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Zecora has a problem and has had for years. She's never before had friends she could ask to help her before but that all changes when she decides to just ask Fluttershy for help. Can Fluttershy fix this strange problem, or is she going to need some help herself? Find out.

So this is just a little comedy one shot I wrote on a mad inspiration when I didn't have anything else to do. As always if you notice any spelling or grammar mistakes do tell me.

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First :pinkiehappy:

huh... interesting... Not sure if it counts much as Flutterdash or not... but The kissy moment was funny. I... think the two cute pegasi are already a couple... I'm just not entierly sure....

anyhoo, good to see some writing from you that has these two. :yay::heart::rainbowlaugh: FTW

1603449 Yea, this story was mostly supposed to be about Zecora but Dash just had to make an appearance. :rainbowwild: To be completely honest I'm not quite sure of their relationship in this story...

That was so FlutterDash, and you know it. :rainbowkiss:

But ZOMG! Zecora! :rainbowlaugh:

There was a long silence. At last Zecora spoke. “Well fuck.”

Actually, the words, 'duck', 'buck' and 'suck' rhyme with 'fuck', soooo :pinkiecrazy: But then again, that's coming from me. I'm a dictionary.

Great story, though, going on my faves.

1603469 Careful, you know what Zecora does to dictionaries.... Actually my intention for that "Well fuck." moment was that she was too shocked to rhyme anything with it. After all, who's much in the mood for rhyming when you've just seen the worlds cutest couple making out? :ajsmug:

1603497 Very true.... but I would squeal instead and say, "OMG, finally, you two got together!"
... I really like FlutterDash, k? :heart:

1603528 With a name like mine I'm hardly going to blame a Flutterdash fanatic. Hmm you just made me think that an alternate ending line to that could have been "Well about fucking time you two!" cause that doesn't rhyme either. :pinkiehappy: Mind you, the word "bloody" would probably work too but I just got Siren Song Of The Counter Culture and the language kinda rubs off. :derpytongue2:

1603532 Never read it, lol. :derpytongue2: But I do enjoy the British lingo; quite classy :raritywink:

1603536 It's a Rise Against album... the lead singer tends to enjoy the word "fuck" a lot. A good example of this is a song called Survive, the first line of which is "Somewhere between happy and a total fucking wreck." The name is pretty classy though :duck:

That ending and this story, brilliant. :twilightsmile:

Had a lot of homework due tomorrow, had to actually work on it, bored, went to FiMfiction, you posted a new story...
WAIT, WHAT? :pinkiegasp:
Okay, that was hilarious. :rainbowlaugh: Seriously, Zecora's reaction was gold. And the awkward-ish ending was pure win!
Alright, I did find a few corrections. Honestly, nothing major, just I couple sentences I think could flow better.

It wasn't so bad when they were fluid and made sense but when they were a little clumsy like that last one had been she couldn’t help but cringe.

Kinda run-on, try adding a comma after sense. It wasn't so bad when they were fluid, and made sense but when they were a little clumsy like that last one had been she couldn't help but cringe.

“If I can ever return the favour just tell me.”

Maybe a comma after favour?

“Maybe if you were to try some of the other words that don’t have rhymes like month.”

Since it's a suggestion, it should probably end with a question mark. And maybe a comma after rhymes. “Maybe if you were to try some of the other words that don’t have rhymes, like month?

"She wants me to help her stop rhyming, there's some sort of spell that makes it impossible for zebras to not rhyme but apparently it can be broken if she says one sentence that doesn’t rhyme."

I suggest replacing the comma with a period and adding a comma after rhyme. Just to break it up better. So: "She wants me to help her stop rhyming. There's some sort of spell that makes it impossible for zebras to not rhyme, but apparently it can be broken if she says one sentence that doesn’t rhyme."

There was the sound like shattering glass and the light vanished, dropping Zecora back to the ground.

The was the sound like... kinda makes it sound like it's a set sound effect thingy that we're all familiar with, or.. I dunno. Can't really explain, but it kinda sounds weird. I suggest making the the to an a, so it would go like: There was a sound...

Fluttershy ducked but Zecora wasn't quick enough and was hit squarely in the face.

Perhaps a comma after ducked?

“When a pony’s in need that’s when it’s best to have friends,

Could use a a comma after need.

