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New Story · 8:34pm Nov 11th, 2017

So I've got alot of new storys that I'm writing except I keep losing motivation for all of them and they are just sitting there waiting to be finished (excluding Shadow in the Dark I'm still working on that rn).
My question to ya'll is what kind of story would you be more intrested in from the list below:

-The Phantom Sunset: Sunset fuses with the Phantom ruby from Sonic Forces when fighting Gaea Everfree and basically becomes infinite. Ship (maybe): Sunlight

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Coolio! Lemme know what you think of them. The lead singer, Lauren Babic, is also in a band called CrazyEightyEight and she also does covers on her personal YouTube channel that are really solid imo

I haven’t, no, but I’m always down to listen to new bands so I’m 100% give them a listen!

Out of curiosity: you wouldn't happen to know of the band "Red Handed Denial," would you? I figure it might be a metal band you could see your "At First Glance" Sunset jamming, though that may be because it has a female singer :P

Haha its all good right now I am maining my OC created character, Zoro, Luffy, Deku & alternating between different members of the strawhats and such. But omfg Deku is so great in this game!

Ooooh here we go; you've got him weebing out.

Last I recall you said my weebing was quote 'adorable as fuck'

Shut up!

Aye, no problem! And I would never! I’m tempted to get it but I think I’m saving myself for The Division 2. Although if I ever got it I would totally main Dio for his stand and Naruto cause he’s ma boi!

  • Viewing 25 - 29 of 29
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