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The greatest source of inspiration for the stories I write is my insane day dreams.



This is sort of not related to anything. Now a Sequel for you all to enjoy.

The premise is simple Twilight has a special book (no spoilers here) she was keeping safe from public eyes. Rainbow Dash manages to get her hooves on it and reads it. It makes everything she ever thought about the lavender mare change in a blink of an eye.

What is in the book that has drastically changed the how Rainbow Dash thinks about Twilight?
When Twilight finds Rainbow reading it what will she do?
Does Spike ever get laid?
Will I stop sucking at summaries?
Find out in my latest of weird comedic fics.

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The stories keep on coming! I love it! And your summaries don't suck, they are very entertaining.

3031483 you are too nice I like you :rainbowwild:

Pinkie would be the one with the chloroform rag... :pinkiehappy:

Anyway, another good one, bro, I'm anxious to read on!


Thank you kindly and yes the story will have tons of funny moments even with some tantalizing ones too. :ajsmug: back to sleep for me XD

Let me guess, without reading it... It's Twilight's diary.

On the wrong scale of 1 - 10 you are at 100 broheim. Her diary can't touch the level of OMG that the book has ;0 read it and find out :) :facehoof:

3032057 It's in the read later. I'm penalizing it to the bad corner for now for not capitalizing Spike and using questions in a description. Also summaries is not capped.

3032078 Fair enough the story itself was written with patience the cover I well didn't so it so much. Anyways if you do read I hope you enjoy. I can fix the summary so it helps others who have high standards lol. :rainbowwild:

3032227 *Secretly the point of why I brought it up.*

3032235 *Understood the point but feigned ignorance because I am a ninja* :raritywink:

Let me guess. It's a shipping novel that Twilight wrote about her friends. Am I right?

i could see Pinkie doing that :pinkiecrazy:
heres hoping that Spike gets some snoo snoo :moustache:


Now now you know better than being impatient. :fluttershysad:

Who does Twilight ship herself with? That is the big question.

So a fanfic in a fanfic mind blown! And please no rarity she's mean but spikes awesome

3033436 Yes that is the big question but it won't be answered for a while.


3034116 But rarity is a fun character to write about or for. Even if she is the same person throughout the series with minor character progression.:raritydespair:

I won't lie this is most definatly mature. you should put it as it... but don't stop itsstill really good.

3034630 it's borderline at best... I can't put it mature since it isn't all that cloppy. I will if I can't use substitutes for gender parts with the other chapters. I was lucky with the whole Apple Pie thing since well.. Apple Pie... nuff said. :ajsmug:

If it gets too out of hand I will bump it up to mature though. I will keep writing this fic though as you want ;p not going to stop. I love writing. :rainbowwild:

oh please this isnt that mature ive seen more things on the discovery channel than i have on you porn oh please eating a 'pie' isnt that big enough of a deal to move it up to mature atlest thats what i think

3035026 Eh just saying I have seen ALOT less stuff marked as mature. so maybe my mark of mature is slightly off... but this is talking about sexual encounters.. even if it is using other terms to cover them.

3035063 maybe but i have seen less worse than this in the teen section like way worse than this but whatever floats your boat buddy

Beware The power of the mustache! With grate mushaches comes grate sex!

Finding Tank a mate? I have tortoises, so I know how nasty males act towards each other during mating season.

3035187 The mustache is no joke :moustache:

3035253 Yes I figured tortoises would be aggressive. That is the reason I had tank acting out.

Next chapter Tank is on the loose XD.

:facehoof: stud Twilight, why do you care so much about some one else's love life? Are you that lonely?


Just wait till the ending ... trust me this whole story will lead to an ending that will make you question everything you ever thought you knew about Twilight Sparkle XD just keep reading on as I update this fic. Right now I am typing out another chapter for my serious fic To be a Wonderbolts: Family and Friends or whatever... and I will be either posting the latest of chapter of this story either tonight or tomorrow after work. :ajsmug:

omg this is good i know i already asked today but when will the next be out this is to good to forget lolz raridash i wonder whats gonna go down :moustache: freaking spike

3036333 Maybe later tonight. I am still currently writing a new chapter for my other fic. Once I am done with that and if I am in the mood to write I will write another chapter for this one...it's going to be half ooh laa laa and half lulz. :raritywink:

3036344 nice also do you have anyone that can help me proof read i really need one lolz foal ship no not mature but teen so were gonna have some fun with that if you know what i mean :raritywink: but yea i want to make two chaps today maybe three if i can find a proof reader in time lolz :raritywink:

why does rainbow die nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
whatever im over it:twilightsheepish:

3036374 What? Where does Rainbow die at?

3036381 on your other story rainbow dies an awsome death i think its your atleast

3036387 Oh lol.... read the story. It's a comedy one like this... I won't spoil it but if you read it you will find out what it means about her dying. :rainbowwild:

3036390 i think i have an idea and might just havve to check it out in a bit

3036414 Please do so. I think you will enjoy it if you like this story. I made all these stories from random thoughts and ideas that I have jumbling in my brain.

