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Onyx Archer

A lazy turd of a writer that likes making stories where Sunset likes to listen to Punk Rock. Current Projects: Minerva's Den (working title), Retrograde

About Me

I'm a 25 Year Old Writer Person from Canada that likes way too many things to list, including cartoon horses, and horse humans. I tend to not write much because I'm a lazy turd with ADHD, but when I do, I usually hate how it turned out. Still, I try to write often, and if I like something enough (or a beta-reader likes something enough), I'll post it.

I'm a bit of a night-owl, so if you wanna chat, I can be reached in the evening, and early, early morning. Specifically, in the Eastern Standard Time Zone.

I'm a person that likes non-straight ships in this fandom. This is mostly because I find basically all of the Male characters to be, quite frankly, underwhelming at best, and painfully forgettable at worst. If you don't like shipping, while going forward (as of Jan. 2020) I'll be looking to write things that may not include shipping, I'd still approach any future work with caution, as I do like writing ship-fics, or implications of shipping.

Oh, and my OTP is SunDagio, though I've got a laundry list of ships I like.

I've been a fan of the series since season three, though I'm more interested in the Equestria Girls setting. My current ranking for the EqG series is as follows:
1. Rainbow Rocks
2. Forgotten Friendship
3. Sunset's Backstage Pass
4. Legends of Everfree
5. Mirror Magic
6. Movie Magic
7. Equestria Girls
8. Dance Magic
9. Rollercoaster of Friendship
10. Spring Breakdown
11. Friendship Games

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An Overdue Post-Mortem on Retrograde From the Other Writer · 8:33pm Sep 9th, 2021

Hey all, it's been a while.

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And thank you for the watch, now!

No problem, friend. I technically read them before, but didn't favorite them at the time. You're great at writing SunLight, so I'll probably favorite any of the ship you write. :twilightsmile:

And thank you once again for the faves on Morning Light and Just For Popularity!

No, thank you for writing cute SunLight fics :twilightsmile:

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