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The greatest source of inspiration for the stories I write is my insane day dreams.


Rainbow Dash has been married to Fluttershy for a while. They have gotten to know each other better and have been enjoying their life.

However, on her one day off, Rainbow Dash is coerced to spend her time with Fluttershy doing mundane things. Which brings the Rainbow Dash to wonder just why did she marry Fluttershy?

Proof Read and Edited by: SolidFire
Gift fic for: Rain Walker

Art by ~caramelpony

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 44 )

that. was. great!

you were right, I loved the ending. it was cute.

thanks a ton, man!

3100575 You are most welcome! Thanks for the request. :yay::heart::rainbowkiss:

you kinda reviled at the beginning the answer to the question at the end.
might wanna edit out the part where you say how there friendship is symbolic to better build up for the answer, you know, for better feels.
just sayin.
i was stupid and didn't notice it but others will and it might ruin the entire fic.


What part exactly? Pm me it so we don't spoil it :P

i love it and can you make a sequel to this story where Rainbow and Fluttershy have the foal and take care of it as a family and do stuff together


Quite possibly... if this gets enough views and stuff I won't mind making a sequel to it. I usually have set stories I write out and don't matter if I get views or likes but when people want sequels I have to make sure it will be for something if not for personal joy then for others to actually enjoy. So if people enjoy this story why not make a sequel? :raritywink:

Comment posted by dream1990 deleted Aug 25th, 2013

3100759 ok and sorry for deleting my comment on here and putting a new one i hope you can forgive me

3100808 It's alright I didn't get offended by you deleting a comment. It's your comment if you wish to delete it feel free :) :pinkiehappy:

I like Flutterdash and this is very sweet, but it may have come across better if you spread it into two parts: before being married, and afterwards. In one part, it seems kind of...rushed to me.

3100823 It's a one- shot gift fic.

I had set the main even as their marriage and that one scene to explain the ending and everything. I didn't make the story about them being married, they are already married in the premise of the story. As the cover suggests. I still appreciate the feedback and will put that into consideration next fic. Though usually gift fics are one shots. Unless I wish to mold it into a series. :pinkiehappy:

3100809 ok and i got a question how much many views dose it have to take for you to make the sequel for this story and if you don't want to answer that question then that is fine with me and i am not focusing you to answer that question

3100831 I honestly don't know myself. Part of my process of writing a story is for a given purpose once done the story is ended. If a sequel is requested I would need a substantial amount of evidence that suggests writing one would beneficial to me.

So unless I get some crazy idea of how to continue this on my own about 400 more views ought to do it. Mostly those views come in quick or sometimes they don't. It depends on the audience and how many people want to give it a chance.

Then again I have stories with 1k views that I won't be making a sequel to like Spitfire Seduces Soarin. That won't have a sequel at all. Not because I can't drum up one because the fic served it's purpose.
So again it's random if I can find a good plot for a sequel and make it valid and true to the original fic then I will make one sooner if not then 400 + more views and a night of no stories left in my queue to write and boom you got yourself a sequel.

3100847 ok and i hope this story for 400+ views so you can make the sequel to this story

3100859 that and my queue of stories to write has to not be as big as it is atm.

So far I am finishing a erotic comedy clop story that is primarily Rarijack. a Huge one shot gift fic.

Then I have my To be a Wonderbolt finale also being drummed up.

I also have the sequel to Twilight's Special book

and another story for the Awesome-verse. So right now,... I am pretty backed up atm.

3100890 ok and do you like my account profile picture

3100899 Sure who doesn't like Pokemon especially Pikachu's awesome patootie.

3100904 ok i love Pikachu's to and i like your account profile picture

3100924 Thanks I guess. This sorta stuff could be pm'ed if you don't mind. Especially since my profile pic has nothing to do with my story, It's a drawing my friend made for my online persona long ago.

3100925 Your welcome i guess and ok

You, sir, are amazing. The writing never ceases to amaze, and I knew from when I started reading that this would be another awesome fic. I can't say anything other than thank you. Keep on being awesome, diablo.

T4 #23 · Aug 25th, 2013 · · 1 ·

Day 3. I still haven't dug my way out of the mountain of cheese that befell me seemingly from nowhere. My supply of water is running low, my spirits fall with each passing hour.

I pray that this pile of cheese won't be the end of me.

(sorry if that seems rude. But god damn the ending was cheesy as all get out)

Great piece, the conflict is very MLP like in that it isn't as dark as some others so it fits very nicely in the Slice of Life category.
I'm getting kind of disturbed as to how all the good ones are your writing.
A sequel would be great.

3102149 That is true and I hope it wasn't the reason for the dislike because when rainbow dash gets excited she really gets excited so I was sticking to character.

what...are... these.... things... that is making my chest flutter so? it is making my heart constrict... I do not like these weird thngs... they... they almost seem like... feels! this... was amazing. plain and simple.:rainbowlaugh::yay::heart:

3107196 Glad you enjoyed it :) :yay:

ok ok ok. so i have now read a number of your fics. not all, yet. but many.
and im afraid that yes i have a problem with you.
a big one.
so, you can do funny pretty damn well. ok that i can accept.
you do cloppy pretty damn well. often with funny. my brow it furrows. is this a personal issue im having...mabey.
and now...NOW i come to find you can do sweet cuddly romantic awesome.this just isnt fucking fair. not even a little.
sure mabey 8 of my 11 followers were gained due to my awesomely wordered hilarious and VERY poorly punctuated comments but god damnit i hate true talented.
screw you, ima go read more of your storys and seethe in jealousy now.
Nightheart. king of poor grammar.

3112068 Oh stop it you... ahem you forgot to mention I can do sad fics well too just wait till you read To be a Wonderbolt. Feels everywhere... everywhere!

You know Gorillaz has a song for you? "Feel Good"

3122792 Feel Good Inc. I love that song.

3138050 Glad you think so :) :pinkiehappy:

:pinkiehappy: but i have to question the cover photo...

well, just why did you chose that cover photo? i have no problem with it at all! just wondering why you chose it?

3138151 Art is limited by how many artists on DA I ask for permission to use their pictures. I know it's not mandatory but as a former artist myself I ask before I use the art that I do. I did use this picture because it shows just how opposite Fluttershy is to RD without too much effort

Perfect story I love it.

Normally I don't feel like Flutterdash makes any sense. This was acceptable.

Sequel: Why Did I Marry her?: Having a Foal.

:) ????

I enjoyed the story, I smiled the whole time.

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