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So all them Aj lovers out there! A group to OBSESS about AppleJack (:
Please add Aj storys, pairing, anything with her!

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Totally agree with you and the last 3 posters...Applejack's consistently underrated!

Just added my own story, 'Apple Family Last Stand', which I hope y'all like, it's my attempt to write Applejack in the first person. :ajsmug:

- Sparks

302265 I just added my story to the group. It is called Apples Don't Fall Far From The Tree, and nobody who reads it will ever be able to call A.J. a background pony again.

Heck no, she ain't "background." She's basically Twilight's second-in-command. She's the only one of them with enough consistent common strength, steadiness and determination to fill those horseshoes. Indeed, she's probably the least likely of the Mane Six to freak or funk out in any form.

applejack is boss awesome and also more athletic than rainbow

Woohoo! Go Applejack!!!

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