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Group dedicated to those fans who believe that there were villains who could have done to go more or less reformed. :derpytongue2:

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403566 I still count this as an old group. It has history that cannot be erased. It's not like one of the sweet and innocent new groups that are yet to be violated. No matter how it reforms, it will forever stay old.

396787 I guess this is a new perspective, and a brand new group.

Some of them has been canonically reformed, while others have yet to face that day.

Some of the characters on the list was never played as Villains.

On the late note, where is the villain of Friendship Games?

Are we in the business of personally reforming Villains, or are we merely going for the once already reformed, like Discord and Luna?
Fresh out of the idea forge, a brand-new group has arrived, earning a listing in New Groups. Congratulations!

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