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The greatest source of inspiration for the stories I write is my insane day dreams.


Rainbow Dash has scored some sweet all access passes to watch a once in a life time Wonderbolts' show, she is excited for it.

Fluttershy wants to take Rainbow Dash to the butterfly migration and is excited for this year's trip.

They both want each other to come with them and with time being of the essence a choice has to be made.

Picture used with permission artist: *JunglePony

This was written as a self imposed challenge to not write anything regarding some "stuff".

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Comments ( 34 )

Oooh, so this was the promised story? I can tell that I'll like it quite a bit. I can't wait to give it a read.


The non sexual pure fluffy romance, yes I decided on the subject and the story came to me.

My OTP work for fluffy and soft romance. :yay::heart::rainbowwild:

I feel stupid... the hell is OTP?


One True Pairing.

It means which ship of all ships is your favorite or preferred.

I don't think I could ever decide. I'm...actually, I can. I'm a RainbowFire guy. That is the best shipping in my eyes.


Do you write your own stories? If not and want I could do a request fic later on. I still have some stuff to work on for my own personal work but after words I can do request fics.

I'm in the...middle?...of writing a Lightning Dust x Rainbow Dash romance. I have about 15k hand written of it right now and around 5k of it typed. It's projected to be around 50k.


I don't write stories on paper... hell I don't even make first drafts. I just go with the flow when writing. But Let me know when you post that story, I will take a gander at it. I don't like RainDust if that is even a ship name but it sounds unique.

I call it Lightning Dash or Rainbow Dust. But I actually don't draft, I just wrote 15k at school during my easy-ass classes and then 5k of it on the computer. I've hit a bit of a stall in it, but I'm finding tons of ways I can get by it.

3043254 I don't disagree with you on that it could have been longer. Who knows I might just add a bonus chapter describing their time at the migration... like a special extra bonus chapter. But for now it's a one shot.


Lightning Dash sounds like a bad ass pony name... :moustache:

Doesn't it? If it's not already claimed, it's mine! Don't you dare touch my precious! :pinkiecrazy:
But really, it's a pretty good pairing name. I'd say that pairing is my second or third favorite. I don't really know what I think about FlutterDash. I know I like AppleDash and TwiDash more than that. :applejackunsure:


You sir are stepping on a fine line ... :rainbowdetermined2:

Well I will be honest I had an AppleDash phase and even a TwiDash phase before I was able to figure out my OTP. I had to rewatch MLP FiM to help me figure out which pair was my OTP. I had finally decided on FlutterDash because of their perfect fit with one another. I just hope season 4 they don't switch the group in any weird way. Like ... making Flash Sentry and actual canon character past Equestria girls... a male in the all girl group.. won't fit.

I agree with the Flash Sentry bit. He needs to GTFO and stay out. And hey, isn't everyone entitled to their own opinion? I've read some excellent FlutterDash stories, but they couldn't compare to the TwiDash or AppleDash that I've read.


I was joking about the fine line thing :facehoof:

Also yeah I have read some hot TwiDash and some good TwiDash and respectively AppleDash as a matter of fact I have tons of AppleDash and TwiDash faved.

The appeal personally of FlutterDash is the pure romance of it all. It's like.... innocent in a way... Also I finally got a dislike on this fic. There is always that one guy that has to do it... XD

Looking back at the countless stories that I've read, I don't really remember reading a romance that is literally about a pairing's day-to-day life. There is always some massive conflict that makes life a hell.


I have read some pairing day to day life once I think... not sure I could write one hell I could write a flutterdash day to day life one shot thing. Just need to get some other fics written first and until I finish my two WiP's fic I can't move on to a new WiP and I am itching to do my RD revenge story.

My gosh, you crank out stories extremely fast. If you ever get a proofreader or editor, I feel bad for them. They'll have a tough enough time just keeping up with your writing.


Usually the one who approves the story has to deal with me like constantly but meeester is pretty cool and that is how I am able to crank out stories. I noticed most of my stories actually are well liked. Though the one I personally dislike is some what liked. I won't say which fic of my own I dislike but I am tempted to either rewrite it (aka editing the one chapter it has) or deleting it. Also we are spamming up this comment section if you want you can pm me :P :coolphoto:

Well, damn, Diablo, you've done it again. This, man, this was really damn cute. You really outdid yourself on this one. Also, gotta say that I love when RD is called Dashie, probably carried over for me from My Little Dashie. :rainbowlaugh: But anyway, all I have to say is :yay:

Glad you enjoy it. I had a hard time keeping it innocent and I might either do a sequel or add an optional extra chapter that describes more fluffy times at the butterfly migration. :yay:

3045349 Please do! it would make this story even better... keep up the good work as always... i still cant belive you came so far in so little time with your writing next thing i know your going to get a featured story or two

3043384 don't you mean get an army of proofreaders, cause i think they would still struggle because in a year or so Diablo's probably going to have 99999 stories :moustache:

3126237 Glad you enjoy my writing as to whether or not I will turn this from a one shot to something more idk, and as for a sequel I have too many sequel requests. So for now I will have to wait till I finish making my other sequels and stories. I hope to one day get a story featured that would be nice. :pinkiehappy:

Yeah, and the ironic thing now? I'm an editor for him. :twilightoops:

3126261 Yeah you are and I am glad you are, you work hard and help my stories flow. The irony is strong in that comment :rainbowwild:

and I don't regret it a second. Making stories or bringing you in as my slave editor.

I don't regret it either. It's a quite enjoyable task. I thought you were heading to bed?

3126287 Yeah I am glad you don't regret it.

I can't sleep sometimes so I randomly log on to check on my stuff but as for being up and about I am not up.

Can you find the message? :pinkiecrazy: Ah. I can understand that. Sometimes it's hard for me to fall asleep too, but I just lay there for an hour or so until I do fall asleep. I know that if I do start using technology again, I won't be able to fall asleep at all. Best of luck getting those Z's!


Clever bastard I love you <3 anyways I am going to log off and attempt sleep :moustache:

I think this might not work I never tried making things invisible


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