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Fluttershy hasn't been herself lately and Rainbow Dash is overwhelmed with stress. The two decide that a vacation might be the best way for them to clear their minds. Over time they discover the source of their problems, and more importantly, each other. Alongside them are their trusty animal companions- Angel; the arrogant jerk with a heart of gold and Tank; a zen-like tortoise.
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Angel being nice to Fluttershy? I'm interested. I like that Angel thinks of Fluttershy as his mom. It's cute.

Gonna watch and see what happens.

Less than perfect but better than a lot! Not a bad story. Liked watching and faved.

I've always kinda thought of Angel as a jerk with a heart of gold. He's WAY too spoiled, and certainly demanding, but his heart is in the right place. I've always thought his mother's kindness has influenced him, even if he does not know it himself. Thanks for the thumbs up and fav! Really means a lot, especially considering this is my first try.
Thank you! It's great having support! Gives me drive to write some more. :yay:

This is an awesome start. Its great to see the world from the animals perspective (there are so few stories that do it) and you pulled it off well. I like the look of where this story is going.

:yay::heart::rainbowkiss: are best.

I like where you are going with this. Keep it up. Its sweet and simple. I'm looking foward to the two pegsui trip :pinkiehappy:

:yay::heart::rainbowkiss: forever!

Thank you for your support! This might actually go somewhere, haha. I'll keep up on the updates, and yes I agree...
:yay::heart::rainbowkiss: best pair ever!

Thank you everyone for your support! I would go around and thank all of you but I don't have enough time at the moment. Usually any free time I have is spent writing :twilightsheepish:
Chapter 3 has about 500 words. It's going, and expect it tomorrow.
Thanks again!
Peace :moustache:

Chapter 3 is up! It's went pretty well. Please offer criticisms/suggestions! It will help me quite a bit
Thanks for all of your support! I'm surprised so many people are following this! :rainbowkiss:
I'll keep working on it. Expect short chapters such as the ones before. I won't be able to update soon, just like Fluttershy, I gotta take care of my pets. :yay:
Peace out guys,

"I'm always right; you haven't been around me long enough to figure that out. I bet you another salad that they're a couple within a week.
You're on." - The pets banter is totaly awsome! I love the bet. :pinkiehappy: Man, its not so sbutle, RD and Fluttershy, and its awsome. You wrote it in nicely.

This looks like its going to be a very good story. Keep it up!
:yay::heart::rainbowkiss: FTW!

Oh goodness, I loved Tank and Angel's interactions! XD :rainbowlaugh: They're so silly and I love the way they play off each other. This is going to be awesome. X3 Okay, so Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash finally are getting a break, and are off to the north for relaxation! Cool! I like the sound of this already. :yay:

I will keep going! This has been fun for me and I love where it's going! Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! :pinkiesmile: It's awesome enough expressing my creativity; it only gets better when I know people enjoy it :yay:
Thanks for commenting! Really appreciate it! I have read most of your stories; they are all great! Glad you like mine! Tank and Angel are a fun pair to write, and Flutterdash is obliviously very fun to write. Having elements of the story being told from Tank and Angel's point of view really add variety to the story. I'll brainstorm some ideas here and there.
Perfect on Paper is going really well too! Keep up the good work.

I'll start the next chapter after work tonight. It sucks I can't draw! I would love the cover image to be Rainbow rowing a boat with Fluttershy watching. (And maybe Angel and Tank spying somewhere :twilightblush:)

896724 Oh!! :twilightblush: Well thank you! :twilightsmile:

Aww, that would be a fun image! I don't blame you there! X3 Awesome then, I look forward to where it all goes! I must say you've inspired me, I so want to write something where Tank and Angel interact! That would be awesome. XD And they soon will have two mommies!


:pinkiehappy: Oh, I cracked up during Tank and Angel's interactions! I hope you keep them up in this story because they are HILARIOUS! :rainbowlaugh: Love 'em!

Awwww....Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy's own interactions here are sweet! They seem so happy and comfortable with each other, which is a great start and really comes to showcase their friendship! :twilightsmile: Awww!

