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The greatest source of inspiration for the stories I write is my insane day dreams.


A sort of Sequel to Rainbow Dash Dies An Awesome Death.

Rainbow Dash decides to take Scootaloo training but has something she wants to share about Fluttershy.
Why is it so important for her to tell her story and why does Scootaloo not want to hear it?
Also it contains a surprise ending.

Art provided by *hoyeechun

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 51 )

Oooh, another story? I can't wait to give this one a read now. I'm glad I followed you, because you look like you really like Dash.


Me like dash? *checks my story list* yeah... I guess I do like Dash. I do for many reasons. But too many to list anyways I just enjoy her character more than the others. Also my OTP be FlutterDash simply because they are like two halves that would make a wicked whole.

But thanks for the follow. :rainbowdetermined2:

I find it kind of funny that there are 4 dislikes and not one comment declaring what was wrong about the story or what they didn't like.

Honestly if you don't like it that is alright by me. Just at least tell me what you didn't like. I am a new writer so I am open to criticism and to negative feed back. All of it helps :ajsmug:

"Well... I mean... did you really buck a dragon into the sun while wearing a leather jacket and sun glasses?" She wondered about that story too.

Damn Scoot, you're the one that is supposed to believe those story, more than any pony :rainbowhuh:

"Wait a second... you do know I am into colts not fillies right?" she asked inquisitively.

"Oh yeah it worked alright... it definitely worked... by the way Applebloom did I ever tell you how amazing you look?"

Well I don't know which one is funnier, the first story is so random and goes in some unexpected scenes. But this one gave me more laughs than the other one, especially with the fact that Rainbow is supposed to be a model figure for Scoots :rainbowlaugh:


Best comment ever !

Seriously you just made my day. Though you forgot the part where she catches Scoots in her lie :rainbowwild:

Also glad you liked them both I had a thrill writing them since well they just came from some weird thoughts in my head.

69 viewers comment special. Giggity! :raritywink:

That was so wrong :rainbowlaugh:


Yes so wrong that it must be right.

Bahahaha I lost it at "nooky time"... Another good one, dude, gave you a follow, Dash 4 life, bro!


Glad you enjoy it. Yes I am a dash centric person. Most of my fics if not all are about mostly RD. :ajsmug:

I will branch out over time just don't really see a point to a fan fic that lacks the Dash. :pinkiehappy:

Watching MLP FiM I have always noticed that Episodes with Rainbow Dash seem 20 percent cooler than episodes that lack her. :rainbowwild:

Wow, that was very random. The kind of funny **** you find lying under the table covered in beer but hilarious all the same.

Oh, and why did you end it with cross-species sex, you know Sootaloo is a chicken.

3068542 That has yet to be proven in a court of law. :ajsmug:

"Scootaloo, Scoot, Scoot, Scootaloo" -Applebloom :moustache:

All the more reason to oust whoever heads the Equestrian Justice System.:pinkiecrazy:


Hey Scootaloo is alright, just because she isn't able to fly yet, doesn't mean she won't fly... season 4. Unless they decide to keep the CMC blank-flanks. :raritydespair:

I have nothing against Scootaloo, but that wing flapping. It's downright hilarious.:pinkiehappy:

Anyway, what happens in Season 4 remains to be seen.

3068752 Yeah... she needs to fly though. Then again Season 1 Rainbow Dash was Wonderbolt worthy and Season 3 Rainbow Dash is Superman in mare form and yet still no Wonderbolt... the buck are the writers doing?

Well, writers get squeamish of changing to much, then again these are the people that made Twilight into an alicorn.

As for it being necessary for Scoots to fly, we'll that can be discussed. Who knows, maybe she's got a growth problem, it's not for us to decide.

Personally I think that she'll fly eventually but after her cutie mark.

3068870 Scoots is a girl not a guy o.o. Filly not colt.

Whoops, I knew that.


Don't worry I sometimes type him instead of her for Rainbow Dash stuff >.> :rainbowwild:

MLP is indeed notorious for Tomcolts.:moustache:


Notorious for intentional shipping moments too.

I could name plenty of moments that they probably were like. It's for the bronies only they will get it. The little girls won't understand this shit, we can totally get away with it. :ajsmug:

I can agree to that completely.

MLP is great for fan service to its biggest and most unique fan base - bronies.:derpytongue2:

3069018 Because you know when Season 3 episode (Be calm and Flutter on) happened I realized something that Fluttershy says that she never says canon before.

Now before I reveal to you this I must remind you that no one but Pinkie says this and Pinkie Pie is obsessed with Rainbow Dash canon.

