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Secondhand Brony

Just some author That lives in Chicago, Ilinois. With a simple dream to become one of the most elite authors on this site, but for now, I must work my way up.


I cri. · 9:54am Jul 30th, 2015

It's been such a long time. I keep losing my passion as an author.... Damnnation...

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Hand Aching Time Spent On Google Docs


First Name: Sherrick(You can call me Jolly though...)
Best Friend(s): Solar Washell, Ashlyn Nowicki, Alex, Alex D., Ben, Lou, Suzie, Roby, Yumi.
Solar: He's Awesome, funny, isolated at times, emotionally disturbed, He goes through hard times so don't mess with him...
Favorite Pony: Applejack
Top 5 ponies: Applejack, Fluttershy, Sweetie Belle, Luna, & Rarity
Sanity: I have NO idea of what this means, there is no "sanity" for me, for it is a disease
Favorite President: John F. Kennedy
Nationalities: African-American, British, Jamaican, Polish...
Skin Color: I'm Like a Mocha Chocolate (XD)
Status: Taken.
Music: Rap, Electronic, Rock, R&B/Soul
OC: Jolly Racer(Soon I will explain)
Date of Birth: April 12th, 1997
Country: United States of America
State & City: Chicago, Illinois
What I usually wear: Jeans, Plaid Shirt, Jordans...
What do I think about my career in FIMFiction: I think I have various unique ideas; too much if you ask me, I am really impatient. But thus far I love my writing style, I think I'll go up in the food chain soon... I just need that story, you know that 1,000 view story...
Pets: Dog, My Fish Died...
Dog's Name: Jameson "Cookie" McAuliffe(Yes he does have a full name)
Fish's Name: Nemo
Personality: Emotionally Disturbed, Sensitive, Kind, Happy(Sometimes)
How did I come across MLP: Solar introduced it to me; and when I encountered Applejack; I loved her, and it hasn't changed
Favorite Line(Sweetie Belle): "Why does life have to be so ironic?"
Favorite Comedian: Jimmy Kimmel
Favorite Country(Other Than U.S.A): United Kingdom or Canada

The Crew...

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What an adorable author and equally likeable stories.

Such a shame that it's a dead account. They seemed really optimistic.


1565171 Your welcome :)

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