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Applejack discovers that Winona is ill, and neither Fluttershy nor Zecora have the medicine she needs. However, the flower the medicine is derived from, known as the silver crown, can be found deep in the heart of the Everfree Forest. While Fluttershy stays behind to take car of Winona, Applejack sets off to find the silver crown, accompanied and aided by Zecora, Twilight, and Rainbow Dash. But along the way, they'll find themselves facing a wide variety of obstacles and entities, including dangerous terrain, carnivorous wildlife, and several other surprises. Will they experience the adventure of a lifetime? Or will this quest turn into a living nightmare?

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And so begins my first foray into writing MLP fan fiction. Hopefully, you'll find it both entertaining and enjoyable.
Feel free to leave feedback, and let me know what you think. Constructive criticism is always appreciated.

Next chapter will likely include: Twilight over-thinking things, Dash thinking she's Daring Do, and the start of an awesome adventure! Woo!

Thanks for reading! :yay:

632462 I think it is rather good. One bit of advice for future uploads though. Make sure you have a cover image. You will get so many more views if you have a good image to go with your story. Trust me, I know from experience.

I think that this is a fantastic story so far, it reminds me of Old Yeller, because Applejack is so attached to Winonna. [Sniff] :applecry::applecry: I KNOW HOW SHE FEELS!

This was an absolute delight to read! It is amazing to me that this is your first fan-fiction story, because you deftly avoid the most common beginners' mistakes, especially when it comes to formatting. You must have done your homework! You definitely show talent: your writing is excellent, clean, and the flow is very good. Also your characterizations are right on the mark!

The plot is, thus far, not very complex - something you would actually expect from an episode of the show, really. This is not necessarily a negative point, of course - as long as it is entertaining, which it certainly is. Nothing wrong with a feel-good adventure-story in the woods! But I do hope that, during their quest into the Everfree forest, you'll manage to explore some deeper parts of the characters, providing your readers with new insights into them or their relationships with each other. Or create some conflict that allows them to grow in some way. Or just place them in dire situations that allows the characters to really shine or show their mettle (there's ample opportunity for that in this plot set-up, I'd say!). That would really just make it more unique, and take it to the next level, if you know what I mean. :twilightsmile:

Well, you've got my thumbs up and fave already, so you don't really have to listen to me nitpick. :moustache: Please carry on!

This is really good. Seriousness splashed with bits of comedy is a sure way to make a winning fic, I'll be tracking this, wanna know how it goes.

636415 Thank you! I took your advice. I'd say this story is certainly more aesthetically pleasing now, at least. :raritywink:

636776 Oh jeez. I'm so sorry to hear that... :pinkiesad2:

636778 Thank you very much! :pinkiehappy: I'm glad you like it, and your feedback is very much appreciated. I should point out, however, that this is not my first fan-fic. I've been writing for nearly a decade. This is just my first attempt at My Little Pony fan-fiction. At any rate, you are indeed right about the plot being relatively simple. That's kind of my intention, though. I wanted something that was amusing but not too complex, much akin to the style of the show. I can keep the entertainment straightforward, and focus more on portraying the characters and telling the story, rather than getting myself and the reader lost in the complex details of the plot and whatnot. (That's not to say I can't do complex and intricate ideas when so inclined, mind you.) And don't worry, I've got some ideas planned that will provide interesting opportunities for character development and interaction. Those ideas, though, are a secret! :trollestia:

I would just like to give a BIG THANKS to everyone who's favorited, thumbs up'd, commented, et cetera. I'm so glad to know y'all actually liked this. Its very encouraging, and nice to know y'all are entertained. I hope you enjoy the next chapter just as much! Speaking of which, I should probably go get to work on that... :trixieshiftright:

Woohoo, Chapter 2! Hope y'all enjoy it! :rainbowlaugh:

Once again, feedback is appreciated, be it constructive criticism or just letting me know what you thought. And what can you expect from the next chapter? Danger and excitement for sure, but maybe something else. Perhaps... a look at what Pinkie and Rarity are up to in Canterlot? Hmmm... :trixieshiftright:

Aaah, okay, I misread your original post, then! My apologies.

"Zeroca said as she stepped through the doorway" Slight typo I think

I swear, when I read "gather your party" I couldn't help to think of Pinkie Pie :pinkiehappy:

639997 No need to apologize. :pinkiehappy:

641485 :rainbowderp: Uh..... *fixes* Right, I have no idea what you're talking about... :trollestia:

"Well that was even easier than I expect," Twilight arched an eyebrow.

That should be expected.

Only thing that jumped out at me otherwise good story so far.

When I read "Gather Your Party". . . maybe I'm the only one who played Baldur's Gate, and had the game tell me "You must gather your party before venturing forth." a billion times because the stupid Halfling was lagging behind again.

