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Loves to read and write, I decided to try writing fanfiction after a long hiatus thanks to ponies


Luna has now become her own mare

Cadence has become a beautiful princess in her own right

Twilight has grown up and graduated.

Celestia now begins to wonder about her own life and if she is still needed to be there for the younger generation and if they still need her to guide them.

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Aw that's so sweet. And whoever said Celestia was uselss? :heart:


Never crossed my mind.

2591429 Same here.

Only nitpick is the writers have confirmed Twilight won't be immortal. :eeyup:


I know, but I am going the alternative route as to why she 'wont out live her friends'. Just an idea I had for a story brewing while I crafting this

Where's Spiky? :pinkiesad2:


Twilight's flashback when she is a filly: Asleep in front of the bed.

Flashback during the Canterlot wedding: Dealing with his own sad issues...as seen in a certain awesome fic that I love.

Present: Now really, Does Twily need to give a position to her son? She doesnt need to give something that she knows that he will always have

I love your stories Alchemystudent, I'll read this later :yay:


Awwww, thank you so much


Well I would imagine he is still Twilight's assistant. He's also a dragon so not a lot needs to be done to keep him around for a very long time.

No I mean... doesn't Celestia think highly of him too?


Oh dont worry, she does...she's giving him time to be a little older before thinking anything really big with him.

False! Megan's tweet was merely in the context of the show. I doubt we'll ever get a solid answer. Going to put this on my read later for now, but it sounds like it'll be a good read.

This was exactly what I needed! :pinkiesad2:
Thank you for the great read :twilightsmile:

Come stop your crying,
It’ll be all right
Come take my hoof
And hold it Tight
I will protect you
From all Around you
I will be here...
Don't you cry.

I started crying at that part.

This fan fic is awesome and you're awesome.


You are very welcome...I do try to brighten up someone's day once in a while


...Thanks and I know the feeling, its one of my favorites


Thank you, I do t

Tia shouldn't feel useless, I mean she still has Discord.

All jokes aside, I loved this story! I loved the explanation for becoming an alicorn, and how it is tied to their cutie marks. The feelings Celestia had through the story seemed like something she might experience. :pinkiehappy:

2592425 Twilight will not out live her friends...................Expect 5 more alicorns people

2593670 There are many possible interpretations. Perhaps her friends live forever in her heart? It doesn't have to be taken literally. Until it is said in the show itself anything goes.

2593944 what I really want to know is what happened to Starswirl the bearded.........did he become Discord? I think he did :ajsmug: I also think Luna is still evil

A sister’s destiny to see their little sibling become strong on their own

I used to be very protective of my little brother when he was a kid. When I realized, he was already taller than me, stronger than me, and he was playing gory videogames and watching zombie movies. He didn't need me to protect him anymore. I guess I fulfilled my destiny.

They grow up so fast...

Anyway, nice fic. :pinkiesmile: I loved it.

And congratulations on getting featured! :twilightsmile:

Rarity Rep. House of Lords (I assume Equestria has one :raritywink: )
AJ Rep. House of Commons (if Equestria dont have one it nees it :ajsmug: )
Fluttershy EPA or Dept. of Health and Pony Services. :yay:
Pinkie Dept. of Recreation (created just for Pinkie :pinkiehappy: )
RD ... i got nuthin ... Dept. of Awesome it is. :rainbowhuh:

A majestic white Alicorn stood on the balcony of her castle in the city of Canterlot, watching a young purple alicorn fly away from her happily. This unicorn was her faithful student

What unicorn? Aside from that, though, good job - although there is one sentence in the middle that made me do one hell of a spit-take (No, I'm not pointing it out. It'd get me banned).




*User has fainted, is unable to repond for the rest the day*



Those are some pretty great sounding ones too


*bangs head* Darn that one little mistake!!!!! thanks for pointing it out


Gotta love how the fandom shows Luna. :twilightsheepish:

This story just sits with me like a warm, delicious stew. It was fantastic and intriguing. :twilightsmile: to think one could be so easily replaced or removed....every one thinks of that sometimes, but those who think that are often worth more than they could imagine:yay:


Its comments like this that make playing Luna fun.


Thanks so much, and I agree with what you have said. Its probably even harder for one who has had done so much and come so far that now it feels like she has had everything done.

Celestia, you serve Equestria, and you'll always be needed.

Come stop your crying,
It’ll be all right
Come take my hoof
And hold it tight
I will protect you
From all around you
I will be here...
Don't you cry.

Instantly knew it was from Tarzan :twilightsheepish:

Added to Twilight's Library on a contributors recommendation.

I liked it :twilightsmile: good job!

To be honest, I think it could be even better if you actually didn't have Celestia ever ask the question "am I still needed," simply because we already know that's the big question of the story (from the title and synopses), and having Celestia ask it through her actions and memories, rather than stating it directly, just packs a bit more oomph in my opinion; it's a bit more subtle, you know? But hey, I could be wrong.

Either way, keep up the good work!

Am I still needed? That is a very important question. No one wants to feel like they aren't needed anymore. You covered all the reasons why Celestia should still feel needed. This was a really good story! :twilightsmile:

This was beautiful.

Sadly, I read it with a somewhat sleepy mind so the emotions bounced off me like 75mm shells of a an IS-3's frontal armor plate (and yes this was a World of Tanks reference).

is that last little line at the end about the elements supposed to be a cliffhanger os some sort? it SCREAMS cliffhanger but i honestly cant tell... without it the story would have ended PERFECTLY, but that fact that its there at all makes me question that.


It is a cliffhanger, I have plans for another story as I wrote this. It's just going to take a while or me to get there

2939748 awesome! good to know.

All I can say is.......................................Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!! :yay::yay::yay:

This is a beautiful story. I always love the rare, heartwarming stories found on this site.

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