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Secondhand Brony

Just some author that lives in Chicago with a simple dream to become one of the most elite authors on this site, but for now, I must work my way up.


It's Been a Long Time · 10:08am Sep 13th, 2020

So, I created this account when I was 12 or 13, which is the same age I was when I published some of my incomplete stories, I'm 18 and in college now. One night (which is tonight) I just started to read some old drafts I had in Google Drive and I was reminded of this place and I just have to say, despite me cringing at my older stories, it did feel good to read them.

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I'm still relatively young, so I don't mind stayin' with this site for a few years. My goal is to never leave without saying anything. If anything is to come up, I want my followers and readers to know what's going on, instead of being left in the dark and abandoned, basically.

A lot of the great stories I've read with my time on this website all came from authors that aren't online anymore. I would read a great story, such as my favourite, Hurricane, and I would want to read more because they are beautifully written. So, I'd go to the user page and notice that they've been offline for a few years.

It sucks, but I have found a few stories that the authors are still around and still acknowledge their old stories. A good example would be the story The Broken and the Damned.

And I love what I write. I get home from school, sit down with my laptop, and type away. There's been some times where I'd find it hard to write anything, and times when I can write a whole bunch in a day.

Alright, that's all. :twilightsmile: Thanks.

Hey, I appreciate the comment. I wish the Old Guard would stick to the site, but people come and go real quick nowadays; it was practically inevitable that we'd lose a few to the end of the show. But, I'm still here, kicking up dust almost 8 years later, and same goes for a lot of other folks who've been around for longer. It might seem rough looking back on these old friends we made along the way, but people like Second contributed to the fiction scene in some way, and that's more than you could ask for from anyone writing for the sheer enjoyment of creation.

At the end of the day, we can't rely on the oldies for everything. It's up to fresh blood like you to keep our little slice of the fandom going. You seem like a genuine author, and we need need a lot more of you more than ever. 'Welcome' to the site, and I hope you spend and enjoy another year, or hopefully, a few more with us.

Good luck with your stories, and remember to have fun with the work you do.

I read their profile description, and it says that they wanted to become one of the elite authors on this website, but the sad part is that they never really made it too far. Even today it's still a dead account.

I have no idea why I'm telling you all this, probably just tired. Anyway, I hope I never leave like some authors do on this website. I know that people move on and all that, but... I don't want to leave everyone.
(I hope I'm not a bother. :twilightsheepish:)


What an adorable author and equally likeable stories.

Such a shame that it's a dead account. They seemed really optimistic.


1565171 Your welcome :)

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