Fluttershy, says and I quote. "Oh Dashie you aren't even giving him a chance" and that my friends is how they solidified FlutterDash = canon. Because no other Pony calls her that pet name besides Pinkie Pie.

Bingo, and could someone explain the post story mechanism, I am terribly confused.

Where do you put the story itself and what is source, and furthermore, what is the 'long description'?

3069173 Run that by me again?

Source is for images that you use for cover art.

You submit a story once you publish the chapters you want seen at the start of the fic, unless it's a one shot than just publish and submit.

Long Description is the description used on the cover of the fic, the short description is the one used on the summary used when browsing.

3069225 Just be careful of posting stuff that hasn't been proof read or edited to a certain degree. I got slammed once for bad grammar and some errors during a story I posted that I didn't really give it a once over, it was then edited and now the likes outweigh the dislikes but still... it's bad seeing red.

I have an idea cooking that may or may not be taken, but will likely prove to be a good groundwork for a series of stories.

Thanks for the advice, proof reading is important or else you WILL get down voted to the lowest parts of hell by all those grammar nazis.:raritydespair:


Just like my second clop fic I wrote. When A Hoof is not Enough. It was trashed with 12 dislikes by grammar nazi's till I edited it. Since then I grabbed up some editors and proof readers and use them. For their services they get credited and my undying thanks. I believe that is worth all the tea in china.

Who do you think can proofread well around here?

I'm fairly new so I really don't know too many people.

Really, the only thing I have going for me is my ability to make cover art, as seen in my profile pic. I made it earlier today, and it took a LOOONG time because I thought it was a good idea to hand shade the ponies.

Actually, I can make cover art for anyone if they give me at least 4 hours for high quality, or just an hour for a quick one. (I only do digital cause my scanner sucks at color matching)


SolidFire and Rain Walker are two that I currently use and work with. There is also LightningDust. Though I think you have to know them or what not before asking for their help. They are usually busy. :pinkiehappy:

3069658 Cover art is good... I love cover art big time.

I'll look into that then, thanks.:twilightsmile:

3069777 No problem thanks for the follow

My pleasure, your stories are very engaging and span a wide range of topics from Mane 6 pairings to Twilight's Special Book which I'm currently reading, it looks promising and I look forward to reading your future works.

I also just realized that entire thing is one sentence:twilightsheepish:

3069813 I have this monster TwiPie coming up that I was originally just making for a request from some of my followers but it turned into a huge one shot that is being edited as we speak :ajsmug:

How many thousands of words is this one-shot?

3069836 Originally I had planned it to be like 4k max since I was doing it as a side project before I went into going back to a major story project... just though it ended up like >.> 8k+ words :facehoof:


That is a 200% increase from 4K. I assume you got carried away?

3069855 If I didn't catch myself it would have gotten higher. I got... too into the story. I kept letting my fingers write what my brain imagined. That is how I write. I don't make a first draft or even plan my stories out. I just write... my fingers type and a story comes out. I only started editing and having proof readers recently. Before I just submitted after a quick look see from my own self. :raritydespair:

So yeah this story and Rainbow Dash Dies An Awesome Death were edited over time. I had to re read them to notice my mistakes but the stories flourished despite them. :raritywink:

You can't stop progress right?

Also Twilight's Special Book is probably the 3rd most ****ed up thing I've seen here.


Not yet it isn't just wait till the Sequel <3 you will really enjoy hating the shit out of it while being ashamed for reading it... over and over again.

There's a sequel?:raritydespair:

Sounds disturbing...:pinkiecrazy:


Sequel in the works... shouldn't have announced that... oh well it's obviously going to happen how I ended the first one. But yes the second one of that book is about Celestia... and someone special ;0 I won't spoil it and when you read the ending of the first fic don't post about it... >.> :pinkiehappy: well I am off for the night goodnight :P

Bye nice talking.:pinkiesmile:

sorry, forgot to comment on this last time I read it. anyways, fuckin epic as always.:rainbowlaugh::yay:
and yay, surprise scootabloom :scootangel::applebloomsmile:

3113358 Yeah I had to throw that in there. I didn't tag Applebloom since it was for the surprise of it all.

HIP HIP FOCKIN HORAY, i loved it, i had to read the other story to make sure i wasn't missing anything and i have to say they were both quite awesome, I'm not one for correcting grammar because mine is probably worse but i didn't see and errors during the story! good job and a good story over all! :rainbowkiss::yay:

Nice ending.

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