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I enjoy reading and writing cute ponies. If my works brighten up your day, even better.


Rainbow Dash has everything she could ever dream of and more, great friends, her own family and the chance to become Equestria's greatest Wonderbolt. But what happens when everything falls apart?

It all started with the arrival of a family pass to see the Wonderbolts perform live...

Oh hiatus till I find the time or support to continue this.

This fic is cannon with my other story 'Crashing Angels' and contains Flutterdash, and Soarinfire shipping.

Cover image is thanks to Rainbowshy1241.
Edited by DinoManDraves.

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Looking good so far, just a couple spelling/grammar errors. Plot is developing nicely though, and I am interested to see where this goes. Thumbs up from me.:moustache:

Awww! :twilightsmile: This was just lovely. How neat to see Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy now married and with their little filly! Spectra is a great name for a filly born to them. :raritystarry:

So now Soarin' is Rainbow Dash's brother? O.O Huh, never thought of that! But why not? That's pretty cool! :pinkiehappy: Creative license, that works. Makes a nice idea! Awww, and Spitfire is pregnant! (Hee! Spitty....xD) And now Rainbow is replacing her? O.O Oh goodness...

Well I still look forward to how this story will turn out! :pinkiehappy:


D'awwww! Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy make a perfect couple! :pinkiehappy:

Yay, more stories! Another "Wonderbolts or love" kind of fic, I see. Not a problem, there's still a ton of ways you can go from that. You seem to like the idea of Soarin' being Dash's brother, I assume. It makes sense, so it's fine. I said this on Crashing Angels, but how did the 2 mares have a foal? Magic, I assume, but I'm curious as to what the answer will be. You said you were bad with names? Spectra is an awesome name! Grammar and spelling are pretty good for the most part, and the first chapter seems to kick off the story nicely. Of course I'll be tracking it, so good luck!
And as always, FLUTTERDASH FTW :yay::heart::rainbowkiss:

1108431 not a 'wonderbolts or love' story. I've tried to paint it as Fluttershy is willing to with Dashie. The sads will come from another darker source.
How they have a foal will be addressed in time... This fic is designed to be canon with my Crashing Angels story so I hope it explains why there are similarities like Soarin' being her older bother and all...

1104118 Thank you. Everything you have said is great to hear. I find appeal in Soar' being Dashies older brother. It also can go a fair way toward explaining her excessive taste for being a wonderbolt.

1105373 Thanks. I think so too:scootangel:

1104337 nice peace of music, yes yes.

1103899 and 1104828 Good to hear... Thank you.
1103984 Yay! Thanks.

Expect a wild ride people... and remember;

D'AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW and AWWWWWWWWW! Too much emotion I don't think my heart can take it! Uh oh! Too late!



Please excuse me I am a little over tired. When I am over tired, I get hyper. But really, this is so beautifully written. It is a work of art!

1147485 Why thank you. I like my cute and I like my Flutterdash.
Results like what I have gotten from you always make my day :pinkiehappy:

1194794 Thanks. It was a special request from me and I think it works realy well. One more week for chapter 2 :pinkiehappy:

1196094 as for the question i get the point you're trying to get across but you worded it wrong love the rewrite but the constant calling scootaloo the 'adoptive' daughter really makes her feel like a bit of an outcast

1319969 you think I should drop it after the first one then?
I didn't think of it that way...

1319993 yeah well you don't have to completely just dont do it as often also include how scootaloo became a member of the family

1640600 Might be another month before an update on this. I'm focusing on Crashing Angels (which is the story that is set before this...) and want to get more done there before I start on this again.
If you've read my other stories and still want more of this then I'll try get the next chapter out sooner :pinkiehappy:

woah!!!!! Congratulations to spitfire and soarin!!!

I looked up SoarinFire and I found this again. Nostalgia trip, lol.

Yep. Nice to see this still can get the odd bit of attention.
I flicked through this recently and I think instead of continuing this, I'll write something new based on the ideas I had and still carry from this story.
The new one still features Soarinfire and Flutterdash but I think I'll also work some cute Tuna in there too.

Oh yeah, man, that'd be pretty cool! It's hard to find any good SoarinFire or FlutterDash stuff. The idea of Soarin and Spits having a baby together like in this story was the hook for me. I'm interested. :0

Do you wanna give the first draft a read and let me know if its any good? Its nearly ready.
It starts out more than a little different to this story though as I start back when Soarin and Spit are in advanced flight school as young Wonderbolt wannabes. Later I come to Scoots adoption and inclusion into fluttershy and Dash's family.

8572840 totally, sure! I'm down to help ya with it.

lol thank you. Did that suddenly make me worth a watch or something?

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