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A general group for stories of any nature that involve the great Rainbow Dash. If there are any that you believe would make a great addition to this group then please leave their title and author in the comment box. I will then check them over and most likely add them on.

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My shipping Is coming soon.

EDIT: It's here, and it's in original characters...
Here it is:
Samneo - The Water Dragon

Comment posted by AnimeKid22 deleted Jul 5th, 2014

Might i be allowed to share my story: Head in the Clouds, with this group?:rainbowkiss:


Sorry for the shameless sharing, but what about my story A Shy Rainbow?


319549 - That song is all kinds of awesome! :rainbowdetermined2:

Needs a Twilight folder. >_>

Love that song!

319546 oh ok
I shall leave with this


I'm serious that I would like for you to add stories to the group. It doesn't have to be right now, just over time.

319537 your joking right? I'll doit tomorrow if your serious, I'm kinda tired right now

Good, now you're an Admin. I'll expect another 150 stories added to the group from your own personal store of stories.

Oh, still only me with that actually. I'll make you an admin instead. You're loyal and true.

319529 Yay? So that means only me and you can add stories?

You dumbass...I'm making you a contributor!:facehoof:

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