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Greetings! Huge Lover of Human in Equestria Stories! Fan of fluff and cuddles! Love for everypony!!!


Not very long ago in our beloved mlp universe, three almighty alicorns became four. With this has come a collection of adventures since Twilight became the newest one. Now as the Grand Galloping Gala comes by once again we find our 4 favorite princesses sulking in their own ways; all of them for the same reason. They all yearn for the love of a child to fill the hole in their hearts. Their wish may soon become a reality as Celestia finds a young boy by the name of Aaron who is in dire need of love after everything that has happened to him. Will he ever learn to love and trust after everything has happened to him? His four guardians intend to give him all this and more. As Luna would say, "Huzzah! The love has been quadrupled!!!"

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You have been forewarned.
You have a star and a track. Do with those what you will.

It's enjoyable at start and hope it will stay this way all throughout the entire series, maybe make the chapters a bit longer possibly.

I will trace his ip find his house and beat him with a broom if he cancels this
read later
maybe read
recommended lists all applied not quite randomfastreaders seal of approval though must either be completed or 10-100k words.

Oh, I didn't notice it had the Sad tag.
Well fuck this!
(Your work is still good, I just CANNOT handle sad things.)

Keep up the good work my dude!

Thanks guys! Really appreciate all the support given to me in just a few short hours!
I'll keep working on it to keep bringing smiles to your faces.
A wonderful evening to you all!
Cuddles for Everypony!
Commander Ziro

I Love a good mom story~ :)

You have caught my interest.

You must continue this! I'm also working on a story.

Your doing good mate keep up the good work.

Yes ! Please conitue this story ! :fluttercry: I am available to be Adopted ! And I also would love Nightmare Moon as my mother too. :fluttershysad:

Why is this story dead..?


Dude please dont give this up..

Your sitting on a gold mine of a story here!

I so wanna see the fluff from this!

Here fluffy, fluffy. GIVE ME THE FLUFF.:flutterrage:

Please either make more chapters or give the story to someone else to contine to make.

Comment posted by KirinNirikarereallyc001 deleted Feb 24th, 2023

why no updates????????
Its sooooo gooood
How could you post just one chapter then quit????????

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