I can't wait until they get there! :raritystarry: I am a sucker for locations like that, by the lake and all the trees and awesomeness...it's beautiful! I can't wait! :pinkiehappy:

I didn't mind the break in the fourth wall. I definantly like where its going. The mix of pets world and Ponies world makes for such an adorable adventure. Keep it up!

The pets might not have been funny but it was nice taking a backseat and letting the couple start to get romantic. I think part of the reason why they might not come accross as funny is because Angel is sleeping for so much of the time. But I like how you had him snore like that.
RD and Fluttershy are well written though and I like thier interactions with each other and the few other ponies in the scene.
The stallion thinks they are a couple... :pinkiegasp: suprise, suprise. Well... maby not. Still cool. When he sees them next he might think they were fibbing to him :pinkiehappy:
Mr buzzkill... good tank.

Keep up the good work.
:yay::heart::rainbowkiss: FTW!

XD Mr. Buzzkill! Oh, Angel. :pinkiehappy: Gosh I will never get tired of their interactions in this story! They are so funny. :twilightsmile::rainbowlaugh:

And we're finally here! Yay! It already sounds beautiful as I picture it in my head! :rainbowkiss: I love it already! Oh, they are going to love it, I just know it! I'm so excited to see what they're going to be doing!

886808 Why the hay do i find you in every FlutterDash fic? :trixieshiftright:

I loved the bet between the pets. :rainbowkiss:

"I'm doing study on domestication, and you're house is perfect!"
"I am doing study on domestication, and you are house is perfect!"
What? :facehoof:
I love the story, though.

YOU SAID FOOT :flutterrage::pinkiegasp::rainbowhuh::trixieshiftleft::twilightangry2: ITS HOOF

904594 I think im unconsciously reading every single fanfic you write or read.

904308 ^^^ Exactly what I said to Nintendo

I love how the driver thinks that they were a couple!

Didn't manage to finish the 6th chapter. I am really close, however. I have a ton of stuff to do this weekend, expect it sunday.

Thanks everyone! :yay:

:rainbowlaugh: Oh, you cracked me up at Angel going "Oh come on!" a la Sweetie Belle! :pinkiehappy: Totally awesome. Once again, Tank and Angel's interactions are just comedy gold. :rainbowkiss:

Awww, Dashie can't swim? :fluttershysad: Well, good thing she had Fluttershy there to teach her a bit! Oh, you'll get the hang of it, Rainbow! :twilightsmile: You just need more practice!

Awww, this is getting nice! I like reading about their fun little vacation. :pinkiehappy:

:pinkiehappy: Awww! A little homage to my homeland! I approve. :raritywink:

XD Angel, you silly head. It's funny how they have a bit of a snarker and reasoning type going on! They never fail to make me laugh. :pinkiehappy:

How sweet, Rainbow Dash is opening up more to Fluttershy! :twilightsmile: Admiring her talent and her sweetness, it just shows how much she appreciates her best friend for who she is. Hee hee...I wonder if they'll be carving a heart soon? :rainbowlaugh:

Very cute! :yay::heart::rainbowkiss:

Haha, I love Canada! I'm from Minnesota (If the whole Foaluth/Duluth thing didn't give it away), so I guess my homeland is sorta similar to South Canada. Still, it's beautiful country. The islands were my favorite :raritystarry:

Yes, they will most likely carve a heart soon, haha :rainbowkiss::heart::yay: But I will have more build up. And I plan on really focusing on the roots of their problems. It will most likely be sad. But touching at the same time.

