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The greatest source of inspiration for the stories I write is my insane day dreams.


(This story isn't a clop fic and the Sex tag is explained in a comment. I will not be altering the plot to include a lot of sex nor is the sex tag supposed to indicate so.)

After a hard day of working, Rainbow Dash has a conversation with Tank. She complains about being a hard working pony and how she wishes she could be a pet like him. During the conversation her mind begins to fantasize the sweet life of an owned pony and acts on it.

When Fluttershy is being given total control of another pony's life she doesn't know how to properly deal with such a responsibility. She slowly learns that having a pony you know as a pet isn't all that great.

Art by: lulubellct from Deviant Art.

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3238408 Well I had someone giving me ideas on how enhance this fic and not resort to another spicy sex fic. I wonder who that fabulous person was? :trixieshiftright:

wow Rainbow Dash has Fluttershy pet i like it

3238432 Nope Fluttershy has Rainbow Dash as a pet.

3238433 i men't to say that and i do like it

3238451 Yes! and I am glad you talked me out of making yet another RomCom with sex as it's strong point. I don't know if this will end RomCom as you already know what the whole idea is.

Honestly thought of this being some sexual thing but either way still weird.

3238468 Originally going to be a darker fic with lot's of sex but I felt I wanted to go another route with it. I think you will enjoy it later if you give it a chance if not at least thanks for the read :)

This pet thing gives me an idea for your future stories.

3238551 Well I already have an overflow of ideas for future stories XD :P

first glance: first look

hm looks good lets look a tags *sees no romance or sex tag* COMMENCE READING

*after reading*


i hope fluttershy goes insane and starts thing of rainbow as one of her precious pets

So far, I've read the first (of many, I hope) chapter, and there is only one thought running through my mind...

WHY can I actually see this happening?!?:twilightblush:

I bet there will be some cute scenes, too.

Like Rainbow... I mean... "Snuggles" (hi hi hi) is sleeping in her basket like a cat... :yay: *YAY*

From me a Fav and Thumb Up.
Cant wait for more.

can't help but imagine this was orginaly an erotic fic not a innocent cute one

Well, it's defintly cute, but I fell it's kinda rushed.
I mean, it's not like becoming someone's pet is something that happens every day uh ?
:rainbowkiss: hey Shy, can I be your pet ?
:fluttershysad: are you serious ?
:rainbowwild: yeah
:yay: well okay
For some reason, it reminds me the fanfic Pattycakes

3240601 Oh you were dead on it was actually going to be a dark/sad fic and stuff but I decided the "forced into loving it" scenario was over used and I decided to take a "this is kind of funny" approach XD

3240831 It's only rushed but Shy thinks it was a joke until the next chapter does she start to see how serious she takes it.

Pattycakes was sort of an inspiration but not enough influence for me to say I wrote this fic based on that one.

A story by DM that isnt rampant with crazy cloping action?
You sir have my attention.
*Adds to read later*

hmm seems like a nice idea
a lot of "telling me whats happening"
instead of showing me and getting great laughs tho

and they def just casually went into it like a everyday thing :unsuresweetie:


Yeah well Fluttershy isn't convinced Rainbow Dash is being serious about this and when she finds out she really is that is when she realizes what it would actually mean for their friendship for that kind of dynamic.

hmmm if this does not go dark I will have to make my own dark NO CLOP pet fic

This does seem to have the potential for humor, although it's currently in the setup phase. Good luck.

3243590 Considering the "Teen" rating and the "Comedy" tag, we may conclude that this fic will go dark for comedy's sake.

3243654 i hope so i REALLY hope so

why do i like dark stuff so much??


You guys I don't want to spoil anything I will just say there might be some "dark" elements later on :trixieshiftright::trixieshiftleft:

3243982 >.> don't rush me. I will have you know this is one of my 4 ongoing fics because I forgot to stop releasing fics till I was done with some of my other stories.

I will be updating this and another one tomorrow most likely my Pinkie Pie the Royal Knight one but if unforeseen circumstances occur I can't be held accountable ( unforeseen circumstances barely occur just saying)

3244216 yay, sorry just this has so much potential

3244222 Which is why I don't intend on rushing. I don't want the pressure of releasing chapters to cause me to rush through my writing and the story in the process.

one chapter and you are already in the "fillyfoolers" groups

More of this please.

3246982 I am going to be writing a new chapter today :P so between writing, editing, revising, procrastinating I would say by dinner this chapter should be out.

New chapter is up... the site is taking forever for it to get published though DX

I like this keep on writing :yay:

3247750 I intend to keep writing this story as it is just the very beginning.

Wrote faster! I can't wait for updates! :twilightsheepish:

Lol syllables the rape train now leaving dream land station! :flutterrage:

Rarity just gave herself an idea involving her sister and Spike.

the whole premise behind this story makes me think of this:

life just happens to come at u with a bat huh
as soon as u take a break, eveypony wants a piece of ya :rainbowderp:

and pinkie ... still knows the best hiding spots

This is a good setup so far. Wow I read to much. Seriously I have read all the stories in the Twilestia is Bestia and half the stories in flutterdash. JUST WOW. Now I know how you feel Twi:twilightblush:

hmm it was a dream so i will not hold THAT against

if you must clop do it off screen

Fantastic so far. Continue good sir:rainbowkiss::heart::yay:

3253654 Oh I sure will, I just hope you all keep reading. :rainbowlaugh::heart::fluttershbad:

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