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Roma Vita! The battle of Teutonburg Forest was a disaster for the Legions, from which they took nearly seven years to recover. Many Legionaries went missing and were never seen again, so what if a small group found a way into Equestria?

Epona is a Gallo-Roman goddess of horses and riders and such..(to dispel obvious LoZ connection)

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353192 Why, first comment of course.:twilightsmile:

It's my first ever first comment ever on a story.:pinkiesmile:

In the words of a badass mercenary fighter pilot bird: "Chalk one up to me!" :rainbowdetermined2:
Oh I'm referring to Falco Lombardi; for those who didn't get it.:twistnerd:

Maybe you could dramatize the dead mantore a bit more, it's the first time something dead is presented to the reader.

Ex. zecora smelt blood and saw a blood trail or describe the skinned manticore. Now it's just like, "yeah i found a manticore, it was dead though. Oh! and it was skinned." it seems like such a thing would make a bigger impression on a pony (zebra).

Also, maybe you could develop Titus a little more like you did near the end at fluttershy's.

But an intresting and otherwise nicely written story nontheless. I particulairy like the concept.


Epona was a celtic fertility goddess and the goddess or horses and riders.

Huh. Well, Im gonna hold off on tracking it for now, but Ill definately keep tabs on this.

i know, but Link's steed is the first thing that comes to mind when I hear/read the word.

354046 No wait.

0U0 -|---- ----|-0U0 Master swords!

Huh, I leave for an hour and see 44 notifications :rainbowhuh:
Yeah, I was worried about the title when I put it up for obvious reasons, but I figured the pic would dispel Legend of Zelda thoughts enough so I left it as is. *shrugs*
Characterization is really a weak point for me, so all I can promise is that I'll try my best :twilightsheepish:


Oh, this should be interesting.

Quite interesting indeed...

been looking for somethin' like this:twilightsmile:, continue:moustache:

Awesomeness! Has been released!

going strong dear sir, keep it up.

Ah the Romans. It'll be interesting to see if they'll consider the pony natives to be simple animal barbarians after this encounter or a civilization worthy of respect. Can't wait for more!

Very cool story!

Always cool when someone changes the entire basic idea upon itself.
Also 20% cooler because you play the romans so well.

WIN! :pinkiecrazy:

Paragraphs are far too big.

Why do you keep saying "Firefly" and "Posey"? It's Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy?

Perhaps the zebras are in a nasty civil war and Zecora came to Equestria to escape it?

Thiss tory is very good. I do hope you update soon!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Man, it's been so long since an update the story's status should be Hiatus.:ajbemused:

thank god this story sitll alive

Agreed. If you have to scroll to see the end of the paragraph you're reading, it's too long. Please fix.

The wait was worth it.

Oh I can't wait. Especially for the soon to be Legion/elements meeting/battle.:pinkiecrazy:

Imagine my surprise when I found this out! Rooting for ya! :rainbowkiss:

Finally some word of the story not dying! Talk about leaving the people hanging.

Senatus Populus Que Romanus!

7+ years since this was posted. :(

Found this suggested from another story.
7 years, and no update? Why do so many good story ideas die?

Because they either lost or gave up. It's change what's the saddening of all, Don't worry. It isn't about bad things -though mostly is- You have to focus on the positive side, not just the bad of it.

New chapters ????

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