinesis
Sugarcoat - Hypersenses

I'm thinking that Cadence should call in an old tutor of hers, one Professor Cueball Mind and his long-time collaborator, Horseshoe Magnet. The two of them have a lot of experience teaching young people with... gifts.


I just realized...

Sunset Shimmer

Sunny Flare



A vampire-like girl that was apparently killing off apple crops near Appleloosa.


7865253 Indigo zap can momentarily stop time.

Are you sure about that? It read to me a lot like the Flash's perspective when he starts to seriously speed up.


Thank you for the nightmare fuel I really appreciate it. :twilightangry2:


Im confused lol, as this thing started out as what I thought were Shadowbolts learning friendship lessons, then it was actually a story of them gaining superpowers, to Shin Megami Tensei.

Im enjoying this tho. Thanks for the chapter!

If anything, im a bit confused that some of the girls had similar powers with the M7, but some if them also had it differently. I would prefer if they had something different all together, OR just give them the same one and then swap it around. I initially thought it was the case, with Lemon (Pinkie analogue) having AJ powers, and Sour (Fluttershy analogue) having SciTwi's. Well, its your story so im just saying that, i hope this doesnt come off as dictating or anything because its not


If they were demons, I'd believe the SMT part but that's the thing about Equestria, there's a lot of mythological creatures. And they're scary! :pinkiegasp: As for Twilight, did they even confirm it as just telekinesis? Cause she only did it a few times.

I was trying to do different powers but I couldn't come up with anything and once I realized I was mirroring the Main 7 I just went with it.

And for the record, they are learning friendship lessons, I just haven't specifically said what. I could go on and on but then I'll end up spoiling the story. :twilightsheepish:

Okay, if we accept Sunny's theory, the question immediately switches to who is responsible. The Spider-thing was clearly a Summoned creature given the disintegration into smoke. It's either a Remnantian Creature of Grimm or some work of Umbra magic from Equestria (the latter being most likely). So, that means we're talking about either something that Sombra left hanging around in the Crystal Empire that either someone has reactivated or the work of another Umbra Pony altogether.

Well dang. I'm looking forward to finding out how they got magic.

Seriously, we've got the Element of Magic to explain the Rainbooms, but what's the explanation for them?


First of all, I see you watch RWBY. You're awesome!

Second, what the hell is an Umbra Pony? :rainbowhuh:


Second, what the hell is an Umbra Pony?

They're a mostly-vanished pony race who wield Dark Magic by default; they're more commonly referred to as 'shadow ponies'. King Sombra was one of them (as well as the only one we've seen so far in canon). The race's name was established last year in the first issue of the special comic book series FIENDship is Magic.


Ohh THAT'S what they're called! They're actually a main part of my other story And Ever We Fight On so...thanks! :twilightsmile:

“So…anyone willing to help me clean up?”

Sorry, kiddo, you're on your own


Like a good neighbor State Farm is there!

7871220 Or, y'know, Geico or Farmers Insurance


"Fantastic Beasts, January 14,2017. Took out the whole fence and we covered it. At Farmer's, we know a thing or two cause we've seen a thing or two."

Suddenly Lemon appeared out of nowhere, having jumped off the ground. “Hoo-yah!” Her foot connected with the beast’s skull and the rest of the girls could’ve sworn they heard bone break.

Sorry, but this really bugs me. A giant arachnid, ignoring the obvious Square Cube Law problem... because fantasy and magic, does not have bones in the sense that we do. They are exoskeletal, having a shell or carapace. Their bodies are segmented and made of chitin. The body itself is divided into to two segments, the cephalothorax (head and thorax) and opisthosoma (abdomen).

So using the term bone or skull is not correct, but something like 'Her foot connected with the beast's head and the rest of the girls could've sworn they heard chitin crack.' It's not great as head is not really right either, but cephalothorax is a bit wordy. Perhaps a thesaurus can help, or someone more versed in writing about battling giant arachnids?


...I didn't think about that. :facehoof:

I'll uh change that! :twilightblush:

Nice Twilight made peace with her former classmates.

I wish Sunset did go back to see Princess Celestia

What's up with the green text?

It's good that Twilight's not holding a grudge, and that the Shadowbolts can acknowledge that they screwed up. Now the healing (and science) can begin!

7881238 Ah. Not really used to seeing them midstory like that.

Well, this could end up being very bad indeed. Here's hoping they can discover something useful, though.

Given that Crystal Prep is the otherworldly analogue of the Crystal Empire, I'm betting that they had their own Sombra, who did something pretty stupid and that there's some dark magical artefact in a Hidden Villain Lair (tm) under the school. It might explain why everyone who goes to Crystal Prep has so many negative personality characteristics because we know that dark magic both requires and encourages negative emotions.

I wonder what else might be down there, though. The Rainbooms have already encountered a proto-Tree of Harmony at Camp Everfree. Might there be some analogue of the Crystal Heart growing down there?

Twilight is correct to draw connections to the events at Camp Everfree. It can't be coincidental that the Shadowbolt girls' powers started to manifest strongly at school and seem to be weak elsewhere.

Something else Sci-Twi and Sunset are keeping private.

The location of the school kinda reminds me of the crystal empire:trixieshiftright:

Also nice reference to the deleted scene of 'Friendship Games':twilightsmile:


Eh, after seeing it it should've been included. :unsuresweetie:

Hot dang, that was intense. Here's hoping the unplanned distraction was enough, though.

Quick a distraction!!!!

Suggested thing for Sugarcoat to say: "The simplest explanation is that we're superheroes and only just found out about it in the last few days. It's also somewhat misleading and not entirely true. No, we aren't willing to answer your questions in more detail as this is a non-school related matter and you can be quite sure that our parents' lawyers will become involved if you wish to push this. Now, we have classes to go to! Bye!"

Ursa Minors are simple beasts; frankly, I feel bad about the thought of hurting one when all they really ever want is something sweet to eat and to be led back to their mothers.


Damn son you could write Sugarcoat's lines for me. :rainbowlaugh:

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