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I barely see applejack ships so mite as well make a group full of it :)

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Appledash, Rarijack and Appleshy folders in one group ... mother of Celestia :pinkiegasp:

dose anyone have a pic of Applejack hugging a blue eyed wolf. Your right why is there no Applejack shipping oc ponys

Why is there no Applejack X Pinkie Pie folder?

Anyway just joined :)

Why is there no Applejack x OC folder? :ajsleepy:

Just joined and I added my AppleShy story. Hope you don't mind. :twilightsheepish:

Hopefully no one minds some straight shipping...:twilightblush:

Feel Free to add any Applejack shipping on the group :twilightsmile:

This group is just to make it easier to read shipfics related to it :scootangel:

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