Anyway, this is really cool. Good and funny. . . I'm keeping an eye on it! :ajsmug:

Dun dun dunnn! Cliff hanger! :pinkiegasp:

As usual, feedback and comments are appreciated. :ajsmug:

Oh, and if you're wondering what to expect from chapter 4... Well, I'm still hammering out the details. But there will certainly be a snake. Whether its a friend or foe, though... I shall not say. :trixieshiftright:

Le gasp!:pinkiegasp:

I like the characterisations, description and sense of adventure well enough.:pinkiehappy: I only feel Zecora's rhyming is a bit weak.:derpyderp2:

There's a reason Zecora isn't featured on the show too often. Good rhyming is hard.

THIS IS SOOOOOOO AWESOME, I AM WATCHING FOR MORE SOON!:ajsmug::ajbemused::rainbowwild::pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy::pinkiesmile::rainbowderp::twilightsmile::twilightsheepish::duck::moustache::eeyup::flutterrage::yay:

THIS IS SOOOOOOO AWESOME, I AM WATCHING FOR MORE SOON!:ajsmug::ajbemused::rainbowwild::pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy::pinkiesmile::rainbowderp::twilightsmile::twilightsheepish::duck::moustache::eeyup::flutterrage::yay: THIS WAS SO FREAKING HILARIOUS! :twilightsheepish::ajbemused: APPLEJACK: WHAT IN TARNATION GOING ON HERE? :applejackconfused: TWILIGHT SPARKLE: FRANKLY APPLEJACK, I HAVEN'T GOT A CLUE!!!!:twilightoops::duck::unsuresweetie:

RD: THANK YOU CAPTAIN OBVIOUS, I AM DARING DO! DON'T YOU FORGET IT, CAUSE I AN'T AFRAID OF NOTHING!!!!!:rainbowderp::rainbowdetermined2::rainbowhuh::rainbowkiss::rainbowlaugh::rainbowwild:

DERPY HOOVES: WHY AM I NOT IN THIS STORY LYCAN_01?:derpyderp1::derpyderp2::derpytongue2::scootangel:


PINKIE PIE: POMG, I DIDN'T KNOW ZECORA WAS FROM KENYA!!!:pinkiegasp::pinkiesick::pinkiehappy: BUT, THAT EXPLAINS A LOT BECAUSE SHE IS A ZEBRA!!:rainbowhuh::flutterrage::pinkiecrazy:

MUST HAVE MORE!!!!:trollestia: PLEASE CONTINUE WITH THE STORY!:raritystarry:

I loved Rainbow Dash in this chapter, and you're really giving Zecora a chance to shine!

Also, was my Appledash detector just beeping slightly, or what? :rainbowderp:

674963 & 675667 Well, if you take the time to examine my portrayal of Zecora thus far, I've actually been writing all her rhymes in iambic pentameter (minus one or two short statements), just like in the show. And just like in the show, her rhymes are not always perfect. In Bridle Gossip, for instance, she used "joke" and "folk" to rhyme. And at least once (Swarm of the Century), she asked a short question that didn't rhyme with everything else. So, while my writing and rhyming may not be perfect, neither is the show's. I don't see why I should kill myself trying to perfect something that doesn't really need perfection. :twilightsheepish:

675909 Um... thanks. :rainbowderp:

676343 Thanks. I'm doing my best to keep everybody in character, and provide them scenes and instances where their personalities and quirks can be exemplified and highlighted. And Zecora in particular is actually proving very fun to write. Its nice to give her development and cool moments, since she doesn't get portrayed nearly enough in the show and most of the fandom. But that lack of portrayal grants me a certain degree of creative wiggle room, so to speak, with her characterization. :pinkiehappy:

And beeping? What beeping? I don't know what you're talking about, And so what if I'm an Appledash fan? Didn't you hear Twilight? That's just how best friends act. Nothing more, nothing less. :trollestia:

No but seriously, I have no intentions of including shipping in this story. Maybe a subtle joke or two like seen in this chapter, but nothing to actually give any solid implications or evidence of that. Though I may change my tune if the readers overwhelmingly request otherwise...

Once again, thanks to all the people who have been reading, commenting, favoriting, et cetera. You guys ROCK!! :pinkiehappy:

To satisfy my WHIMS of course!:flutterrage: That's the most important thing in the universe!:coolphoto: This is a totally serious comment!:twilightangry2:

Excellent chapter! Action, adventure, and just enough between Applejack and Rainbow Dash to use my handy-dandy shipping goggles. A joy to read!

