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Tracking stories · 3:41am Jan 5th, 2017

Ok so when I go to my library it says i have an unread chapter of a story, but when I click it there isn't a new chapter of any story. So what's the cause of this?

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2230727 thanks for the follow. I really like the story so far.

Hi! Thanks for faving my Doctor Whooves/Golden Oak Library story "Tree And Relative Dimension In Space: T.A.R.D.I.S." *hugs* Wait till you see what Twilight and the Doctor have to deal with, hehehe...

Also, I noticed you could use a follower, so BAM! There you go! I'm following now :D

2154986 Ohh sounds interesting. I will go and read that sometime soon.

2154981 Oh! I have 'Inner Demons' a story that focus on Octascratch, if you wanna read in the meantime :raritywink:

2154913 I will. I really like that ship and tavi and scratch then doctor and derpy

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