3036422 nice now regarding tht proof reader you wouldnt happen to know one would you


Nope I don't have anyone proof read or edit my stories. So I wouldn't know of any to recommend. :moustache:

3036518 its cool i think i jut got one

3036788 here you go a present. I wrote a new chapter :)

Well, thank the goddesses that you have an editor as one of your followers then.

Is spike going to get his ass kicked and something tell me he'll walk in on them and what happen when he's at twilight

3037257 The story version of Spike got his ass kicked... the real spike doesn't know about Story Spike... ok time to explain this convuluted mess.

There is two base characters in this fanfiction.



So far Regular Spike.... has been attempting to seduce Rarity... outside of the book..

Story Spike was a plot device that Twilight used because she is crazy.

So regular Spike hasn't caught them doing anything since regular Rainbow Dash hasn't done anything.

Story Spike ran off to Twilight's house but that was the story in a book that is in a fan-fiction... damn inception... I hate it.


I guess? I don't really allow people to touch my stories... I feel all awkward about it. I might let someone do some editing after getting to know them for a while but I don't just hand out my stories or allow anyone to touch them.

Hell I barely even let anyone get near me when I write because it's idk a private experience if that makes any sense... which I don't think it does :derpytongue2:

It actually makes more sense that you'd think. And I definitely understand the reluctance to let random people edit your stories. Well, you'll be seeing a lot of me on your stories.


As you will be seeing a lot of Rainbow Dash in mine ;p :rainbowderp:

I've said it before: Twilight hasn't done jack shit to earn the right to call herself Spike's mother. Nor could she ever, since their relationship isn't like that and never can be. There are too few years between them, she lets him work his tail off for her while occasionally smacking him around, and the chemistry they share places them as siblings, friends, partners, and probably several other things before it could ever place them as a mother and son.

Annnnd, I don't think "shell" is a very good euphemism for genitalia. I would suggest coming up with something else. Lastly, in chapter one, Rainbow Dash mentally cycled through all her friends except Spike. That was a little cold.


You seriously don't understand how hatching works do you? Regardless of what hatches a baby chick,dragon, etc. the child will always feel a bond of son-mother to whatever it firsts see. I never for a second personally thought Spike and Twilight were mother-son. I honestly think Spike in canon is a sad excuse for a character. Season 3 they made him the hero for like 2 seconds just to try and salvage him.

I think Spike as a dragon has much potential as a character but they didn't develop him well.

They forced him to have a crush on the most shallow unicorn ever.

Then after he is finally done doing that they make him become a servant for an episode for some ridiculous "Dragon Code" that has never in any lore of any dragons been brought up before.

3037600 Regarding the Dash-Spike thing they aren't really friends. Rarity has more of a friendship with Rainbow Dash than spike. No one really enjoys talking to spike they see him as just a cute thing not an actual pony/person.

Sorry but Spike in canon isn't a friend he is a used 'assistant' and even mocked and harassed in the show constantly.

I don't think there is one canon moment I can think of Where RD and Spike hang out. There is a moment in the most infamous episode that everyone hates where spike follows her around and ghost writes for her. But that isn't friendship that is servitude
The only person canon who actually wants him around is Rarity when using him and Twilight. Sorry but Spike isn't liked and I hate that. He can be a cool character if he manned up but.. anyways.

As for the shell I understand. I could switch it to something else. But as it stands it will remain shell until I find a better euphemism for a tortoise.

3037632 That is true for chickens. Dragons are mythological creatures, and seem to be on par with ponies in FiM where cognitive development is concerned. I don't believe there are any concrete studies on real life dragons that determine an infant dragon's brain functions the same way as a chicken's. The fact that Twilight happens to be the one who accidentally cracked him out of his egg has no bearing whatsoever on their relationship or how it developed afterward. It's also possible she wasn't even the first thing he saw. There were no visual cues in the animation to indicate he set eyes on anything while he was chewing on his tail.

Besides, Lauren Faust stated that she wanted Celestia to have raised Spike before employing him as Twilight's assistant.

3037670 You claim to like Spike, yet you have such an ugly and depressing view of his role in the show. I can't for the life of me think of any fellow fan who would agree with this. Perhaps you should watch some episodes again and think about it a little more. :twilightsheepish:

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