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Onyx Archer

A lazy turd of a writer that likes making Celestia's two pupils kiss a lot in their writing. Current Project: Retrograde

About Me

I'm a 23 Year Old Writer Person from Canada that likes way too many things to list, including cartoon horses, and horse humans. I tend to not write much because I'm a lazy turd, but when I do, I usually hate how it turned out. Still, I try to write often, and if I like something enough (or a betareader likes something enough), I'll post it.

I'm a bit of a nightowl, so if you wanna chat, I can be reached in the evening, and early, early morning. Specifically, in the Eastern Standard Time Zone.

Ships I Like:
SunLight (Sunset Shimmer x Princess Twilight Sparkle)
StarDancer/MoonLight (Starlight Glimmer x Moondancer)
ShimmerGlimmer (Sunset Shimmer x Starlight Glimmer)
TwiMoon (Twilight Spakle x Moondancer)
SunDancer (Sunset x Moondancer)
RainbowZap (Rainbow Dash x Indigo Zap)
SourShy (Sour Sweet x Fluttershy)
LemonPie (Lemon Zest x Pinkie Pie)
RareFlare (Rarity x Sunny Flare)
SugarApples (Sugarcoat x Applejack)

I've been a fan of the series (though I refuse to call myself a brony, fight me), since around Season 3, though I'm admittedly moreof a fan of Equestria Girls than most people in my position. I am a defender of the first film, and have an extreme dislike for the third one. My favorite horse is Sunset Shimmer, though I'm also arguably one of the bigger Moondancer fans you'll find (despite not really featuring her in my work... oops). I'm also a big fan of Starlight Glimmer and will fite u if u talk shit about her mate and, obviously, the OG Nerdicorn, Twilight Sparkle.

Latest Stories


Talking About Retrograde titles · 5:25pm January 30th

Hey everyone,

This is a blog post I've considered waiting to go over the naming choices for things in Retrograde. Well, the chapters I named anyway. It should also be noted that I named the fic, and the name is what ultimately spawned what it was about, so how about that?

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And thank you for the watch, now!

No problem, friend. I technically read them before, but didn't favorite them at the time. You're great at writing SunLight, so I'll probably favorite any of the ship you write. :twilightsmile:

And thank you once again for the faves on Morning Light and Just For Popularity!

No, thank you for writing cute SunLight fics :twilightsmile:

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