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Cover art for anniversary story · 7:41am Sep 12th, 2013

OH MY GOD! ACTIVITY FROM FLUTTERDASHFOREVER?!?!? THIS IS UNPRECEDENTED!!!! Well, if that's what you thought when you saw I'd made a blog post then I'll have you know that I've been working really hard on aforementioned anniversary story. Look, I know this is a bit of a long shot so I'll get straight to the bit where I ask something of you. The story I'm working on doesn't yet have cover art. Because of the story line, it wouldn't really work to just have a screenshot from the show. I realise

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I love all my followers

What was once my "Updates" section is now my "I love all my followers" section. If you are following me, and even if you aren't, then know that I love you and am always sending you imaginary cookies.

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Do you know Twidashforever? I'm sure you two would be good friends :twilightsmile:

on a different note, have another follower!

550965 Why thank ya kindly. I hope not to disappoint. :twilightsmile:

*mutters* another one converted to the pony side. *cackles evilly and marks another tally line on the wall* :pinkiecrazy:

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418222 Sigh, see now I'm torn between "Ommegoshanotherfollower squee!" and "Aww, now my user page doesn't remind me of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy." :derpytongue2:

Always nice to have a new follower. :twilightsmile: I guess now I'll just have to shoot for sixty-nine... :trollestia:

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