I want a emoticon for Tank and Angel. That would make this comment 20% cooler

915761 Aww, cool! :pinkiehappy:

I look forward to it, even if it may be sad, but at least they'll be able to face it together. As well as that, to recoup in a nice place. :twilightsmile:

Emoticons of Angel and Tank would be pretty awesome. X3

I just recently went to Canada. What a funny coincidence. Oh, and I like the story so far. Keep up the good work. :pinkiehappy:

' "Oh come on!" Angel screamed. Tank nearly died of laughter.' - This totaly cracked me up too! :rainbowlaugh: good Sweetie Belle refrence. You used just enough of the pets intereactions to add huge comedic effect. Thier vacation is going awesome. I can't wait to see you continue this. I don't mind the sad tag coming in. As long as the two of them are together its ok. :rainbowkiss::heart::yay:

Best chapter yet. I hope they will soon be carving out a heart on that tree:scootangel:

Thier interactions are just georgeous. RD getting trasnfixed by Shys singing = :yay:
You painted such a beutiful scene there. Keep up the wonderful work. I have my suspisions on where this story is going to go. I hope I'm wrong, so for now I'll keep them to myself. I'm hoping for some even better Flutterdash scenes soon too :pinkiehappy:

:rainbowkiss::heart::yay: Forever.

That's cool! Thanks for the read and hope you had a good trip.
Thanks for your compliments! It really means a lot. Glad you enjoy them so much. It's been a blast writing this; it's even better that others can enjoy them as well. We'll see if your suspicions will be correct :ajsmug: Give it time.

this is really good and all, but for some reason calling it 'pop' just makes me mad i have no idea why.

Yeah, I've always called it pop. Everyone around here does.

:rainbowlaugh: So now Angel and Tank are watching some comedy gold. Hilarious. :pinkiehappy:

Awwww, Rainbow loves Fluttershy! Yay! :twilightsmile: How sweet. She knows it, she even accepts it, because I guess she knows too well that she can't escape from it or deny it. It's really great when their friendship is showcased and how much they mean to each other. :yay: That's wonderful!

I look forward to how they confront and deal with their issues. :pinkiehappy: This is going to be great!

I loved the scene with thier pets wathing movies. Its showing that this time away is even helping Angel bunny and tank to become better friends. :pinkiehappy:

Rainbow Dash's acceptance of her feelings is wonderful and Fluttershy seems like she will be ok with it. They are both being really sweet to each other. The next day's dinner = romantic shared dinner :yay::heart::rainbowkiss:

That song... I cut a wedding highlight to that no too long ago. What a suitible song for two ponies in love... You unwittingly made thoughts of these two getting married on a beautiful beach, surrounded by a small group of friends come to mind (just like the couple who I edited thier wedding highlight for). Hugs and cuddles anypony? :scootangel:

I'm soooo looking foward to the next scene. Cant wait.

very cute. but i dont think the pets hugging each other is really in character unless angel is secretly gay. is this where your going tankxangel?

Thanks! Just the reaction I was looking out of for "Fans" of this story! :pinkiehappy: I really liked the idea of Angel and Tank becoming friends after watching some good movies. And lot's of caffeine :pinkiecrazy: Who doesn't like a good laugh? Or dozens? The couple's interactions just kinda wrote themselves.

I'm a HUGE Rise Against fan, so obliviously,I love this version of the song. Tim donated the money he made playing to an animal shelter after. How great is that? :scootangel: I'm not a fan of love songs at all, but this song does work for me. It's optimistic, but in a realistic way. This story has always been about looking in front of you and realizing the little things, and seeking the comfort of each other. Life isn't perfect, sometimes it can be downright cruel, but love will eventually triumph :rainbowkiss::heart::yay: That's why I believe this song works. Rainbow and Fluttershy's wedding would be amazing, but believe me, this story needs to grow!

Nah, they hugged in a bro fashion. They were under a lot of caffeine, and they were hyper-active. I want them to become friends, but normal circumstances would not allow it. They basically were a bunch of goofballs watching a bunch of funny movies. Bro-time is bounding time.

919645 Awesome. XD It all turned out nicely! :rainbowlaugh:

919645 Oh I know this story still has a way to go. Plus as a huge Flutterdash fan I still have my suspisions on where this one might go and why it has the sad tag. I look foward to seeing this one grow. :yay:

Bro-time is bounding time. - Oh yea. And it works well.

dam. nah i dont know man ive never hugged one of my bro's out of the blue like that although i did fall asleep on some older friends shoulder the first time i got drunk. Ill just pretend 'pop' has an alcohol content.

this is good but you need to break up the long sections of talking somehow and add some description with what fluttershy is doing like hiding behind her mane or whatever.

