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The greatest source of inspiration for the stories I write is my insane day dreams.


Twilight Sparkle had made a discovery out of the blue that changes everything. She decides that this information must be shared with all the ponies and research must be done.

The startling revelation is that Pinkamena Diane Pie is absolutely adorable. Something that never once crossed her mind before.

Art by hoyeechun used with permission.

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Comments ( 55 )

D'awwww sooo cute!! :heart: #twipie

4694784 Yeah I love me some twipie :pinkiegasp:

I added in some cuteness to the comedy. I just find that ship fun to write about. :pinkiehappy:

4694789 I should do a Twipie soon. ^^' been thinking of doing one ;)

4694797 Do it and I will give it a read. :pinkiehappy:

Twilight: "Hey, /mlp/, do you think Pinkie is adorable?"
/mlp/: i.imgur.com/OfYGY.gif

Premise of the story's good, but I personally couldn't get into it. In the loosest sense, everyone's in character, but they all lack their individual phraseology, causing each character to feel like a bland imitation.

4695135 Well thanks for reading it anyways :)

Twilight was right when she arrived in Ponyville, they are crazy!
Pinkie is so adorable she can pull off just about anything and you would still cuddle her.

Would make a billion times more sense if you switched the word adorable for sexy. Adorable is more of a platonic trait, and usually has nothing to do with physical attraction or suggestion to being in love.

:yay: "Bunnies are adorable"
:raritywink: "Sweetie Belle's adorable"
:twilightsmile: "Spike's adorable"
:pinkiehappy: "The Cake Twins are adorable"

Woo! TwiPie! Yeah!

I think... adorable was a bit off, at least from Twilight's point. I reckon she should have gone with cute, rather than adorable. It would have emphasised the more 'hinting' attraction, as adorable doesn't always go for that. You could argue that both could mean the same exact thing and it wouldn't be different, but I see cute more of a relationship word than adorable, especially when directed at another person (or pony in this case). Eh, that's just me.

Or, you could use what Dr.Fayz suggested and go with sexy. I wouldn't mind that. Of course Pinkie Pie is sexy. And seeing Twilight actually saying that might have increased the Comedy a bit. Twilight saying sexy? That would have got to me a little, if only minor, only because I would never see her saying that. It's not OOC for her either.

I did notice a few things wrong grammar wise, but I'm not going to say anything. It didn't bug me. But I thoroughly enjoyed this, and after seeing that you're the author that wrote those other TwiPie fics I've seen but never saw it was you, it's time to re-read them.

Hail the TwiPie! This ship is at a disease level.

I better grab my gun.

I absolutely refuse to believe that other ponies don't find Pinkie adorable. Immersion ruined! :pinkiegasp: She's the most adorable one there is (what's that, "Fluttershy"? "Sweetie Belle"? "Apple Bloom"? Never heard of'em).

4696067 Your point it somewhat valid but the idea was that if Twilight found her sexy well then it wouldn't be a question that twilight was attracted to her.

Sexiness defines attraction while being adorable means to literally be able to be adored.

Twilight adores Pinkie Pie. Which a lot of people confuse adore for love. There is a difference. You can adore someone without loving them in that way.

But not a bad suggestion.

4696662 As if with Dr.Fayz suggestion I chose the word adorable for the sense that you can find someone adorable without being attracted to them.

Cute is a good alternate but when I imagined the story I thought of the word adorable.

My main beef is that the dialogues just doesn't add up with the word, with her friends making accusations that Twilight's in love. It also kind of makes them come off as jerks for not agreeing with Twilight by saying that Pinkie isn't up to their standards for what is adorable.

Not agreeing that Pinkie would be sexy just would have fitted better since that word is way more subjective and love-bound.

Adorable is just too common a word between close friends that it doesn't add up why any of Pinkie's friends would disagree with Twilight's opinion.

Why does this have a romance tag? Does she like pinkie that way? And I laughed, celestia betting 500 bits twilight liked mares.

:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile: so cute and adorable

I like you portrayal of the Twilight and Pinky, I think is stays true to their characters, as well as your approach to the relationship, you can't have a proper Pinky shipping without somepony going insane. And I like how you choose to say Twilight adores Pinky rather than is attracted to Pinky; it comes across as a more innocent and genuine sort of love. This is now one of my favorite TwiPie stories on this site.

4697149 True but take into consideration that if a friend of yours asked you if your male friend was adorable and if you were a male (I don't know your gender) would you say "Yeah I find him adorable?"

Plus pinkie's actions can be seen as adorable by others but finding a person adorable is different than thinking the silly things they do is.

Still as I mentioned previously you have a valid argument.

