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Once Fluttershy realizes her cutie mark has to do with animals, she wishes to move to Ponyville. However with things stopping her, she starts to lose hope, happiness being sapped from her life. However, Rainbow Dash decides otherwise and does everything in her power to make her smile again.

Story takes place two months after Rainbow's first sonic rainboom in Cloudsdale, back when they were fillies.

(One-shot, but I am continuing due to demand)(has some adult situations, but didn't know if it deserved the sex tag since it wasn't detailed.)

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 40 )

I like this. I like this very much.


I'm glad, I was starting to worry cause no one was even viewing it, but it picked up after awhile :rainbowwild:

I like this, I really do but confused as to the timeline. When was Rainbow Dash telling the CMC about her story? I think this might need an AU tag I could be wrong still I love me a good FlutterDash and this is a good FlutterDash :yay::heart::rainbowwild:

Very sweet. Flutterdash is awesome.

3135775 Same here, I wasn't sure about the AU tag either.

I like it no I love it please make some more

D'awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :twilightsmile:

Continue... MOAR!!!!!

I'm confused. Her parents said that she couldn't move to Ponyville, yet she still was moving to Ponyville. The rape thing along with the usage of slut and tramp seemed to come out of left field. What could she have done to be considered one? I mean FF makes sense because of gay bashing, but I don't see a connection with those other words. Otherwise it was a cute and happy story. (The SweetieXScoot thing seems thrown in there, but it's your story.)

Listen to me. Make more.

Forget what everypony else says, just keep writing, I promise you'll be happy.: )

I'm interested in how you would continue this.

I like filly Fluttershy stories, FlutterDash and ScootaBelle... :heart:
Sir you are awesome :moustache:

3136366 - 3136606 - 3137601 - 3137768 Well it seems like everypony really enjoys this, so I'll continue it :D just gotta think of a direction to go with it because I hadn't thought that far ahead. It at first was just a short idea I thought was sweet.

3137396 Well the thing with that is that they are young, and children often don't think of what they are saying before they spew out insults. They are young and in essence thinking that anything lovey dovey is nasty, which Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash gets teased for. I'll admit, I probably could've came up with better insults than that though.

As for the moving to Ponyville, her parents said they weren't moving to Ponyville, but Fluttershy found a way to move there on her own without her parents. I just hadn't explored the reason, and it was such one-shot so I didn't bother exploring it. Though, since I'm continuing due to demand, I'll be sure to explore the reason and have a more solid background.

The SweetieScoots part was kind of added on, I had written the filly part, but wasn't satisfied with how it ended. So I added the last part to make it seem like the CMC had asked Dash why she had moved to Ponyville with Fluttershy.

Sooooooooooooooooo cute :yay: I'm glad you'll be continuing this.

Fucking dawwww. Gets me every time:yay::heart::rainbowkiss:

I like arriving late to the party. Now I don't need to nag you for a continuation. :P

love flutterdash very cute kinda creepy how RD almost got raped but other than that awsome and do I realy need to say it I will any way DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWW

is sweetie bell joking:trollestia: or not:rainbowderp:

P.S~~Aperantlythisissaline~~ LOL :rainbowlaugh:


That was the best story I have read so far and it was so cute with scootaloo and sweety bell :scootangel::heart:

I see him glance down between my hind legs

I don't think Dash was THAT far OoC, they all have Hidden Depths, like with Fluttershy in "Suited For Success"

3174362 I'm glad you think so too. Not to mention, friends will go a long way out of their comfort zone for ponies they care about.

I like longer chapters, so this was perfectly fine. I've never contemplated CMC shipping much at all, so I'll go along with ScootaBelle.


3175713 Have you ever noticed that all there is for CMC shipping is ScootaBelle?

Are you still going to finish this? :pinkiesad2::fluttercry::raritydespair::applecry:

4441491 sooner or later, yeah. It was actually supposed to be complete after the first chapter, but everyone liked it so I continued. Then I got swamped with so many other projects that I had to put it on hiatus.


And how are those projects coming along? Are we gonna see an update soon, or is it looking like we're gonna have to just call this Complete after all?

4442111 ^^ I'll just set it to complete until I start work on it again.


No, if you're planning to work on it again, then the Hiatus tag is justified. I'd have said to mark it Complete if you couldn't or wouldn't take it any further.

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