Anyway, giving you 5 moustaches and a Dashie:

1606587 I'm really glad you liked it. :twilightsmile: I must admit that the ending was probably the most fun bit to write. All the mistakes are now fixed... I doubt it, but all the mistakes you pointed out are fixed. :pinkiehappy: I notice you didn't question my use of the word "florange" I must have made the definition very professional looking because someone asked me if it was actually a real word. :scootangel:

1606694 I actually googled "florage", and I got an Urban Dictionary result. It was different from yours, though.
:twilightsmile: Indeed, it did look very professional. I may have to start using it at school to see how my peers react.


Well this last chapter would in itself add a 'random' tag to this story in quite a massive way... It was a fun read if nothing else and for being late at night... very good.
Flutterdash seal of approval :yay::heart::rainbowkiss:
There was more kissing… LOTs more :yay:

1608237 I'm glad you liked it. :twilightsmile: I was half expecting to come back to twenty comments all saying "Um, WTF man!?" but it's nice to know not everyone thinks I'm insane... :pinkiehappy:

...That is such a cute picture... :pinkiegasp:

The brony said, "Let there be kissing." and there was kissing. Lots and lots of kissing.

1608857 I write crazier stuff that this.... so it's all good. :scootangel:

1608237 I'm stealing that pic! :rainbowlaugh: Ish so cute :rainbowkiss:
1608857 Should've been clop. :raritywink: (Then again, I'm a perverted mofo. :pinkiecrazy:)

Interesting... most interesting.
I approve.

Pinkie Pie's insistent rules about the fourth wall kinda remind me of this video:

Yeah, so... good, good. This continuation gets my approval.
Take it away, seal!
Anyway, I do have some corrections:

She leaned in feeling her whole body heading up.

Not sure if she starting flying, metaphor for euphoria, or just a typo of "heating". :derpytongue2: Also, I suggest a comma after "leaned".

Suffice it to say that they were both a little breathless by the end but at length, Rainbow had left Fluttershy on her balcony to ponder what had just happened.

I suggest splitting this up into two sentences. And maybe get rid of some extra words in the first part? Suffice to say, they were both a little breathless by the end. But at length, Rainbow had left Fluttershy on her balcony to ponder what had just happened.

“If it lasts for more than five seconds and involves anypony being pinned to anything then it is, at worst a, make out.

I think the comma after "a" is misplaced. It should probably be after "worst".

After all: you know any one of us would have jousted with you at the crystal fair but you had to go and pick Fluttershy.

After "crystal fair" I suggest adding either a comma or a period.

“No I mean it sounds more intense than that.”

Maybe a comma after "no"?

Ok, so friends do nice things but you know that’s not what it was about.

Perhaps a comma after "things"?

"Look could you just lay off referring to the events by name of episode?

Could use a comma after "look".

“Yea I suppose.

A comma after "yea".

"I keep tabs of which ponies borrow out which books and you can hardly tell me off for having a book on kissing"

A comma after "books" would help. I also think it might sound better if you change that "and" to a "so".

At last, Fluttershy summoned the courage no knock hard on the door.

Pretty sure "no" should be "to".

Well, she thought it was hard, quite frankly it was lucky rainbow was directly adjacent to said door, otherwise she might have missed the tiny tapping.

:flutterrage: Rainbow demands her name be capitalized! Or Fluttershy demands for her...
Also, maybe splitting into sentences and adding another comma would help? So: Well, she thought it was hard. Quite frankly, it was lucky Rainbow(:flutterrage:) was directly adjacent to said door, otherwise she might have missed the tiny tapping.

“I’ve had a crush on you for the longest time, Dahsie.”

Should be spelt Dashie.

And, since Twilight is mentioning episode names, it might help to have them capitalized. Or not. Whatever.

Ever since the cutie mark chronicles.
And seriously, after hurricane Fluttershy, anypony who denied it would be a fool.”

Last one! Now, I wouldn't normally edit authours' notes, because it's kinda FROM them, but here's something...

This chapter is not necessary for the story line and I wouldn't blame you in the slightest if you chose to quite while it still makes sense.

Oh, I didn't quite! Hm... quite. QUITE.
Well, I didn't quit either.

Anyway, awesome story again! :rainbowlaugh: And would this story count as Flutterdash now? Can I add it to the Shipping group?

1610874 Some of the things I missed... all I can do is :facehoof: anyway. I wasn't sure if this makes it shipping, I did think about it but I decided that since there are people who would just quite while things still made sense then I figured they'd never get to the romance bit. That's why I didn't ad a romance tag or ad Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle tags. That's a cute seal. :twilightsmile:

Bwahahhaha this last chapter was beautifully hilarious :"D

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