4697231 Thanks for saying that :)

4697177 Yes but she was in denial early on. Twilight is a book junkie and even though she is hyper intelligent, love is a foreign concept and having those kind of feelings is new to her.

Remember how awkward she was around Flash Sentry in the movie? (though it lead to nothing post movie) XD

Ok then, didn't watch the movie, thank celestia for that,

You're right, that would be awkward since the word has the opposite effect, being more of an insult rather than a compliment. Guys parallel to the word adorable/cute is tough/cool.

But, this is exactly my point though: they aren't males :facehoof:

Female Friendship dynamic:
:twilightsmile: -"Hey Rarity! Don't you think Pinkie Pie just adorable?"
:raritywink: -"Oh, absolutely!"

Male Friendship dynamic:
:moustache: -"Man! Thunderlane is one cool mofo, am I right?"
:eeyup: -"Yep."

(Of course, in today's society a guy could totally bring it up in the same manner as girls due to our current must-be-sarcastic-at-all-times pop culture. In a sense, "Hey bro, you think our mutual friend is adorable?"-"Totally man! I've been constantly thinking about sucking his dick for the past few months. No homo!")

If they were males that might have been a valid argument. But they're not.

4697714 You completely missed my point with the gender thing. Which is why you fail to see my argument. Look you think she should have said "Pinkie Pie is sexy" well that to me would have implied that Twilight had an open attraction to Pinkie Pie and thus negating the premise of the story.

If Twilight knew she found Pinkie Pie sexy then there would be no reason to ponder on the notion. She wouldn't need to think why Pinkie Pie is sexy because she would know what made her that way.

You can adore someone or find someone adorable without knowing why. It's a common thing in the world to think of someone or something as adorable just cause.

Now as I stated earlier you made a good argument but in the end I feel justified in writing my story the way I did.

I appreciate your opinions even if I disagree with them. I don't mind the feedback because it helps me as a writer.


Once again, this would just add to the comedy of Twilight being completely oblivious to her own statements & emotions, like a true wizkid scientist.

I think if the word adorable is to be used properly in this, it needs to be used in a sense were the friends agree with Twilight but deposit their own personal definition of the word that, for story enlongment isn't matching up to Twilight's feelings/definition of it.
(I know that this is more or less what you've already written, though the presentation you've chosen kind of undermines the friends characteristics)

4697949 Well I can agree with you on one point. It would have been hilarious if Twilight was that oblivious.

Twilight: "Hey Rainbow Dash, you ever notice that Pinkie Pie is sexy?"

Rainbow Dash: "So you're into the Pinkster?"

Twilight: "What no! I just think she is sexy. I thought everyone felt that way..."

Rainbow Dash: "You know denial isn't just a stream, egg head."

Twilight: "The Nile is a river Rainbow Dash not a stream."

Rainbow Dash: "Yeah, yeah now can I go back to sleep while you drool over Pinkie?"

That obviously wouldn't be a final cut but that is something I could see if it was the case.


I think we're on the same page now. :pinkiesmile:

Pinkie Pie is adorable because ... Pinkie Pie. :pinkiegasp: :pinkiesmile: :pinkiehappy:

4698126 see friendship really is magic lol:pinkiehappy:

..Looks like Luna is getting a new game console. (I consider the average worth of the Bit to equal 2 dollars so...)

Applejack didn't dwell on other people's drama or romance.


I would say they are funny and silly but the things she do I don’t consider them adorable.


D'awwww! Twilight has a filly crush on Pinks. Totally ad'awwable.

4703369 Thanks for pointing out the mistakes XD I am glad I have a reader like you that enjoys my work :pinkiehappy:

I fixed the mistakes and some others I found. Sometimes it pays to have extra eyes and ears and hands... I forgot where I was going with this.


Awww! You're welcome, and I enjoy reading your work. You surely know how to put together a good read :twilightsmile:.

Ugh.. It's too cute! I can't take it!

4706488 Too cute? Then my job is done :yay:

Pinkie: :ajbemused: really... that was all....
Twilight: :twilightblush:

This was adorable!! :rainbowkiss: Keep on doing what you do :derpytongue2:

:heart: PF

Comment posted by CookieDo deleted Jul 21st, 2014

CUTE! My last comment was an accident. But Awwww!!!:raritystarry:

4776249 Much appreciated :) I read the review and am glad you didn't skim on what you thought just because you liked it. It was an honest review so have a mustache. :moustache:

It was perfect........ UNTIL YOU FORGET TO CAPITALIZE THE P IM PINKIE'S NAME AT THE END!!!!!!! Okay rant over

4784583 Good Job young (most likely you are old thou) one

Stilted. Pointless. Not adorable.

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