676585 WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY BEEPING?:applejackunsure::rainbowhuh: I DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT A DEVICE THAT WAS BEEPING. :pinkiegasp::applecry::twilightsheepish::facehoof:

676646 No. :trollestia:

677544 Glad you liked it! :pinkiehappy: And didn't I just say there'd be no need for shipping goggles? If there was, I'd have mine on too. And I don't, see? :rainbowdetermined2:

680343 Um, the beeping thing wasn't in response to you. Could you do me a favor, please, and turn off the caps lock? Spamming the comment section with text-screaming is a bit rude... :rainbowhuh:

Have a fourth chapter! :pinkiehappy:

If you spot any typos or mistakes, please let me know. I read over it a few times, and I think I caught them all, but you know how it is. There's always that one mistake (or five) that you somehow miss. :facehoof:

Feel free to leave some feedback, and let me know what you think! :twilightsmile:

Yay, adventure!

I'm flattered that you chose my artwork as the title image to your story, and you're more than welcome to use it. I would ask that you be sure that the "source" link leads back to the original work at: http://harwicks-art.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d4zin00

Thanks! I look forward to reading this when I get the chance.

Yay! Its so nice to see people happy and excited about the new update. Thanks for the feedback, and to everyone else nice enough to read my work! :twilightsmile:

738166 Oh wow! :pinkiegasp: I'm glad to hear you're flattered and okay with me using the artwork. I figured it would be okay to use since it was on EQD, and I tried to source it back there. Sorry if I should have gone to you directly for permission first. My bad. :twilightsheepish:

I gotta say, though, it's an amazing piece of art. When I saw it, I just had to use it! It perfectly embodies the sense of adventure I wanted this story to have, and bonus points for a piece that actually has Zecora in it! Seriously, awesome job on that piece. :moustache:

Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy the story when you get around to reading it. :yay:

Late on the bandwagon here, but another excellent chapter!

I love this story :) so good I can't wait untill the next chapter :rainbowdetermined2:

Sorry for the long delay. I kinda hit a bit of writer's block. While I know exactly what I want to do with the next few chapters... getting there has proven problematic. :trixieshiftright:

Also, I'll be honest. I'm not sure if the last scene really belongs in this story. :facehoof: While I think it's amusing, some readers may not agree, and I'm not entirely sure it fits the tone and stuff of the rest of the story. So I want to know what y'all think. Should I remove the last scene entirely? Make it a separate chapter - a "deleted scene" of sorts? Leave it as it is? Rework it into a one-shot? :rainbowhuh:

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading! :pinkiehappy:

I thought the last scene was just fine.

I think it is fine. Rainbow Dash and Applejack joking around with each other is in character, and so are their respective reactions to the joke. That the joke might be seen as a bit... uncouth is something I think fits RD's rough and brash personality.

I liked that last scene. Very AppleDash :rainbowkiss::ajsmug: still, I think the core of the fic, Winona being sick and Applejack being desperate to help her, has slowly been melting away. When was the last time Applejack wondered how her pet might be doing?

I'd leave the last scene as it is, but add more of Applejack's concern for her dog

Neat chapter, dunno what to type down about sad chapters but all I can say is that it made me feel sad and want to give AJ a hug but anyway, yay another chapter! :yay:

Your Zecora rhymes are excellent as usual. :yay:

As always, a big thanks to my readers. You are awesome. :moustache:

941985 Yeah, you were right. I'd been toying with the crying/nightmare scene, but your comment made me realize it was definitely needed. Thank for you feedback. :twilightsmile:

974225 I made you feel sad? Awesome! I mean that nicely, mind you. It is a huge compliment to know that my writing actually inspires an emotional response, even a negative one, in the person reading the work. :pinkiehappy:

I thank thee, friend, for the words you have said.
Your compliment is appreciated.
Zecora's lines can be quite challenging.
Iambic pentameter, plus rhyme scheme...
Many writers do not appear to care.
But to the readers, that just isn't fair!
I myself prefer things be accurate.
Is all the trouble worth it? Oh, you bet! :pinkiehappy:

If you want advice on writing Zecora lines, read Shakespeare. A lot of his stuff is written in Iambic Pentameter with an AA/BB/CC rhyme scheme. This is the same style Zecora's lines are spoken in. Reading over these lines helps you to better grasp the style, flow, and sound of the meter and rhyme.

After reading like 8 Shakespeare plays for a class last fall, Zecora's lines are actually not that mind fracturing to come up with. Usually. :pinkiecrazy:

975188 Yay, I feel influential :yay: very good emotional scene, too. And very good sillyness. Cadence better watch out, she's got a rival! :rainbowlaugh:

I love your storys :) the charecters are extsreamly accuerate to the show and you have put in cute jokes it is funny and sad and over all one of my top fav fics :) I can't air to see more chapters <3

This is an awesome story I hope to see more of sometime.
Especially seeing as it's got Zecora as a main character. :pinkiehappy:

1432504 This story is currently on hold for a moment, I am afraid. Eventually, though, I'll be going back through and making a lot of edits, expanding or combining most of the chapters before I add any "new" content. :twilightsmile:

Cool! I'll be looking forward to it then, best of luck! :yay:

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