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Yet another failed attempt at a new stunt lands Rainbow Dash in the infirmary once again. She is patched up and sent on her way, but as she is leaving the Ponyville Hospital, she catches glimpse of Scootaloo sitting alone in the waiting room, injured and upset.

Taking a seat beside her, she finds out what is wrong, plus something quite shocking and disturbing.

Featured - 03/10/2019 :rainbowkiss:

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It feels incomplete. I know the story isn't done yet, but the first chapter doesn't explain everything that I feel you were going for. Hopefully the next chapter clears some things up.

This was amazing! I cant wait till the next chapter!

I think I broke my arm.

Ponies don't have arms.

Aww, this sounds like the start to a great story!:heart: Always love stories with sisterly Dash.:yay:

Did you forget something author. Like perhaps the entire rest of the chapter? Feels like you just cut it off.


No worries. I'm working on that now, so it should hopefully clear some things up soon. To be honest, this wasn't really what I was planning to go for, but now that I've got it to this point, I don't exactly plan to turn back.

The next chapter will be uploaded sometime soon, although I can't be sure when, so keep an eye out.

-Ribe (Dan)

Excellent start, I'm looking foward to more.

7552464 Ok, so it's not just me. I am excited to see where this goes though.

Another great chapter, just what I needed to keep my mind off of what today is.

Wait. If she doesn't have parents, then whose house was she living in in "Flight to the Finish"?

And we saw RD's dad on "A Hearth's Warming Tail".


Ahh, but I never exactly said her Dad wasn't alive. That may be more evident later on after a few more chapters.

As for the house Scootaloo was in, who says it could be her parent's house? It could be a relative's house, like an aunt or uncle, possibly even a sibling. Who knows? Stay tuned to find out! :ajsleepy:

7574211 Don't worry! Fixed! Sorted! Affirmative. Captain. we are go!

Looked like I missed one! :twilightblush:

Wow... Just wow. Talk about emotions running high in this chapter.:pinkiegasp:

I'm surprised no one wound up in the hospital after the derby. Even though that's another story altogether.

Another emotional but wonderful chapter. I really love the relationship between Fluttershy and Rainbow. Very heartwarming, that.

Ooh, this is looking good already! Onward!

That's just the sort of injury I could imagine happening after a multiple-cart pile-up.

Great story so far, looking forward to more! :pinkiehappy:

This is really sweet. Although, I view there relationship as mother daughter and less like siblings, I still am enjoying this story.

Fluttershy yelped as Dash threw her head beneath her body and hoisted her up onto her back without warning, making a dash for the door and picking up Scootaloo as she did so, taking her by the blind-side and performing the same action as with Fluttershy, tossing her onto her back in front of the older pegasus.

Somehow, I don't think that's actually possible. :ajbemused::facehoof:

Still, nice chapter!

So the wing wasn't broken? If it was, she should have taken her to the hospital right there and then.

7664392 Yes, it was broken. She used that mysterious ointment stuff on her to heal it, and I intended for it to be one of the medicinal potions made by Zecora. It was meant to be an all-healing agent that could fix small and large cuts and gashes, and even bones that were either broken or had minor fractures.

So, yes, she did break her wing in more than one place, and the ointment fixed it.

As for threw Fluttershy onto her back, I may have worded it oddly. I mean she used her head to throw her up and land her on her back.

7664407 She threw two ponies on her back. Two. While she had a broken wing. Plus, pegasi are pretty bird-boned. I don't know if if they could handle the weight of two ponies. Also, both Fluttershy and Scootaloo were on Rainbow Dash's back. Unless they both straddled Rainbow between their hind legs (which would basically be how humans ride horses), they could not fit on Rainbow's back. However, this is not possible without one or the other falling off her back. Not to mention, if they stay like that, they wouldn't have anything to hold on to. Meaning, they would inevitably fall off.

7664425 Well, yes, I can understand what you mean, but I never did say that they were laying on Dash's back. Fluttershy would be holding onto Rainbow's neck and Scootaloo would be, too, because she would be inbetween Fluttershy and Dash's neck. They wouldn't exactly fall off too easy. Also, her wing isn't broken at this part of the story.