:fluttercry: Poor Fluttershy. This kind of thing would be hard on her, especially since she doesn't deserve it. Rainbow Dash just nailed it for me, love should NEVER be conditional. That's why I resent parents who expect their kids to do great things, and if they choose otherwise, they disown them and hate them.

Rainbow was so sweet though, the fact she loves Fluttershy for who she is through and through. :pinkiesad2: She doesn't care about any of that, because Fluttershy is who she is, and she appreciates that. :twilightsmile: Lovely. She was such an awesome friend here, to sit and just listen to her. :rainbowkiss:

Now I can't wait for more! :pinkiehappy:

923335 You beat me to it. All the good points spot on. :pinkiehappy:

Rainbow Dash is so D'awww.

As long as they are together and become a cute couple I really don't mind the sad tone you have introduced. I think its come in at a time when we as readers are ready for it.

Thanks NintendoGal! Glad you can't wait for more! Will start on the next chapter soon. I really like how you described Rainbow, that's how I wanted the audience to see her. :rainbowkiss:

Glad the transition was fine! :pinkiehappy: I was worried, but it seems that the readers didn't mind heavily (Or at least the ones who commented.) Success :moustache:

Like I said with Flutterdash, glad it went down well:moustache:

Will take into consideration, thanks!

I have a few more plans for this story, and a happy ending :yay::heart::rainbowkiss: But there will be more uses of the sad tag. Plus, everyone's favorite pets will be in for a few more scenes, most likely involving old video games :rainbowlaugh:

923928 Sweet. I can't wait to see Tank trying to play games vs that bunney. :rainbowlaugh:
You write the sad well, so I don't mind it. Just keep in mind the awesome song ... it might hlep with inspriation later. :pinkiehappy:

:derpytongue2: D'aww, Rainbow Dash was being very sweet. :twilightsmile: It's great that she feels she can let herself be more gentle and kind with Fluttershy, and it feels intrinsic to her character because I think Fluttershy would just bring out that side in somepony. Especially her best friend. Oh, please her love back, Fluttershy!! :pinkiehappy:

Anyway, yeah, there are some aspects as to when the length of a story WOULD matter, but it's more in regards to the context than anything. So don't worry about the shortness. :pinkiesmile:

you made a mistake with "Rainbow offered her hove to Fluttershy." the singular for hooves is hoof. Otherwise good work as usual

Awesome. Best chapter yet. There is some serious sparks in it and great emotions. Thier pets are totaly super! :pinkiehappy: That bunny's reaction to basicly winning his bet then and there was hillarious. I look foward to more from Angle bunny as victory comes closer and closer. Tank probably won't mind loosing soon either.

Nice use of leaving me hanging again. Now I can't wait for RD to come back. The dinner will be a totaly epic read. More please. :scootangel:

I hope that you will cover the rest of thier time there as well and as sweetly as you have here and I look foward to seeing the bit where the coach drvier picks them up and can tell they are now a couple.
The pets can game when the couple go out on a date. Both will be a cool read.

:twilightsmile: Awww, now this was sweet. :pinkiehappy: Rainbow Dash has made up her mind, and she's not turning back from it. That's definitely her, ready to fight for Fluttershy and win her heart. And that would work because it shows she's really serious about how she feels and also, as she herself said, so that Fluttershy doesn't have to be afraid of it. To show her that love is wonderful.

Fluttershy is coming around slowly, because at least by now she's taking Rainbow's feelings seriously, for the most part. She just really needs to take it and not run from it because of it being within the unknown territories of life.

Looking forward to what's to come! :yay:

An adorable story so far. I'm hoping that Fluttershy gives Rainbow a chance and trusts her oldest friend to take care of her.

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