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Octavia takes a walk to her favorite hillside, along the way she remembers the times she's shared with her love, Vinyl Scratch.

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That was beautiful.

Why must you continuously break my heart ?:fluttercry

She managed to push herself away but neither of them had seen the chariot coming down the street…”

Ouch. And I sense a sequel. Pinkie x Octavia? o.o

2631960 As this story is the product of one of my song inspired writing binges, I don't think I'll have a sequel for this, though I do have other plans for Pinkie... as well as a different path for Vinyl and Tavi

That was sad, and I made the mistake to follow the links you provided.
Half of me regrets doing so, it took a lot of will not to break down here.
The other half is glad, you introduced me to two music artists I have only now come across. Really powerful music.

This is a great story. It could be a little bit better, but still nice. Also, I like how you kind of left us hanging as to how she died and said it at the end. Pinkie x Octavia is also an odd pairing, but I like it. Now, I shall listen to the music from the links in the story.

this is the only other thing besides Angel Beats to make me cry hours afterwards. Awesome job!!

I came thinking of it nothing more than a regular sad-romance story.

I left in a puddle of tears. :fluttercry:

Woah. Good job on it

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