She had that ointment put onto her wing to heal her breaks and fractures. I stated that while her wing was bandaged only around the wing and not her body, she wouldn't be able to use it due to allowing it time to settle in and to add unrestrained comfort. If it's also her hind legs you're worried about, those were taken care of a chapter or two back and are back to normal. (Or at least, mostly.)

The other thing I didn't mention in the story, due to not finding it absolutely necessary, is that Dash is an athletic pony - she had quite a fair bit of body and muscle tone to her, which makes her a tough mare. She would be strong enough to carry the two ponies, especially Scootaloo, because she barely even weighs anything because of her small frame. Fluttershy is obviously heavier in terms of weight, but there are more than a few doubts and reasons out there as to why it wouldn't be much of a problem, one of those reasons being that Dash is strong and has some muscular tone for a mare.

7664518 No, offense, but I seriously doubt that there is a magical salve that can mend broken bones in less than five or ten minutes. If there was, then Read it and Weep would not have happened because Rainbow would have the salve applied to her wing and be sent home in half an hour at most.

Also, it is not anatomically possible for a pony's back legs to bend enough for them to sit like a human on a horse.

Comment posted by Blast deleted Nov 2nd, 2016


Also, it is not anatomically possible for a pony's back legs to bend enough for them to sit like a human on a horse.

Ah, yes, nitpicky uberperfectionism about a universe of sentient equines.

Dash was able to fly even with that wing tied securely to her sides?

I want to like this, but it needs an editor. You switch tenses often and have a habit of telling us things we already know. With a healthy dose of polish this could be good.

7771669 Yeah, I know. I also don't want to even pretend to acknowledge it, as I have no time for editing anything I own on this site.

I have nothing to do with the story as of recently, and I know that no matter how hard I try, I get shattered over naff-all. So you know what, no, it can't be good.

I don't have time to edit and even less than that to even try to edit it, as I'm doing other stuff in life that don't revolve around FimFiction-based work or stories, etc.

7772596 Well that's the most passive aggressive fuck you I've read in a while.

Allow me to respond in kind. It must be nice to not care what people think, if only your story wasn't public. oh well.

7772743 That wasn't intended to be an f-you type of comment, to be honest with you.

Bad mood, bad choice, bad time. (Real mature, I know)

The thing is that I do care what people think of my work, because it's what I use to motivate myself and improve it where possible. The only downside to all of this is that I don't have time to edit anything myself, although it is my personal preference, hence the reason I don't feel right asking someone else to do so for me. To put it simply, the last few times didn't end all that well :ajsleepy:

7774204 Wow the rare mea culpa.

I'm not sure what to tell you then. It is hard to find a good editor, and life gets busy (I haven't published anything in months) so believe me I understand.

Best of Luck?

Ribe is firerain screw the ones hating on your story and focus on the ones who love it, because their the ones that should matter most to you. Frankly if those jackasses think they can 'do better' they should write their own story. I love your story. I hope to see more soon and sorry for my potty mouth but everything I said, I meant every word. You keep on writing if it makes you happy! :raritywink:

Can't wait for the next chapter!:rainbowdetermined2:

Hope to see this continued but a small question... How did Scoots and Rainbow get to Rainbows cloud house when Rainbow cant fly?
Shoulda maybe added in them taking a Hot Air Balloon up or something.

So either scootaloo is crazy or she can communicate with birds

Rainbowshy anypony?:heart:

I can't wait for the beginning of part 2

Bit much there eh rainbow

Back when it was still the Golden Oaks.

Why, yes you are. Well spotted, little chicken. A small, tweety voice chuckled.

I can't be the only one who licked my lips and thought of KFC, can I? :twilightsheepish:

Love this and eager for more!

Doesn't look like it's happening.

Gonna be honest, this side FlutterDash shipping is pretty cute.

I honestly thought this fic was dead


Not anymore it isn't! It just had a very dreadfully long hiatus due to multiple, stock-piling setbacks. But it's all finished with now and it's only a matter of releasing new chapters!

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