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NEw fic · 1:39am Feb 2nd, 2021

New story, you go read and have fun!

Yeah, a month late but what can I say, life can it ya hard

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JFT #370 · Aug 1st, 2021 · · 1 ·

Enjoy reading.

Yes, just looking for the fic

Hey, Alchemy, did you ever read that message I sent you regarding that FlutterDash wedding story?

I know how you feel about Human in Equestria fics (and I've promoted at least one to you at some point, probably on one of your videos). But there's a new story on this site that I would recommend to you for nothing else than to at least give it a look. The name of the fic is Adopt-a-Hive.

The premise is different than most because, from what I understand so far, the human never actually goes to Equestria. Not physically anyway. I'm also pretty sure that the human is a self-insert character. But what writer hasn't at least once written a story where there's at least an analog for the author?

Anyway, the premise is that one night, Tyler (the human) is having a dream. The dream suddenly becomes lucid, but unlike most lucid dreams, he can't control anything about it and is just a white void. He suddenly hears a voice and the scenery shifts to a darker one. He sees a group of changelings, most of them in a meditative state. they were performing some kind of ritual. One of the changelings however is aware and is able to communicate, explaining how they needed a new queen to sustain their hive mind. And because they can't survive without their hivemind, they also needed a new queen to save their lives. Thinking that it's just a dream adventure (literally), Tyler accepts before waking up.

When he wakes, he's back in his own bed and still a human. Though he does notice that his eyes seem greener than usual. And he has a headache that just won't go away. As the day progresses, he keeps shifting into what he believes are daydreams at first, which are memories from recent events from the changelings. But when he comes out of those "daydreams", he remembers what his body was doing on autopilot. At work, it was noticed that he seemed out of it and was sent home sick. As he gets home and approaches the bed, he feels worse and worse until he goes to bed.

When he wakes up, he's not in his room or his bed, but a cave-like room. He comes to the conclusion that he's dreaming (which is technically true). But he has also been connected to the changeling hive mind and is their new queen. Later he learns that the room and the cave itself are in fact the hive mind. In the real world, he is being turned into a changeling (or rather, he has become one already at this point). So one of the first things he has to learn is how to transform so that when he wakes up, he can transform into his human self.

He also found it amusing, but still fitting, to choose the name Mothra as his, or rather her changeling name. And it's fitting considering that Tyler's changeling form is inspired by a moth. So far, it seems like he's not actually going to go to Equestria. Or if he does, he'll have his changeling queen form to go into. But that might make for an intriguing story considering that, because it's in 1st Person, it'll most likely take place in the human world primarily.

So far there are only 2 chapters at the time of writing this. The first chapter got me intrigued, and the second chapter got me hooked.

If you're interested and would like me to provide a link, I will. If not, that's why I opted not to post a link in this post. You can also search the title. I'm sure it'll come up with a search if that's what you prefer. I'm not saying that you have to like it, and if you don't, you don't have to do a reading of it (which I'm sure you would save until it's finished anyway). But I still recommend at least looking at it and giving it a chance, since it's so different of a concept.

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